Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another New Companion but No Mail

Hey Fam!
How is everybody? I've been doing alright. So we had changes. This is my third companion in this area and I've only been here for two changes! Sheesh. Pretty crazy, but it's cool. I'm really excited to be training again and my new companion Elder Cardona is a pretty sweet missionary. He's from very near where we're at right now. I actually just found out that he's got a friend from back home that has a lot of family members here in Uruapan, and they'll be sending us their address etc. so we can go teach them the gospel! that's great. Especially considering that just this morning we found out that Armando moved to a rehabilitation center in a  different city, and so we won't be able to teach him anymore. It's going to be good for him though because he really needs the help. This week has gone pretty well other than that. Jose Manuel is really excited for his baptism coming up this sunday, and we've been doing all kinds of crazy things to try to make sure that he doesn't smoke this week at all. We'll be visiting him daily to help him out and give that support he'll need.
This last week went really well. We found alot of new investigators that look to have alot of potential. One of them has a carnitas (pork tacos) stand, and he showed us how he kills the pigs and butchers them a couple days before the weekend to get everything ready for his big sale days. He kills two full grown swine for each weekend. That's a ton of meat! He's also very excited about the gospel, and has loved reading the Book of Mormon. He's found a lot of answers to questions he's had throughout his life while reading.
This week we'll have the conferences for leaders in Michoacan in the city of Zamora with the Mission President. It'll be interesting to see how things turn out in the area. We'll be missing a total of two and a half days in the area this week. It stinks. But oh well. It'll be especially interesting, because elder Petersen, from the other companiionship that lives with us will also have to go to the meeting and he's also training, so our new greenies will be working alone for their third and fourth days in the field! Just kidding I bet they'll stick them with a different companionship for the days we're gone.
Well anyway, not too much else has happened this week. Sunday we did have the biggest meal I've eaten since I got here, which consisted of a pre meal dish, two entrees, and desert. It was sweet. But other than that, not much happened this week. Next week I should have some good stories of working with the new comp.
Mom- Thanks for that e mail from Alex. It's sweet to hear about another missionary's experiences. Thanks for letting me know about Brother Stone. I'll miss him. I'll be praying for his family. I haven't really been able to take alot of pictures because there's actually a rule that we can't take pictures during proselyting time, and that's when I see all the cool stuff and where the best pictures would come from. Seeing as how our P days used to be an hour and a half shorter than normal, we never had time to go take pictures on monday either. But they changed that rule so I should have some time for picture stuff soon. Thanks for the advice about bus rides. I'll try it this thursday for the conference we're going to. I have been eating well here, but the schedule is just kind of weird. I eat a big breakfast early in the morning, then I don't eat anything until two o clock in the afternoon, then I eat a big dinner at like ten at night., My body is way more accustomed to eating small meals all day long, so I think that's why I'm sarting to feel sick alot. It was easier to eat throughout the day in Guadalajara, but it's just not easy to fit in here. I haven't lost or gained any weight though so I'm sure I'm fine. I'll be waiting for that dear elder about that talk. There's been a mystery problem with my mail for a while. I think the Zone Leaders have been losing it.  I actually hadn't recieved a dear elder from anyone since the middle of december, and I just recently got one from bam, one from tanner, one from taylor, and one from Aunt Katie. But those are the only ones I've recieved the past two months, I don't know if any more than that were sent, but now Elder Aguilar 2 is the secretary in charge of the mail, so he's going to call me to let me know of everything that comes in for me so the Zone Leaders don't lose it. haha. I didn't get bam's package yet, but I just got the Christmas package from the Meiers which was awesome! Let them know I said thanks please. And I got a card from the Khangs with 300 pesos (30 bucks) haha, which was super nice of them, if you could let them know I said thanks too. And also a thanks to the Jordan North 1st ward Primary for the sweet pillow case and the awesome letters! Let Luke Wamsley know the toilets flush the same way here by the way. haha. Love you Mom, Have a great week!
Den- Sweet job on Piano man! Sounds like that international night was sweet too. haha. Love you Den, have a grreat week!
Shash- