Tuesday, November 16, 2010

10 Months and a New Area!

Hey Fam!

How is everybody? This week has been pretty sweet. Thursday after we had eaten lunch I got a call from one of the assistants, and they let me know that I would have special changes the following day, even though changes aren't for another week. Anyway, I'm now in a city called Uruapan, Michoacan. It's super sweet here! It's gorgeous! It's like a little tropical paradise jungle in the middle of nowhere! And the work here is great. The ward I'm in is doing really well. We've got over twenty investigators in teaching, we had twelve investigators at church yesterday, and four confirmations from baptisms earlier on in the week. That's a ton going on! We still have a ton of work to do though, because the majority of the investigators we have aren't actually progressing, so we're going to be working on finding new investigators this week, and... we have two marriages to take care of before the twenty seventh, so that those four investigators can make their baptismal dates. Sweet. The ward is super excited about the work, the members give tons of references, and everybody here is related just about, so the part member families bring about alot of interested people. Sweet. Tonight I'll be teaching the district meeting even though I don't even know the other elders in the zone yet. This will be my second change as district leader. (Note from Missionary Mom:  I didn't even know he was a district leader!)

My new companion's name is Elder Bricenio. He's from Peru. He's a super great guy, very humble, and is absolutely obsessed with the work. He hasn't been out very long, so he's still got tons of great ideas from things he learned in the MTC and stuff and it'll be great to learn from him.

A little bit more about the area. Our area has a national park in it, and we have to cross into it sometimes to get to certain appointments. There are rivers and waterfalls that go through the area, and we've got several members and investigators that live in little wood houses up in the mountains. The roads are about half dirt half cement. There are dogs everywhere! There's a sister in the ward who owns the largest hotel in the area, and will feed us every monday and every once and a while through the rest of the week, we can go to this restaurant and have whatever we want under her name. SWEET.

As far as the things that were going on in the old area, everything was going well. Alba's kids were ready for their baptisms, and the other investigators looked great.

Anyway, thanks for everything fam! Have a great week! I'll send more pictures of the new area next week!

Mom- I attached the pictures from Alba's baptism, a couple from the new area, some from my last day back in Guadalajara, and a couple of my Born's shoes from the missionary mall. The soles are getting a couple holes in them and are really thin, my other shoes are still great, but if I could get a new pair of the Borns that would be sweet. Thanks for that dear elder that talked about D & C 90:24. I loved the letter and I've been thinking about that scripture alot, and using it with recent converts. Speaking of letters, let me know when you get the letter I sent ok? Thanks for those ideas for activities, even though I'm not in that ward anymore. Maybe I'll have another chance to use them in the future. Don't worry abou the cold mom. It's still scorching hot in the day time, it's just like the last three hours of work. The sun has been going down at like six, and we work until nine forty five, so it gets a little chilly towards the end. I did already buy a sweater though, so I'm fine while I wait on that other jacket. :) About my birthday stuff, it hasn't arrived yet, and in my new zone we only get the mail about once a month, so it might be a while. But, the President is coming to this zone on wednesday to do interviews like he did a while ago in my old area, and he just happens to be coming on my birthday. So if the assistants bring the mail, I'll probably get the stuff right on time. If not oh well. haha. Thanks for everything mom. I love you! have a wonderful week!

Den- That's sweet you're going to get to see harry potter soon! I won't see it for a little while. haha. Good job on your duet denny o! I bet you and shash did awesome! have a great week den. Love ya!

Dad- That'd be sweet if I got to report to you at the end of my mission in the high council thing. Kobey is still growing his hair out? It's going to be huge when I get home. Speaking of hair, your grey hair comment was pretty funny. Are you really getting greyer? I didn't know Elder Salazar was headed to Korea! That's sweet, he'll be a great missionary. Thanks for everything dad, have a great week. Love ya!

Shash- Thanks for that reminder about the importance of the gospel sloosh. You have such a strong testimony! How great that you can be such a good example for me to help me be a better missionary. I heard you did great in the primary program. Great job! Love ya shash. Have a great week!

Dig- That stinks about the U man! oh well. Maybe next season. Sounds like your scout trip was pretty sweet. Are you still doing wrestling? You'll have to let me know how it's going if you are. That's sweet that you're getting excited about the mission dig. Awesome. have a great week dig! Love ya!

Nay- That's so crazy that you're practically in college already! It even makes me stressed out. Try not to stress about it though. I'm sure wherever you go things will turn out great. Just remember to spend alot of time at the institute building! haha. So where did Dallin Sweet go? I didn't even realize it's already time for those guys to be leaving on missions. I sure miss ya nay. I hope your enjoying these days cause things are going to start changing! But they only get better! Just think, before too long, we'll be having barbecues and group dates and talking about how hard college is. haha. Love ya Nay! Have a great week!

Bam- Thanks for the money for my birthday! I'll use it on something good! Love ya Bam! Have a great week!

Love you all!

Elder Aguilar
Alba's Baptism

Elder Aguilar, Elder Aguilar, Elder Ripley, and another Elder

Elder Aguilar & Elder Ripley in Guadalajara

Wearing out his first pair of shoes!

Elder Aguilar in Uruapan, Michoacan (wow - that's a mouthful!)

Elder Aguilar in Uruapan, Michoacan

Elder Aguilars last day in Guadalajara (Nov. 11, 2010)


  1. Wow, that is a great birthday present to finally get transfered and to an excitng area!

  2. He is so cute and so humble, talking about how he is excited to learn from his new greenie, and appreciating Shash's example to help him be a better missionary! Wow, no wonder he's progressing so much!