Monday, October 25, 2010


Hey fam!!!
How is everybody? I've been great. Well I have some news. I finally got to pack my bags! That's right! We moved... haha. I didn't get changed to a new area, we just moved to a new house. We're now living about a block away from the church so that's pretty sweet. It took tons of time to get moved on tuesday, and it stole alot of our work time but we still ended up getting alot done. We're now in a much nicer neighborhood, and a much cleaner house. It's pretty cool. The Spirit is present in the new house, and it's been great to have some change finally, even if I didn't really go anywhere new.
So this week has been good, but very difficult. I'm actually not sure what I can even write about. We were going to have a big activity last Saturday and watch the long Joseph Smith movie with all our investigators, but nobody ended up able to come. We were going to have a baptism and confirmation yesterday, but due to certain circumstances, neither of the two ended up happening. It's been a real trial for me, and I'm doing the best I can not to get discouraged. Petronilo is still smoking, Margarita and Rene are getting married this week I think, and everyone else has sort of fallen off the map. It's been tough.
We did have a pretty cool experience the other day. We were headed toward an appointment and a man yelled to us from inside of a garage. We went over there and found that he was actually a construction worker, and he was working on remodeling a house with his crew. He told us one of his workers has begun to worship the devil (weird), and he was wondering if we could come to visit the whole crew, have lunch, and teach them a lesson. The man that called us over actually already attends a Christian Church, but he's been to our Sacrament services before, and said he felt a good Spirit there and feels like we could probably help his friend.
Well, I wasn't joking when I said that I wasn't sure what I could write about. But I'm sure I'll have some miracles to write about this upcoming week. One of the greatest things about the gospel, is that there's always hope. There's always blessings right around the corner, and as long as we're following His commandments, we'll always feel the love of our Savior. They say every bad week in the mission is followed by one of the best weeks of the mission. Maybe the Lord just sees fit to give us trials that will help us grow, just before the blessings and opportunities start flooding in.
Thanks for all your support! I love you all.
Dad- About the money, I'm just keeping it saved in cash from the reimbursement to avoid the hassle of trying to get it back on the card. I've got enough back up money to last me a long time now, or to buy like a month's worth of all I can eat tacos for every meal. That's so awesome you're a high councilman now! That's great. It is a little bit of a downer that you didn't get to teach much in gospel doctrine, but what a great opportunity with your new calling! I'm pretty jealous about the regional conference. President Uchtdorf told the same things to Elder Newell and Elder Tibbits when they came to the MTC. I've definitely seen tons of blessings come from each of those three points you mentioned. Thanks for your advice about being in the Lord's hands, I still have so much to learn and become, It's incredible being a missionary. Love ya dad. Have a great week.
Mom- I'm excited to get the Dear Elder about the lunch thing! I bet it was a blast. By the way I do know Elder Dial. He's in my zone. He used to be a secretary. I'll have to let him know our moms hang out. Sweet. That talk from the regional conference about missionary work sounded pretty awesome. Yes I'd imagine that dad could be in the running for some sort of record for lots of callings in short time. haha. The new calling should last a while though. I really love getting those dear elders mom. I couldn't have a more loving supportive mother. Thanks for everything. I love you mom, have a great week!
Nay- Awesome that you're headed for a 4.0! is this the first term that's ending I guess? Sweet The second term is pretty cool usually cause of all the holidays but third term is the worst! haha. Anyway, that's awesome about the dance. I wish I could have been there. You should send me some pics of the group if you have them. That Phillip is hilarious. When I was the TA in his class he actually always asked if I had little sisters. I'm pretty sure I told you about it before. He would always ask me if my little sister was a big mama or a little mama. I didn't think one day he'd actually meet you and shash, and really like shash. haha. Well have a great week Nay! Love ya!
Den- Sounds like the U game was awesome den! They smashed those guys. Those jokes on the trax are the same jokes all those guys would tell when I went to the games with grandpa too! haha. Sweet. Love ya denny o. Have a great week!
Shash- That's funny about your story about escalators. I've always thought they were pretty fun as well. That's cool that you got to see Jaden at the confrence too Sloosh! haha. I sure love ya Shashy, have a great week!
Dig- Wow man it sounds like all your teams are doing pretty great. I was in a hurry last week finishing my e mail so I don't think I ever got the chance to tell ya that those car sketches are sweet! You're really good at that man. You'll have to keep sending me copies of your latest ideas for concept cars in the packages from the fam. I know what you meant about West Side Story, I never understood that show either. haha. Have a great week dig! Love ya!

Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hey Family!

