Monday, March 29, 2010

Hola Familia!

Hey fam!

How is everyone? Here I am in Mexico having a blast and working hard. I thought the day would never come. This week has been incredible. My companion´s name is Elder Moberg, he´s an awesome guy. He´s from Washington state, and he´s an ironman finisher! (i´m sure dad will want to meet him someday). We´ve been having a great time together, and the first thing he told me after we found out who our companions were was ¨i like to have a good time, but i like to obey and work hard¨ a great way to start my mission eh? he´s been out for eight months now and he´s quite fluent in the language. His trainer actually went to Hunter, and I sort of knew him back in the day, which is pretty funny. Anyway, we have alot of progressing investigators, they´re all incredible. Sometimes at the end of the day I just want to keep finding people and keep inviting the spirit into their homes and watching their hearts be converted. It´s incredible.

My mission president, President Jesperson, is incredible. Our mission has recieved a goal for a certain number of baptisms a month from one of the apostles. President Jesperson encouraged us to have the faith to see miracles, and to always trust in the Lord to help in the completion of His work. He said I should pray every time I get a chance for help in all I do, because there is no way I could help these people with my own strength and knowledge. I can´t wait to get to know President Jesperson better, he has an incredible relationship with the Savior.

One of our investigators looks just like Yacopo (i think that´s how you spell it) from the count of monte cristo. He works making backpacks that they send into the states, so we go and teach him while he´s working at his brothers house. His brother and his family are members and they´re all incredible people so it´s a great environment to teach in. He´s extremely receptive to the gospel and I can´t wait to see what happens with him in the future. His little neices and nephews are always there at the house while we´re teaching him. They range from about four to nine years old and there are about five or six of them. They love when we come over because they like to tell us stories (which i usually can´t understand) and make us play pretend war with them. Since they can all say Elder Aguilar pretty well they all yell my name the whole time we´re over there. it´s pretty awesome. Yesterday in church i made the mistake of sitting behind their family. One of the little boys was turned around on the bench and yelling my name through the whole sacrament meeting. I kept telling him to listen to the talk but he wouldn´t stop. The stake president kept looking over like he was embarassed, so was I. Oh well.

Well our house is actually pretty nice. it´s like the one on the best two years but it´s two stories which is pretty sweet. We have another companionship that lives there with us, it´s actually Elder Portuese, my MTC companion, and his new companion Elder Jaen.

So I´m happy to say that pretty much all the bad rumors I had heard about Guadalajara were false, and all the good ones are true. One rumor was that you can´t buy normal milk here, you can only find it warm in a box. We have an abundance of nice cold normal milk in milk jugs in our fridge, and you can get it at any of the little stores around here. Another was that it´s super hard to find clean water, and that you usually can´t drink it at the members houses. Every home is equiped with giant jugs of spring water in these little dispenser things, and we´re never worried about not having water to drink. Another was that I might not get alot to eat here. The members are all incredible. They feed us until we literally can´t eat anymore. And they feed us everyday. We have our daily food appointment, and every time we visit anyone´s house, they give us food and water. The other day a kind lady from the ward fed us lunch. Shey gave us each plates with way more food than we could ever eat, and when we were almost done eating she brought over another plate piled high with taquitos, so we had to eat a bunch of those. I really thought I was going to die. on our way to our next appointment I had to stop and sit on the curb because I was about to throw up from too much food, all the people on the street were laughing at the missionary with the weak stomach. It was great. Another rumor was that packages that are sent here don´t often make it. Of all the missionaries I´ve asked, I´ve only heard of two packages not getting here completely in tact, and those two weren´t in bad shape. So you can send packages if you like but it does take a long time so I don´t know how well anything edible would get here.

Ok so just a few things that are different here than in the U.S. One, they don´t really have yards, so they keep their dogs on the roof. The roofs don´t have fences of coarse, the dogs just stay up their because it´s too high too jump down. It´s pretty scary sometimes because we´ll be walking and all of a sudden there´s a pit bull right above our heads getting pretty mad at us. Also, all the stores and venders are things are just little small shops in people´s homes, they´re everywhere. All the houses here are really bright colors, and all very unique. Other than that it´s alot like home.

Gram: You were right about the cooking thing. Some of the ladies here can take a potato and a couple tortillas with some hot sauce and make a meal that´s out of this world. I´ll be writing you a letter as soon as I get the chance, after I learn how to use the postage here!

Bam: That´s awesome about your booth at the BYU thing! I´m sure you´ll do great with it.

Hardings: Thanks for your dearelders, I loved the stories about austin´s quotes and everything it was hilarious!

Timmerie: Thanks for your quotes also, that´s awesome that lincoln has his new style.

Family I´m writing you a letter soon!

Love you all,
Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar

Isn't that the best letter ever?  I know he's doing great because he said 'incredible' 7 times!  I'm the happiest mom!


  1. This one made me cry too. But it is a happy cry. I am so proud of him and what he is doing. And I am so glad that he is eating so much that it is making him sick. Better that than being sick from not eating enough, right?

  2. Denise you should be happy. You have taught him well!

  3. I feel so much better! It's great to know he has "real" milk and lots of food and a decent place to live. He's doing so great!

  4. So glad he finally made it there and that he is doing great. Denise, you must be a very proud mama!