Monday, February 28, 2011

Hey Fam!!!
How is everybody? This week has been good.
A little while back we contacted a couple in the street and asked if we could pass by their home later on to share them a message. They said yes, and gave us their address, and we agreed on a time to pass by. We went and searched their whole street (which is only about a hundred yards long) up and down a couple times, asking everyone we saw if they knew them, and we couldn't find them anywhere. Later we saw the husband in the street again, and he asked why we hadn't gone by. We explained that we had searched for their house, but that we hadn't found anything, so he explained that at the end of the street there's a little trail that goes higher up into the hill, and that he lives up there. We said we'd see if we could find them later on when we were in that area, but we sort of forgot. Then a couple weeks later, another companionship called us with a referral for that same family. So we went back and looked for their house again, and we finally found it, but they weren't home. We asked the neighbor when they were usually at home, and he said a saturday in the day time would be best. So last saturday we went there, and they were home. We talked with them and got to know them a little, and they let us know that they have a great desire to do the things that their Heavenly Father wants. We taught them about the Atonement, then the Restoration, then Baptism, and they accepted a baptismal date, and a challenge to come to church the next day. We told them we'd be by the next morning to pick them up for church. Sunday morning we arrived to find a note on their door that said "Elders, we don't have any money for the bus, so we left a couple hours early walking so we could arrive on time to church." It was pretty neat to see that they had such a desire to come to church, I just wish I would have made it more clear that a member was giving us a ride, and that they weren't going to have to pay for a bus, especially since they didn't end up finding the church. It was a little sad at the same time, because the church is way far from their house. They live out on the very edge of the city up in the hills, and their house is made of spare slats of wood and plastic. They're a happy family though, and it will be neat to see them progress in the gospel together.
This week I've been studying about Charity. It's definitely something I'm lacking. The things I've been able to learn and understand have really opened my eyes. I love the talk from President Monson I think in the last conference in the Relief Society session about charity, and the poor old man that was able to become friends with that family. It's helping me to look at the missionary work from a totally different angle, and I'm really trying to take advantage of any little opportunity I have to lift someone's spirits, or just help others feel the way their Heavenly Father sees them, as something truly wonderful. I love the scripture in Jude 1:22, It's really short, but it's pretty profound, and I've kept it in my head while we've been working. After all, "Faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God" are the things that qualify us for the missionary work.
Mom- There's a family in our ward that's going through some huge challenges, and the dad recently tried to kick one of his daughters out of the house because she's now eighteen. It reminded me of that time when you said I could live with you and dad until I'm an old man if I want to, because you love me. It made me even more thankful for being blessed with such great parents. Elder Aguilar 2 is getting things in order, and he called me the other day to let me know that I've recieved two packages, so I'd imagine that they're the two that you mentioned. About your questions, here's some answers: 1) No they weren't in my district, because Elder Flores was the other district leader. 2) That was a picture of most of the Elders that I got to know and worked with in my zone in Reforma when I was in Guadalajara. Thanks for letting me know about Chug! That's so sweet that he's heading out for his mission. I had wondered about how he was doing a couple times so it's great to hear he's heading out to the field. That's sweet that Nay's in the new era. It doesn't exist here, so I'll have to check it out when you send it. Love you Mom. Have a great week!
Den- You watched Jurassic Park man? I remember that show scaring me when I was like sixteen, I can't believe you didn't get scared! You must be tougher than me. haha. Love you denny o. Have a great week!
Shash- You got a new cage for Helga eh? Does she like it? How's Rhino doing? Love you Shash. Have a great week!
Nay- Wow, I'm not going to lie, I would be pretty impressed with myself if I could just do those things that you did for your audition. I bet you'll make it. You'll have to help me with my music skills when I get home so we can do some sweet performance in a ward talent show or something haha. That's pretty interesting about the lock down, were those guys students or just some random guys? Love you Nay. Have a great week!
Dig- Yes I remember the IP thing. I'm pretty sure I painted a fence for the Chantry's for my project. Then they moved and the new family there painted the fence a different color. Oh well. I haven't heard of that movie, or any others... haha. But sounds like it must have been pretty sweet, I'll have to check it out in about a year. haha. Love ya Dig. Have a great week!
Dad- That's sweet about the Sesame Street clip. haha. I don't remember watching plumbers die on that show but I guess as a little kid I wouldn't have really realized what was going on. Thanks for the reminder on the journal, I'll keep in mind what you said and try to add more things about my companionships. Well, Happy Early Birthday!!! haha. I've almost got that package together for your birthday, mom's birthday, and mothers day. I hope you'll like the stuff I got. Love ya Dad. Have a great week!
Love you all!!!
Elder Aguilar

Elder Walker & Elder Aguilar

Elder Cardona & Elder Aguilar
Jose Manuel's Baptism

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  1. well I hope SOMEday, someone will be thoughtful enough to take him his mail, so he can throw away all of his stale valentine candy that's been sitting in the heat and humidity for 7 weeks. Not to mention his shoes and contacts from home, which he really NEEDS! (But I'm not bitter...)

    Loved his comments on charity. And last week's stories about the parrot and about Jose Manuel were awesome!