How is everybody!? I'm doing well. So this week has gone pretty well. We had a zone conference on tuesday that was sweet. We all started fasts from our distractions to help us be more worthy and pure so that the Spirit can work through us better. They brought that up with the "becoming" talks that I mentioned in my last e mail. They warned us that as we worked towards becoming even more obedient servants of the Lord, that Satan would be upping his game. It was true. We had a ton of opposition this week, but so far everything is still going really well. We still have the same people preparing for their baptisms, except Ricardo, the step son of Petronilo, because he was baptized yesterday. But Petronilo, his other step son Oscar, his wife Lola, and Margarita and Rene the other couple are all doing well and excited for their baptisms.

We were a little stressed with Margarita and Rene because there was a government promotion (weird I know) of free marriages for a month in Guadalajara, and the last day was last saturday and they still haven't been married! But we found out the city right next to us is having a free marriage promotion now, so they'll be able to get married this week. The only reason they hadn't already done everything last week was because of the death of Margarita's father and everything. So Margarita has been a little impatient with Rene, because he refuses to say the prayer in the lessons, and said he hadn't been reading his Book of Mormon. But the other night we went to visit them, and Margarita had to run check on something with a neighbor real quick. When she left the apartment Rene was like "Hey you guys want me to say the prayer?" We said yes of course. He then proceeded to offer one of the most sincere heartfelt humble prayers I've ever heard before. It was so awesome. In his prayer he mentioned that he was thankful for the opportunity he's having to really come to know his heavenly father, and understand His teachings, and the blessings He has for each of His children. I don't know if he's just shy or if he's trying to trick Margarita or what, but he's loving the gospel.

Petronilo is now on his third baptismal date, because he will not stop smoking! He use to smoke sometimes up to three packs a day. Now he's down to one cigarrette per day but he won't go any further. I don't know why. Last night I was talking with one of the assistants (Elder Jaen), and he gave me a tip to help Petro quit. He said we need to buy a box of his favorite cigarrettes, and a liter of milk (the kind that comes in a box not a carton). Then we remove the tobacco from the cigarrettes and put it in the milk and shake it up. Then we're supposed to put it in the fridge for one day, take it out for one day, then put it back in for one day, then have Petro smell it and take a little sip. Elder Jaen said he will throw up, and he asked if we could get it on video so he can watch it later (He was joking). Anyway, from then on, everytime Petro smells that type of cigarrette it'll just make him nauseous and he won't want to smoke. Sweet. Hopefully that will help!

Anyway, the area is looking great, and we've continued contacting everyone we see, and teaching alot of lessons. Lately we're just a little short on new investigators, but I have a feeling this week will be different!

Love you all! Have a great week!

Mom- You'll have to let me know how that Missionary Mom lunch goes. Sounds like it'll be pretty cool! Yes I did get the package! It was awesome. I've decided that oreos and pictures are the best things to send a missionary in Guadalajara. haha. I got Bam's package too if you could please let her know. She sent me a little bag of almonds and walnuts and stuff that was super good and lots of cookies that were great. Yes they do celebrate halloween here by the way! It's called day of the dead but it's celebrated the same I guess. That's stinks you all got sick. That letter is coming your way! Love you mom. Have a great week!

Dig- Be sure to brag about the U for me dig. That stinks you got sick in Idaho. Hope you get well soon! Love ya diggy o. Have a great week!

Nay- That sounds like a pretty funny date trick. Cool! Have a great week nay! Love ya.

Dad- Suitcase corn sounds pretty sweet. haha. Love ya. Have a great week!

shash- I can't believe I forgot your note last week! Sounds cool that you and denny get to sing. Love ya! have a great week.

Den- Sounds like you had fun on the four wheelers! HAve a good week. Love ya!

Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar

Monday, October 11, 2010

9 Months!

Hey Fam!!!

How is everybody?! I'm doing great.

So last night there were changes in the mission. We let everybody know that it was probably my time to go, since I've been in this area since 'Nam (commonly used phrase in the mission). So we took some pictures with a couple families and all that stuff getting ready for me to move to a new area. The zone leaders usually call at about eleven or eleven thirty to notify about the changes, which is right after we go to bed. So I went to bed pretty excited to find out where my new area would be. I woke up at about two in the morning, and thought to myself "oh well, I guess there weren't any changes." Just as I layed my head back down to sleep the phone rang! I thought "yes there are changes! I'm finally going to get to know another part of Mexico!" I grabbed the phone, and sure enough it was the zone leaders. I answered the phone, and one of the zone leaders said "hey could you go upstairs and wake up Elder Garcia? He won't answer his phone, and he's got changes." "Oh.... sure." I said. Anyway. So I'm still here in my very first area of the mission, and I'm thankful. We've seen a ton of miracles in our investigators lives recently, and especially yesterday went very well in church and each of our lessons, and I was secretly hoping to stay here for at least one more change. As long as I'm where the Lord wants me to be, everything is good!

