Monday, March 7, 2011

Hey Fam!!!
How is everybody? This week has been good. We've seemed to have some curse lifted off our area, because it'd been forever since we'd been able to just knock on some doors and find people who were ready to hear the message of the Restored Gospel, but this week we almost didn't even have time to contact because everyone was inviting us in to teach them. I feel pretty good about the changes. I started to realize this week that I'd forgotten alot of the things that I used to do when I first got into the mission, and I figured it might have something to do with why we're not seeing much results. I started to put into practice once again things as simple as just praying before each contact that the Spirit will testify, listening to what people are really saying, and going the extra mile with all the little things we do in the work.
On Sunday we actually found a lady and her daughter who listened to the message on their doorstep, and were excited by what they felt and heard. It'd been a while since the last time I was able to just rely on the Spirit and watch someone understand the things we were teaching, without having to re-explain things or even start to convince them a little bit about the message. Lesson learned - The Holy Ghost, a member of the Godhead is a better teacher than I am... haha. Took me long enough to figure that one out. That's one of the things I love most about the gospel, it's not complicated.
So things with the new companionship are going well. We've begun to understand each other a little better. We're both focused on being obedient, and just doing the Lord's will, so that makes things a little easier. I don't know if I mentioned before that my comp wants to be a chef when he grows up, so I'll have to get him to teach me some sweet stuff.
The family that went walking to church on their own last week ended up not progressing very well. The mother of Eduardo (the husband) began to brain wash them a little, and convinced them that since the Book of Mormon doesn't say anything about the Virgen Guadalupe or any of the Saints that they worship, it must not be true. After talking to them again they were able to recognize that that's defenitely not a legitimate way to find out if something is from the Lord or not, but I think that mostly to avoid family conflicts, they've opted to not listen anymore. 
This week, an avocado forest in our area burned down. I don't know why the fire department didn't come to put the fire out, but there was smoke everywhere, and we actually had to take a route to an appointment that went right by the fire, and were walking down a street that was about ten yards away from the flame. It was pretty scary, but it was kind of cool at the same time. 
Our area is the smallest one in the zone, and it's been a little frustrating trying to find new people, since we've knocked on almost every door in the entire area already, but on Sunday we found a neighborhood that doesn't appear on the map, so it's going to be cool looking for new investigators there.
Mom- I told you last week I think that that picture at the temple wasn't my zone, but then I looked back at it, and actually it is my zone. The large group one is of our zone, and the smaller group pictures are of me with Elders that I served with in Guadalajara. I went to send you and dad's package today, but they recently passed a law or something that you have to bring proof that you live at the return address when you send a package, so I'll have to send it next week. That means the return address won't be the address of the mission offices, but the address of our house. We're not supposed to recieve mail at our house address, so for mail in the future the address will still be just for the mission home of course. My mail has all arrived, Elder Aguilar 2 let me know this morning, and the President is coming on Friday to Uruapan for interviews, so he'll be bringing the mail with him. I love you mom! have a great week!
Shash- I've actually not had any cinnamon tortillas here. The tortillas are kind of different, they're made out of white corn, so they don't really work with sweet stuff. haha. That's awesome that you got the new American Girl Doll! And fifty cents! Holy cow! haha. Love ya Sloosh! have a great week!
Dad- That's pretty cool about the interviews in the home thing. I guess that sort of organization works just as perfectly in the home as it does in the church. Thanks for your testimony Dad, It always helps. Love you Dad! have a great week!
Dig- You should write one of those poems in your e mail to me man! haha. Sounds like that zebra picture was sweet. Love ya Dig! have a great week!
Nay- So are you for sure decided on Utah State now? Sounds like Prom will be fun. That's a sweet story about the guy named Green, haha. Maybe he knows Mr. Duignan. haha. Love ya Nay! have a great week!
Den- That's sweet that you guys got to stand up in the conference man! haha. I always loved that in the MTC too when one of the speakers would invite us to stand up and move around a little. That's sweet you got to eat so much pie too! They're not really into pie down here, so I miss it alot. haha. My companion doesn't even know what pumpkin pie is! Anyway, Love ya denny o! have a great week!
Love you all!
Elder Aguilar

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