Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week 7

hey fam, the new e mail thing won't let me do capital letters or use the enter button so if this is hard to read i apologize. this week hasn't been super exciting. the spirit has been incredible as usual. we had some great devotionals. one was about obedience and they told some really scary stories about elders disobeying that scared us all really straight. it was good though because you can never do too much of the right thing. the other devotional was about the seriousness of our call. it was a great message from one of the presiding bishopric. his wife quoted mother theresa's quote "we haven't been called to be successful, we've been called to be faithful." that's a good concept to keep in mind, especially since faith brings about success anyway. we all did really well in the trc scenario this week. nobody made any funny mistakes. sorry. i'm actually catching on with spanish really well lately. i met some missionaries from mexico (one is from right next to guadalajara) and when they speak spanish to me at a normal pace i can understand 90% of what's being said. that gives me alot of confidence. we taught the plan of salvation last night in all spanish, the spirit was doing most of the teaching and it was a very sacred experience. i was practice teaching hermano catt though and i accidentally said a bad word that i thought meant miracles. he made sure i was nice and embarassed about it so i wouldn't make the same mistake in mexico. i'm trying to have as many of those moments as i can while real investigators aren't involved. i only have a couple more weeks of it though. well less than that. our travel plans are in the mailbox right now i'm going to go pick them up when i finish. i'm almost positive we leave on the fifteenth so expect the phone call (at our home number) then. me and elder tibbits have 200 pass along cards that we're going to try to get passed out between the two of us at the salt lake airport and wherever our layover is. i'm pretty excited for that, maybe it will plant some seeds. shash- the food here is pretty good. i've been eating pretty healthy lately because the regular food counters repeat themselves alot. i usually have something like a grilled chicken spinach salad with some fruit and a roll. for breakfast i usually have cracked wheat and some fresh pineapple in yogurt with some grape juice so i've been feeling really good. hardings- thanks so much for the cinnamon rolls (exclamation point (this computer doesn't do exclamation points)). they were huge and super good. thanks for the note too. :) i really appreciate it. bam- i don't know much about the shipping process to guadalajara. i know it's got a much better chance of getting here if you put a bunch of pictures of the virgin mary on it but even then it's not for sure. thanks for the beef jerkey and the chips (exclamation point) i have so much food every night it's awesome, but i'm running out of time to eat it all. thanks for your letters i love hearing about home. congrats on your lesson i'm sure it was incredible :) mom- i wrote you another letter. i was kind of surprised it took so long for you all to get the ones from last week. i love hearing from you and i love you tons. thanks for everything. i hope you get the letter soon. egans- thanks for the snacks (exclamation point) i especially liked the transformers shoe box they came in that was pretty awesome. i loved the note too. :) family- thanks for the mexican soda and treats, they were awesome and all my room mates think they're super cool. i know you're all a little stressed with moving and everything. in one of the firesides they said cherish the moments and make these your greatest days. don't let any of heavenly father's blessings go unnoticed, and make every day the greatest day so far. nay- thanks for your letters. i heard elder lusty called you from the airport. i'll be spending all my call time talking to you and the rest of the fam but i guess that was his choice... i'm not trying to be mean it's just like i said in the letter i'm your big bro so i can't like that guy very much. i loved your dear elder about being best friends and the story from sister banza. i can't wait for all the incredible times we're going to have in the future. i can't wait to be able to just chat and laugh and all together again. i know i said that already but it's ok. one thing we learned this week is that part of heavenly father's plan is that things always progress and get better. every time a new person is called to a certain calling, they build off what the last person did and do even better. every group of missionaries that come in are even better than the last. every great idea we have is greater than before. anyway you get what i mean. but i bring that up because when i get home we're both going to be alot different. everyone in our family will be alot different. but the difference will only be better. things just get better. every day that goes by is just a little better than the last. it's awesome (exclamation point) anyway i hope that made sense. i love you nay. i took my memory card to get the pictures developed. i'll be sending them soon. it won't be as much as you asked for mom but i'm in them all and like i said there isn't much else to take pictures of here (plus i don't have much time) i think i'll have one more letter to you all, then i'll be in mexico (exclamation point) thanks for all your support. i love you all. i hope you have a wonderful week (exclamation point) love elder dallas robert aguilar


  1. I love the exlamation points too! I just love reading about what he's learned in devotionals. His thoughts and feelings are always so uplifting! This is just what I needed to start my day! Love that boy!

  2. Sweetest kid ever (exclamation point)(exclamation point) (exlacamation point)