Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hey Fam!

How is everybody? This week has been pretty great! This letter might be a little short because I don't have a ton of time. So this week started out super stressful. We were having very little success. We weren't finding any new investigators and almost all our appointments kept falling through. When we reported dats on Thursday the only thing that looked up to par was our contacts. On Tuesday morning the assistants called all the leaders to let us know that the President was asking for us all to complete the standard of excelence this past week. As I mentioned in my last letter, I've never actually been able to do that before. I was really stressed by thursday, and started to think it just wouldn't be possible. Then I realized I was being very faithless. I remembered that these numbers don't gain us anything. The only reason behind them is to help us work harder to bless the lives of others. I decided that if the Lord had revealed those goals for us, he obviously wanted us to complete them so He can bless more of His children who need the gospel. So if the Lord wants us to have success, and we want to have success, and it's all for the right reason, to follow Christ's example and serve others, then what was going to stop us? The opposing side certainly isn't as powerful, the Lord will always provide a way. Anyway we started to work more faithfully, and continued diligently to the end, and we completed the standard of excelence. We also saw some incredible changes in some of the families we've been teaching, and the Spirit was alot stronger in each of our lessons.

Saturday was a special day, we had a baptismal service for Benita Garcia Espinoza. She's seventy six years old, and she's just beginning a new life. Awesome. I had the priveledge to perform the ordinance, and I was thankful to be a part of that special day, but it was kind of scary. She doesn't walk very well, hear very well, or see very well, so I had to guide her down the hall to the font. It was a zone baptismal service, so the floor was already a little wet from the first baptism. As we turned to go into the font, I was getting a little nervous about the slippery tile, because it would be so bad if an accident happened right before her baptism. She didn't end up slipping and falling. But I did. I think it scared Benita a little but I was ok. I had to tell her really loudly in the font that she had to keep her nose plugged when she went under water. She said ok. But when she went down under the water she got a little stressed and breathed in a little water. Then as I was pulling her up she wouldn't stand up all the way, and the Zone Leaders had to reach into the font from the outside and help me stand her up. It was pretty crazy, but it was a really neat experience. Her daughter and granddaughter recently joined the church, and they were really excited for the baptism. A few of her other children are also preparing for their baptisms.

After the service we went to visit a really neat family we recently found, the Martinez family. We had taught them the restoration, and also lent them the DVD of the Joseph Smith movie. As we began to ask them how they were and everything, the father began to talk about how they appreciate what we shared with them, but they aren't sure if they could come to church with us, because they felt like anywhere that talks about the Savior is fine, and that they didn't really need a change. The wife began to speak, and was echoing what her husband had said. Then she mentioned that they actually hadn't attended any church services in a while, then she began to cry, and expressed the need she feels for a change in her family. She said they really need the Lord's help with their kids, and that she just wants to be happy, and not have so much contention in their home. We testified of the Savior's love, the plan of Salvation, and the power of prayer, and put a baptismal date. It'll be neet to see how they continue to progress.

Dad- Thanks for the District leader advice. The Zone Leaders asked me to do some interviews in the district tonight, and I'll keep in mind what you said. I'll be pulling that $100 from my birthday out today just so ya know. Love ya dad. have a great week!

Dig- That u game sounds like it was sweet. Man your making me wish I could go sledding too, it doesn't even exhist here! Love ya dig. Have a great week!

Nay- That's crazy that the bagger thing was so tiring. I've never really thought about it but ya that'd be pretty tough. haha. I don't feel like christmas is here still. It's blazing hot in Uruapan. Live it up this Christmas for me though Nay! Love ya! have a great week!

Shash- Sounds like you had kind of a tough week! It's ok though. Just remember the whole fam loves ya, even in the bossy times. haha. I love ya sloosh. Have a great week!

Den- Man you saw shaky when you rushed the field! That sounds awesome! That's sweet what you learned about tithing too denny o. Love ya! Have a great week!

Mom- I'm pretty sure the letter should arrive ok, I sent it with a special international stamp. I still haven't recieved mail in a while. The Zone Leaders are going to the offices this week, and they'll bring the mail with them. But it's possible that I won't get the Christmas stuff in time. I do have a picture from the birthday family night. I'll send it next week if I can. I included pictures of the baptism this week, and one of me in front of a cathedral. About your question, Yes I always feel your love through the letters mom! Thanks. It helps me stay focused on why I'm here, and remember what an awesome fam I have. I love you mom. Have a great week!
Elder Aguilar
Benita Garcia Espinoza's Baptism - She is so cute!

Cathedral in Uruapan


  1. what a cute story about Benita's baptism! He's doing so great. but I'm going to be so bummed if he doesn't get to do his 12 days of Christmas. Lame. It won't kill them to deliver the Christmas mail!

  2. I love to see the older ones getting baptized. It seems like a completely different feeling with them and what an example to her whole family. What a great experience for Dallas.