Monday, November 8, 2010

Alba's Baptism

Hey Fam! How is everyone? I hope you're all doing well. This week has been pretty awesome. Last week was a little rough. We had decided to focus on a richer part of our area, because one of the area seventies said that there could be ten times as many people in Mexico that could be getting baptized and changing their lives if the missionaries focused more on the wealthy educated class. He pointed out that many of us are nervous that the wealthier people don't feel a need for the Savior in their lives, or that they just know to much to be able to learn anything from a couple of nineteen year olds. But he reminded us that it's not us that changes and teaches people, it's The Lord through the Spirit. Regardless of the people's situation, they need to know that their Redeemer lives, and what His plan is for them. Anyway, so we've been spending all day focusing on the wealthy areas and we've been finding alot of people! It's been pretty awesome. The other night we actually taught a lesson at the largest house in our area. It's huge! And the people are pretty rich there, and they know alot about the bible. But as Elder Oaks said, the Gospel of Jesus Christ isn't just to help us know something, but to become something. We've had great experiences in the new focus area, and we continue talking with all people we come across, not just the rich ones. haha.

Yesterday we had a baptismal service planned for Alba. Yesterday (the day of her baptism) we were a little stressed out to see that she wasn't at church! As soon as Sacrament Meeting started and she still wasn't there, we decided to go with a brother from the ward to swing by her house real fast to see what had happened. we were dissappointed to find that she wasn't home. But when we got back to the church, we found out that she had got there right after we left. It was the first baptism we've had of someone I actually contacted. It was so sweet! We were walking down the street one day, and we were going past this little house where a lady sells clothes in front. We usually don't contact people who are working, but she didn't have any customers, sowe decided to contact her anyway. She invited us back to teach her. After we taught her, she happily took the challenge to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. The Lord answered her prayers, and she committed to be baptized. As we taught her about the commandments she made all the necessary changes in her life, in order to be in harmony with the will of God. She never complained about the commandments or made any excuses not to obey. And yesterday she was baptized. Awesome. What a great example of someone who really follows what it says in the scriptures, and strives to become as a child, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon us. It was a great experience, and thanks to her example, her children now plan to be baptized this upcoming saturday! sweet.

Anyway so that's been this week. By the way the weather is changing. It actually is getting pretty cold and night and in the mornings. It's weird because the sky is clear, there's tropical flowers and palm trees lining the streets, tons of sunshine, and it's cold. haha. It's not so bad for me since winter's alot worse back home of coarse, but the people down here are already in their winter coats. I'd say it's gotten as low as maybe fifty or fifty five degrees. haha.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Nay- Katie has written me three letters!? I've only recieved one. And I wrote a letter back, I just haven't had a chance to send it yet. haha. There's no mail places in our area. But let her know I'm not just being rude or anything. That's cool that you got to visit Grandma Draper. That's funny that she didn't remember about her apple trees. haha. If you see her again soon you'll have to let her know I say hello and I love her. Love ya nay! Have a great week!

Den- That's awesome that you lost a tooth denny o! Sounds like the byu game was alright, I guess if you didn't have anything better to do that day. haha. Just kiddin. I'm sure it was fun! Love ya den! have a great week!

Shash- Yes I remember when I use to say hummenah! What good old times huh sloosh. That's so exciting about your duet with denny. I bet you're going to do super good. I think about you lots slooshy. I miss ya! I love ya Shash. have a great week!

Mom- We don't have any furniture in our front room? haha. Why? It sounds like our new ward and stake is sweet. Dig let me know that Asiata from the U is in our stake and that he sees him at church. And our home teachers sound awesome. haha. I'm excited to meet them all when I get home. That's exciting to hear Karli is going to Florida. That'd be a super cool place to serve a mission. About the Christmas package, if you could send that jacket that I got in the West Valley City Youth council that'd be sweet. I'd have to pull the label off but that'd be just about right for winter temperatures here. The bishop's been asking for some good ideas for activities in the ward, and I let him know that my mom and dad have both served in the stake youth, and that my family would probably have some good ideas for ward activities. If you could give me some tips on fun activities that would be awesome. If you wrote anything important in dear elders recently I still don't know about it. haha. The assistants were going to bring me my mail when they visited our baptismal service yesterday, but they forgot to give it to me, so I haven't recieved anything in a few weeks. haha. Anyway, sorry this is sort of an all business note. I love you mom. I miss ya. The more I see and learn on my mission the more thankful I am to have been born of goodly parents! Love ya mom. have a great week!

Dad- I haven't done anything with the tie yet, I did read your note and your suggestions though. All the other missionaries think it's super sweet. I'll send some pictures to ya of me with the tie and other cool stuff. Maybe I could get one with the President wearing the tie, that'd be sweet. haha. Thanks for your advice about the opening the mouth thing. I've definitely seen the results that come from talking to everyone, but I definitely needed that reminder and the examples you gave me. Love ya dad! have a great week!
Elder Aguilar

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  1. what a cool experience with Alba. He just continues to amaze me with his spiritual growth and maturity. Love these emails!