Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hey Fam!

It has been an incredible week. I was on divisions with one of our room mates for about four days this week, and it was super exciting to get to know his investigators and watch even more people´s lives being changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My mind keeps coming back to Alma 26:12 this week as we see incredible things happening in the Lord´s work. One of our investigators frequently has a woman named Maria and her daughters visiting his house as he helps her alot with her kids and finding work and things. She was always just in and out and never really wanted to stay for a lesson. We had dates set for the man (Carmen) and his two friends Reuben and Mario. They all seemed very sure of the gospel and were very excited about the blessings they knew they would soon recieve. About Wednesday of last week while I was on splits, Elder Moberg my companion found out that Reuben and Mario actually had alot of doubts and hangups, and were no longer planning on baptism. Carmen was still sure in his testimony but Elder Moberg was pretty down to get the news from the others. Then on Friday evening when he was there teaching a lesson, Maria came by. After he was done teaching she asked if she could talk to him for a second. She told him that whenever we were over, or whenever she read the Book of Mormon she felt a burning in her heart, and wondered if he knew what it was. He let her know that it was the witness of the Spirit letting her know it was true. Saturday her and Carmen came to conference, and she let us know she wanted to be baptized. We got permission from the President to have her baptized the next day on Easter with Carmen. Sunday when we went to pick them up from conference, Carmen was complaining about a leg problem he´s been having lately, and said he didn´t want to come to conference and wasn´t sure if he could get baptized. Maria told him to stop making excuses, and that no matter what he chose she was entering the straight and narrow path to the Savior, and not ever looking back. We were blown away by all of this of coarse. Later after conference Carmen decided he was making up excuses and that he knows the church is true and wanted to get baptized. Elder Moberg baptized him and I got to baptize Maria. It was great.

We went to pick up other investigators for conference before Sunday afternoon session, but to our dismay they weren´t around. We took a taxi back to church only to find the cab driver was a member who hadn´t been to church in eight years. He decided to take a break and come sit in for conference. The Lord is watching His children very very closely, and I love being a part of this work.

Mom- That´s awesome that you know Elder Moberg´s mom! that´s super cool I hope you two got a chance to meet up. That´s awesome about the Costco thing. Our zone boundaries actually barely miss the Costco here so it might be a while before I can get you some pictures. Also I came to realize we don´t have any time for letters in the mail on p days so I might not be able to send many. But I´m writing in my journal nightly and making sure to include things you´d like to hear about when I get home! By the way don´t worry about the Easter package thing, we had an awesome easter, and Elder Moberg´s mom actually included an easter basket for me in the four packages he got! I guess the package system is pretty reliable, but I do hear it´s still a good idea to put a picture of the Virgin Mary on them. By the way I need our new home address and phone number! Love you mom, I´ll talk to you pretty soon for mothers day!

Bam- thank you so much for your contributions to my mission. I know I won´t have anything to worry about with my reserve food fund. How´s it goin with the BYU booth thing? did that already happen? Love you Bam.

Gram- How are you and gramp doin? I met our bishop finally in the ward we attend because he´s actually been out of town. It turns out his mom is an Aguilar! he said the history of the Aguilar family all comes from the same place so we´re actually distantly related. He said I look alot like his cousin. I thought you´d think that was pretty exciting. Love you Gram.

Dig- How´s it going? we got to watch conference in english and I loved it too! That talk on patience was incredible! It helped us alot because these little kids kept knocking on the door and running away during that talk. It was probably my favorite too. The weather here is pretty warm. It´s actually not very humid but it is very hot. Some days it´s cloudy and perfect like in San Diego too. That´s awesome that you saw those real players. One of our investigators (Reuben) actually played pro for atlas, pumas, and cruz azul for ten years! that´s crazy huh? Dad sent me acouple of your notes from conference and they were awesome. Thanks Dig. Love Ya!

Shash- That´s awesome about your new friend! sounds like your having alot of fun together! That´s funny that she has a blanket for a door because there are actually alot of people here with blankets for doors in their houses! Even for bathrooms! Love ya Sloosh.

Denny- Yes we did get to watch conference thank goodness even though it´s on a tv. It was pretty sweet. I hear you went snowboarding with Nay and had a sweet biff. Cool! Love you Den.

Nay- The kids and the dogs here are pretty awesome. I actually watched a little boy about two years old fight his little puppy during a lesson the other day. It was hilarious! it was like watching a mini gladiator. Neither of them got hurt don´t worry. The eighties dance thing sounds pretty sweet! Thanks for talking care of persie for me. Why´d ya have to tell me about that Miley movie!? haha. That´s sweet that you liked it so much. Love you Nay.

Dad- Thanks for those quotes from Dig´s notes they were great. Thanks for your support and example Dad. I loved your letter about the last week in the ward by the way. I also really appreciate all you and the Bishop did for the ward. I´m sure Brother Banza will continue to do great too. Thanks Dad. I´ve had some pretty wild food experiences already since I got here. I´ve had a shrimp and octopus soup. The broth was cold water and ketchup. It actually was pretty great other than the ketchup part. For some reason fish and ketchup is ok down here. We ate at a lady´s house and she asked what kind of meat I wanted on my tostada. When she gave me the options I went for cabeza. She told me I was crazy and didn´t know what I was saying. When I finished it all with a smile on my face she said I´m really going to fit in down here. haha. That was pretty cool. Love you Dad.

Well family that´s all for this week. I can´t wait to hear from you all. By the way dear elder still works down here so you can continue to use that if you´d like. I love you all!

Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar

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