Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 6

Hey Fam!
Ok the computer stole five minutes from me again so this will be short but there hasn't been too much going on this week anyway. So I'd like to start with a joke from Elder Dallin H. Oaks (he wasn't here we just heard it on a video.) So the joke goes: A man was carrying a pocket size Book of Mormon in his shirt pocket, when he was shot in the heart. Luckily the bullet didn't kill him, because it hit the book, and stopped at the Isaiah chapters just like everybody else. (hahaha) Sorry if that's not as funny to you as it was to me.

So this week has been a pretty cool week. We've done alot more practice teaching and it's all been in Spanish which is good. I think I forgot to mention last week that I was asked to be the district leader, and my roommates are the new zone leaders (the two that met President Uchtdorf). It's pretty cool to have this responsibility because my only job really is to help the other elders with whatever they need so I've gotten to know them all alot better. So last night at the TRC, we had a scenario where we walked into a "store," bought some things, and then asked the family who owned the store if we could come by and share a message about Jesus Christ (all in Spanish of coarse). The father said no, because they were Muslim and didn't believe that Jesus was the Messiah. So we asked if we could just come share some principals that could help them in their family life. They decided that wouldn't hurt anything so we got to "come by" later and teach them a lesson. We decided to base the lesson around Old Testament prophets, since that's something we had in common, and then we built off of that with the Priesthood, and moved on to Christ's life and the rest of the lesson, and bore testimony. They were excited to hear about other prophets in the Americas in the Book of Mormon, and commited to read and pray to know that it is true. So it all turned out well in the end.
Anyway, sorry it's not as exciting as other weeks. My good friend Elder Choate (the one with the night terrors who accidentally said his brother had died) had another slip up this week. When he was in the store, they asked him what he needed and he accidentally told them he needed a shower. They thought that was pretty funny.
We watched a video from Elder Bednar about recognizing the difference between our own ideas and ideas or promptings that come from the spirit. He said he gets alot of questions about this, and his answer is stop worrying about it, be good girls and boys, and so long as we keep the commandments, we will be guided by the spirit. The longer we think about one prompting trying to decide if it's from the Lord or not, the more time we're wasting when we could be doing something useful that could help someone or get something done. I thought that was pretty cool.
Jensens- Tim thanks for your letters, I love hearing about the family, and thanks for the update on baby Halpert haha.
Egans- That's super exciting about the baby updates Kate! I can't wait to hear what it is! Thanks for the stories about your boys and your other advice and things in your letters. Christian, Lloyd Newell is Elder Newell's uncle, but his dad works for the church also.
Stones- Thanks for your letters! I love hearing about Sawyer and Pais. The story about the shots was great! By the way I wanted to mention, I don't know if you remember this but the night your family came to say goodbye you told Sawyer to say bye and give me a hug but she was too shy. I said something to the affect of "she'll be talkin up a storm when I get home don't worry." Immediately after I said this I realized it sounded alot like I wasn't aware that Sawyer has known how to talk for a while now. I was very much aware that Sawyer can talk, I meant that she probably won't be as shy and will most likely be more comfortable around me in a couple years after she remembers who I am. haha. anyway.
Meiers- Dayna thanks for your sugar cookies, I can't remember if I said that already but they were highly coveted amongst the elders on my floor. Normally I try to share but those are just too good.
Bam- Your mint chocolate cookies were incredible! I ate like seven of them right after I got the package. I sent you a letter you should get it soon.
Grandpa Bob- Thanks tons for your letter I'm writing you back soon.

Dad, Mom, Shenay, Dig, Denny, and Shash, I've got a letter for each of you on the way!
I love you all and I can't wait to hear about your days!
Love Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar


  1. I have nothing to say, but that I love him! Love him!!! District leader? Good job Dal...we knew he'd be good at this!

  2. He is so stinkin' amazing! What a good boy! LOVE HIM TO DEATH!!!!!