The other day, Elder Ripley and I were studying in Preach My Gospel under the topic "talk with everyone." We began studying the scripture passages provided in that section, and came to a major realization that we needed to contact more people in the street, and a little less in times we set apart for contacting in the day. We've been talking to literally every single person we've seen in the street, and it's been going well! It's so cool to contact because when we follow what the Spirit indicates, we'll be saying something different to each person. When we come across someone who's prepared for the gospel, the contact just goes perfectly. Something interesting that we learned when Elder Bednar visited at the start of the year, is he said he'd spoken with many recent converts recently, and the majority of them said that they decided to talk to the missionaries not because of their smooth contacting or social skills, but because of the light in their eyes. Sweet. So as long as we make sure we're following the Spirit when we do missionary work, we can trust that those who are prepared by the Lord will recognize the truth.

We've been studying a couple of talks to prepare for the zone conference that will be tomorrow. The talks are about becoming, and not just going through actions. I especially like one from Elder Oaks called "the challenge of becoming." In the talk he points out that in various places in the scriptures it mentions that after this life we'll be judged by our actions coupled with our desires. He then points out other scripture passages that help us to recognize that it's not just having a testimony or desire and taking actions, but actually coming to be the person that the Lord wants us to be. He refers to the parable that talks about the workers in the Lord's vinyard. In that parable there are various workers that begin working at the beginning of the day, others that join in mid-day, and more that join in the work right at the end of the day. When the Lord arrives to pay them, they all recieve the same amount of money. The point is, that it's not so much that we'll be rewarded for the big difference we made in the Lord's work, so much as the fact that we actually became one of His servants. Many people can know and declare, and many people can abound in good works. But to actually become what the Lord wants us to become, we have to have a real change of heart. The person we really are, actually has to become something more. A good example of that is when the Savior explains to his Apostles towards the end of His ministry, that they still need to become as a child to enter the kingdom of God. Before that moment his Apostles had, on many occasions, demonstrated the strength of their testimonies, and taken action to follow Christ, but they still needed to go through that process of becoming what the Lord wanted them to be. The way in which we can do that is through following the principles of the gospel of Christ, and obtaining charity, the pure love of Christ. Elder Oaks mentioned that a good indicator that we've had that mighty change of heart, is when we actually no longer have any desires to do any evil. That's not just a decision, but a change that makes our heart and actual desires so pure, that we no longer, in any sense, have even the slightest desire to go agains anything that would be the will of God. I loved studying that talk.

So our investigator Margarita went through a difficult time this past week, as her father passed away about a week ago. She wasn't able to come to general conference because of his passing, and has had a difficult time. Yesterday we had our first appointment with her and her family since then. She explained to us that she's learned through the Book of Mormon, that if she has faith in the Savior, she won't have any fear or feelings of anger or sadness. She said that humanly she did cry alot over the death of her father, but on the inside her heart was rejoicing to know that the Lord has a plan prepared to make it possible for her to live with her family after this life as well. She is in a situation where she needs to get married, or have her boyfriend move out before she can get baptized. She said yesterday that she's getting baptized the twenty fourth of this month, and if her boyfriend can put together a wedding before then, they'll be married, but if not, he has to go. Sweet! She said that to her boyfriend too! He started planning the wedding today.

Thanks for everything Fam! I love getting your letters and I'm thankful for your prayers and support!

Bam- I still haven't recieved the last package you sent, but you wouldn't believe what happened. Last thursday, I recieved a dear elder that you had written just four days earlier! Maybe they're getting that whole system a little more organized. Hopefully they keep arriving in that sort of time. Thanks for always writing Bam! Love ya!

Mom- Have you been able to check for Cristobal's address in California? So I'm still working on your letter it should be on the way by next week. We had alot of cleaning to do today, and then I found out I've got to teach the lesson in the district meeting today so I had to take some time to prepare that as well and haven't had as much time to finish writing your letter. But next P day it's on the top of my priority list! I know what you mean about how it's tough to be a parent, because alot of the time when I think of my teenage years I feel like I wasn't a very thankful son, and we all heard about how important that gratitude is from President Monson. But Shash mentioned that her and the boys are heading to Idaho with dad this weekend. I don't know what the plans are that you and Nay have set but that'd be an awesome time to have some fun one on one time together! Maybe watch the Testaments, I love that show. I've seen it quite a few times now from the MTC and ward family nights. Oh yes I do remember Travis Latham, and that's cool that Merrill ran into our new house. Haha. Sounds like that was a fun night. Anyway. I was thinking about how you miss the KBYU devos. If I was you I would print off talks from Prophets on The words of modern day Prophets are just SWEET. Anyway, that letter will be coming your way soon mom. I love you! Have a great week!

