Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We Finally Got Pictures!

Quoting Dallas:  "Me reading 'Jesus the Christ' in our room at my desk.  Notice the three boxes of food under my desk, the pack of Mexican candy and box of cinnamon rolls on my desk.  I've been eating well."

"That's me showing off the goodies from my Guadalajara package."

"Me and Elder Mangray.  Elder Mangray is from Trinidad.  He is a good friend of mine and an incredible example of humility and hope.  We taught him how to play 4 square and how to eat things like american breakfast food.  I don't think I ever saw him frown."

"This is me at the temple on a Sunday sitting at the fountain with Elder Tibbits and Elder Newell.  (The ones who met Pres. Uchtdorf.)"

"That's a sign at the entrance of the MTC.  I thought it was pretty funny even though the 'field' it's talking about is the soccer field across the street."

"From left to right:  Elder Portuese (my companion), Me, Elder Tibbits, Elder McNiel (the ultimate fighter), and Elder Newell in the corner.  We're eating the cookies Mom sent me."

"Elders Tibbits, Newell, Me, and Elder Portuese.  We're all going to Guadalajara and we're roommates."

"This is our district.  From left to right:  Elder Hall, Elder Gant, Elder Combe (with his hand on his hip), Elder Allphin, Elder McNiel, Elder Newell, Elder Tibbits, Elder Choate (the one with the night terrors who accidentally said his brother was dead), Elder Portuese, and me."


"Me in front of the temple."


  1. GREAT pictures! It is so fun to see him! That profile shot of him looks just like Shayne to me! What a handsome and wonderful missionary! I LOVE these pictures!

  2. Why am I crying? WHY AM I CRYING? There is absolutely no reason to cry. He is a strong, handsome, wonderful young man on the Lord's errand. What could be better?

  3. He's all completely grown up. I can see the change. It will never be the same. THAT's why we're crying. But as Sara said, "What could be better?" He grew up perfectly.

  4. What a wonderful bunch of pictures from our most handsome young Elder. Love you Dal. So excited for your time ahead, so missing you here, So thankful you lived worthy to be called to serve the Lord. No wonder we cry you have us all mixed up.