Monday, April 4, 2011

"For All Intents of Purposes, Dallas practically talked in General Conference!" (Sons of Provo)

Hey Fam! How is everybody? I'm doing well. This week was great. Alot of learning took place. We had a conference with a couple of other zones on Thursday, and we learned a ton there, and I got to talk to President a little bit one on one which is always super helpful.

Because of the conference on Thursday and the General conference, we didn't have as much time for appointments and stuff, but it was still probably one of the more successful weeks I've seen in my mission so far, as far as seeing our investigators progress. On Friday I woke up super full of energy and just thinking of how great the day was going to be. We had eight appointments that day with investigators who are already in teaching, and six of those appointments were with people who have baptismal dates. Woo hoo! So I had a way sweet study time, and was just stoked to leave the house and get to work. The first appointment wasn't home, bummer. The second appointment was and that lesson went well. Then the next SIX appointments weren't home! It made for a long contacting experience, and almost all the people we contacted were negative and even rude. One man even insulted my clothing, little does he know, missionaries do not care about clothing. Anyway, I just kept repeating to myself "This is the best day ever" over and over again in my head, and kept imagining a family all dressed in baptismal clothing. Towards the very end of the day, we had about an hour before our last appointment, and I thought of two investigators (Jaquelin and Hector) that live clear on the other side of the city on the same street that we hadn't seen in a little, and wondered if we'd have time to make it over to see them. I decided just to go, so we started walking at super missionary speed, and on the way we saw Hector in the street! and he asked if we could pass by his house in like a half hour, we said sure, little did he know that was already our plan. Then we headed to Jaquelin's house, and she was also home, and we found out she's been reading alot in her Book of Mormon. Both the lessons with them went well. Then we made it back to the other side of the city just in time for the last appointment with Carina, who introduced us to our neighbor, who is now also interested in learning about the gospel. Sweet. Best day ever.

On Saturday we had Carina at the church for her baptism. Part way through the conference her mom called (she's like in her late twenties but her mom still seems to have a lot of influence-impact with her), and started threatening her a little or something about not taking good care of her daughter, and she got way stressed out and decided she had to get home quickly to make sure her daughter was ok etc. We had the font full and everything ready, she just needed her interview, but insisted that she didn't have time. I didn't try to convince her to get baptized in the moment, and we decided she could be baptized on sunday, which was a big mistake, because saturday night her brother was assaulted and ended up in the hospital, and she didn't end up getting baptized. We'll see how it goes for this week, but lesson surely learned, never delay anyone's baptism. Satan doesn't deserve the extra time to try to throw things in the way of the people's progress.

Angel, Carina, Jaquelin, and a couple other investigators were all able to make it to the conference, so that was sweet. The conference was great. Benjamin De Hoyos spoke (I think on Sunday), which was crazy, because one time I had to call him on the phone so he could come do a special baptismal interview. So I talked to him on the phone, then he talked in conference. For all intents of purposes I've practically talked in conference. haha. Just kidding.

Anyway. That was this week.

Dad- Thanks for that council about council. It really is a much better way to look at it. That's cool you got to go to the Wamsley's for ice cream. I miss those days. Love you, Have a great week!

Den- Sounds like that goal was sweet man. That's cool about the dog you guys found too. haha. Love you, Have a great week!

Shash- Sorry about Helga sloosh. That's good she got to have such a great person taking care of her in this life! I bet you helpéd her alot to be happy. Love you, Have a great week!

Mom- Conference was great. I really liked the talk by Lynn G. Robbins too, it was powerful. By the way I can't remember many flaws in your parenting. haha. I love you mom. That's funny what Elder Rick's mom said about the zone. haha. It is looking pretty good though, and President has some high expectations from us. Could you let Gram know as well that she can e mail me. haha. Love you, Have a great week!

Dig- The priesthood session was awesome huh! I recommend studying Pres. Uchtdorf's talk and Pres. Monson's talk (their pretty related) from priesthood when the ensign comes out, because those are principles that will help you a ton in the mission if you can really come to understand them early on. Sweet. Love you, Have a great week!

Nay- All that college stuff sounds stressful. haha. At least when I get to that point in my life you'll already have the experience and you'll be able to help me out. haha. Just make sure your living situation helps you progress in your education and in the gospel. That's a sweet lesson what dad talked about to you and shash. That's something I've learned alot about out here. Love you, Have a great week!

Love you all!
Elder Aguilar

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