Den- Sounds like you guys did pretty well in that last soccer game denny. I'm sure you did the best of all, even if you guys didn't end up winning. That's cool what you learned about Esther! And way to understand the importance of fasting! What a good example for your friends! Love ya denny o! Have a great week!

Nay- Yes I definitely agree that conference every day would make way more sense than so much school! That's a good idea. Maybe in the millenium. haha. You know it's tough to get advice like that from mom and dad. But looking back, I do wish I would have gone on more dates, and I'm glad I never really had a steady girlfriend, because that's a huge waste of time, until it's time to get married. haha. Seriously Nay I'm really impressed with how high you keep your standards, and I'm thankful for your example. It's going to make a big difference in how Shash's teenage life goes as well I bet. That's cool that you're excited to live outside of home. Haha. It's fun, but the first thing I learned when I left is that I didn't enjoy our time with the fam as much as I should have. I'm looking forward to that when I get back! Just remember nay, the real world is in our home, and in the scriptures, and the temple, and living a righteous life. Everything else is going to end someday. I love ya Nay! Have a great week!

Dad- I can't believe you guys didn't finish the ribs! haha. Just kidding. Those ribs are delicious though. So thanks for the tips on how the U is doing. It's too bad I'm missing such a good season, but what ever I sacrifice to be serving the Lord will come back a hundred fold. So when I get home the U will probably win all the BCS bowls, and the superbowl. That's cool that Dig is getting into the wrestling season. Those were good old days! Thanks for everything Dad. Love ya! Have a great week!

Dig- School is tough man. I remember how much I didn't like it there too. haha. That's awesome that you're so good at drafting though! I loved the drafting class that I took. Maybe after the mission you can give me some drafting tips that you learn while I'm gone. Sweet. Hey I wanted to give you a tip for wrestling. Pins are sweet and winning is always fun, but the matches I remember best that were the coolest were the ones that went all three rounds, were really tough, and I either barely won or lost. Haha. So don't get discouraged when that's the case! Love ya diggy! Have a great week!

Love you all!
Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar
Petronilo and his family

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

General Conference was AWESOME!!!

Hey fam how is everyone?! Holy cats this week has been soooo sweet! Not only is the work going well, but conference was AWESOME!!!

So this week we found out that my good buddy Elder Newell is our new zone leader, and my trainer Elder Moberg is going to be an assistant now with Elder Jaen. It's pretty sweet to see that I've spent my time in the MTC and my first while in the field with the best missionaries out here. It's also awesome to be able to work in such close proximity with them and learn so much from their examples. It's pretty great.

All our investigators are doing great lately. Petronilo has a baptism set up for this coming Sunday and is super excited. His wife has also begun to listen to us and is pretty hopeful to see some real changes in her life. Their family is in rough shape, and I love seeing them turn to the Lord for help and immediately being blessed for it. It's great.

We've been teaching a lady named Margarita and her family for a little while now. Her and her boyfriend both want to get baptized, but their going to have to get married first. They've had all kinds of opposition lately. First Margarita's parents started telling her that she couldn't abandon the family tradition of the Catholic church, but she has a very strong testimony and is set on being baptized. Then her and Rene (her boyfriend) started to question whether or not they really want to get married. Then her job schedule changed, and now she works until about nine thirty at night so it's almost impossible to visit them. Then they had a firm resolve to make it to general conference this weekend, and the night the conference, Margarita's father passed away. It's clear that the adversary is doing everything they can to stop this family from entering in the pathway the Lord has prepared for them, but I continue to be amazed by their strength and their faith, and I know that everything is going to turn out ok.

We've been visiting Marco and Beatriz alot again lately, and they're pretty excited about the gospel. They're what many missionaries refer to as "dry members," because they always come to church, they have testimonies, they read the Book of Mormon daily, they just will not get baptized! I don't know what their reasoning is behind waiting to recieve the blessings that are prepared for their family but it's crazy. They both bore their testimonies to us last night of the Book of Mormon, the Restoration, and most importantly the Savior, and at the end said there's nothing that's keeping them from being baptized right now, but they still won't do it! We challenged them to say a prayer last night and just decide once and for all if they plan to progress in the gospel. I hope they can choose what will be best for their family in the eternities.

