Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last Week? Maybe Not.

I've decided to switch his writing to blue so that Kevin can read it. :)

hey family,
the enter button seems to be working this week but the capital letters still don't work and most punctuation still just does a question mark. i'm writing the e mail a little early today because we got back from the temple earlier than usual.
this week has been unique. a few days ago my companion was complaining of some back pains, so we went to the doctor and found out he may have a bulging disc. i don't know what that means but he had to get an mri and a bunch of other tests so i've spent alot of time this week sitting in waiting rooms at a couple different hospitals, ignoring the television and magazines, studying my scriptures, and realizing what a sheltered environment i've been in at the mtc. it was a little awkward being in the outside world again but it really just made me excited to get to the field.
which brings up the other peculiar part of the week. we won't be leaving on monday. in fact most missionaries going to mexico have been delayed. i get to call home to explain the situation tonight. i'm going to call around four o clock, maybe a little earlier or maybe a little later. i'm going to call the home phone, and if nobody picks up i'll try mom's cell.
anyway, we all already said our goodbyes to one of our teachers because he finished early to go visit his family in arizona, so he'll come back to find us still patiently waiting to leave
the trc scenario last night was interesting. we were all super down because of our visa thing so it was hard to take the scenario seriously, since we all just want to be in mexico teaching real people. we taught a woman from honduras who doesn't actually speak english. it was pretty neat because i understood everything she said and i was able to speak spanish so that she understood the message. but like i said we were kind of down, so the spirit wasn't there. we weren't focusing on the investigator, and that mindset of selfishness doesn't invite the spirit well. although my spanish was great and we were able to answer all her questions, she almost fell asleep (another worker noticed and came in portraying her son so she'd wake up a little). it was embarassing to make such a huge mistake, but i'm glad i learned that lesson here instead of in real life. it strengthened my testimony that the spirit is what converts the people's hearts and testifies to them that the message is important and true. if i don't have the spirit when i teach, it's not worth the lord's time. i suppose that's why he mentions in d&c that if ye have not the spirit ye shall not teach. i don't plan to ever attempt a lesson unless i feel like the spirit is going to be there, because that's what the people i'll meet in guadalajara deserve.
anyway, sorry for the boring monologue. the devotionals this week have been really good. we met some elders from mexico and ecuador that are going to california and canada. we have a blast talking about our cultural differences together and it makes us all even more excited. we've been helping eachother with language, so on sunday we all sat together, and the elders from mexico and ecuador would ask us what certain words meant in the talk, while a couple of our elders borrowed their headphone translator things and listened to it in spanish. on tuesday we had a member of the seventy who gave an awesome talk about gaining a true testimony. he said testimonies are like a three legged stool. one leg is knowledge, one leg is that "spark" or the manifestation from the spirit, and one leg is experience (or taking action to see results that will strengthen your faith). if we don't know about the gospel, we can't have a testimony. if the spirit doesn't manifest to us, we can't have a testimony. if we don't apply it's teachings to our lives and perform the lord's will, and later see the blessings and miracles that come from it, we can't have a testimony. we've all heard about faith being a little seed. he reminded us not to just let the seed sit there and assume that that's sufficient testimony, becuase it's not until the tree is grown that it begins to produce fruit. we need that experience, that knowledge, and that continued manifestation to see the results of our testimony in our lives. i thought that was a pretty cool analogy.
nay- i loved your dearelder. it sounds like the dance was a blast (exclamation point). that sam fellow sounds like a cool guy. i'm glad you had fun :) that's great that you've got a viola student, you'll probably have quite the schol going when i get home. there was a violin player at the fireside on sunday who was incredible. he would play two strings with his bow as the melody and harmony, and pluck a third string for the bass part (exclamation point) that's crazy huh? i can't wait for your next letter nay i love hearing from you. love you.
denny- thanks for tellin me about your snowboarding day with dad. it sounds like a blast (exclamation point). that's awesome that you had such a sweet day.
dig- yes you may have my lovesac in your room if you'd like. you can also have any of the ties i left behind. i wish i would have brought more, but i've done some pretty smart trading and boosted my tie reserve to about twice what it was before.
mom- i'll talk to ya at four ish, by the way the pictures should be there today or tomorrow.
bam- thanks for the cookies you're the best.
dad- thanks for your letters i love your advice.
shash- i can't wait to hear from you again
i love you all (exclamation point) have an awesome week (exclamation point)

We did get to talk to Dallas today at 4:00 for 4 minutes!  It was so great to hear his voice!  We put him on speaker because everyone was home except for Shayne, so we did a conference call with him at work, and the whole family got to talk together!  Dallas even spoke a little spanish for us, and it was fabulous! (As far as I could tell.)  His companion is going to be just fine.  They don't know when they will get to go to Mexico, but he's thinking it shouldn't be too long of a wait or they would have sent them all stateside temporarily.  Maybe he will get to call again when he finds out! :)  He asked that everyone keep sending him letters--he loves them so much!  His address is the same until further notice.  Thanks for your love & support!


  1. I can't believe you got to talk to him!!! Did he tell you why they can't leave yet? Oh, he's such a sweet heart!!! I want you to tell me all about the phone call!