Conference was SWEET! My testimony has grown a ton of the fact that Thomas S. Monson really is a Prophet of God here on the earth today to guide us and direct us, and help us be in harmony with God's will. My favorite part of all of conference was the talks by the first presidency in Priesthood Session. I had recently read the talk "Beware of Pride" from President Benson, so when President Uchtdorf said he was going to add on to that talk I was super excited. I've come to realize just how darn prideful I am and it's something I have to change. It's like my personal Goliath at this point in my life. I loved President Uchtdorf's example of being like the pen he use to own as a pilot. He said the pen never worked differently depending on the altitude, it never complained of the time of day, or the place in the world, it was always ready to serve him regardless. That's really how I want to be with the Lord. No matter what the situation, no matter what the time or place, no matter what I feel like, I want to do His will. After President Uchtdorf's talk I thought "woa that's going to be the best talk of the session" but then President Eyring got up and holy cow! I haven't felt the Spirit that strong in a long time. I loved his talk about always being worthy for the Holy Ghost to magnify our spiritual power. I was filled with promptings and ideas from the Spirit that I'm just excited to apply in the work. I decided that must have been the best talk of conference, then President Monson got up, and it was basically like watching him slay the devil with a two edge sword! It's was so awesome. By the end of Priesthood Session I just wanted to go get on a bus and declare repentance to all the passengers. It was awesome. Then the next day, the talk President Monson gave about Gratitude was incredible. I don't know if any of you heard, but they had to change out the spanish translator four times in that talk, because they were crying so hard, filled with the Spirit, they literally couldn't continue. I know it's true what he said, that if we really always have an attitude full of gratitude for everything we've been blessed with, we won't feel anything bad or prideful or think anything inappropriate. Gratitude really is the beginning of all other virtues. Awesome. I thought it was interesting that the main points of the conference were agency, missionary work, integrity, and avoiding the dangers of the media. All things we must need to work on. It's funny that they talk about the dangers of the media every single time! They're even saying now to pretty much avoid video games and texting at all costs, and be super careful on the internet. Wonder why they say it every time, maybe because nobody is making any changes! We need to follow the Prophet a little more diligently!

Anyway, Thanks for everything family. I love your support and your awesome examples. I love you all! Have a great week!

Dad- That's crazy about the scorpion story from Lincoln's class! Actually there's a ton of members here who get upset if we put our backpacks of the floor in their house, because scorpions like to grab on to the bottom and sting you when you put the backpack on. By the way that scorpion story in Priesthood was sweet! That's awesome you guys saw Seth, I didn't notice him! Love ya dad! Have a great week!

Den- That's gonna be sweet when you're a Luchador for Halloween! You'll have to send me some pictures! Love ya Denny o! Have a great week!

Dig- Pres. Monson's talk on Agency was super sweet! That's cool that that was your favorite talk. Oh hey speaking of coconuts. There's tons of stands on the street here that sell coconuts, where they pop a whole in the coconut and squeeze some lime juice in it then stick a straw in. It looks pretty good but I've never tried it. Love ya Dig! Have a great week!

Shash- Your welcome for the package Slooshby. That's good that you love the kitty and the bracelet! Just think of me when you use them ok? That'll be cool when you're a witch for halloween! You'll have to send me pictures too ok? Love ya Shash! Have a great week!

Mom- The conference was sooo sweet! I loved Jeffery R Holland's talk too, because he talked about his mission and his parents! Just about all us missionaries were trying really hard not to get teary eyed at that part. I really can't even describe how thankful I am for what you and dad have done for me Mom. I love you both so much. That's funny that story you told me about sawyer. I can't believ sadie could be taller than me when I get home! weird. I've got a letter coming your way mom, it hasn't got there yet because it's longer than the rest. haha. Oh I attached the photos of Paco's baptism, and me at the soccer field where we played today. Pictures with me and Elder Ripley and Elder Garcia and Elder Aguilar 2, and some of me and Elder Newell. Love ya mom! Have a great week!

Nay- That's awesome you got to go to Gramp's church too! It's super neat huh? What other projects are you working on in Humanities? Did you do the movie one yet? That's crazy that it's been a year since Disney World. That was the funnest trip ever! It'd be way fun to go again someday with the fam. Ya I still have that picture of Pais right there on my desk. That was a funny story about her. Oh and no I've never heard of Guster. haha. I'll have to check it out in about a year and a half ish. haha. Love ya Nay, Have a great week!

Love you all!
Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar
Paco's Baptism

Playing Soccer
Elder Aguilar & Elder Newell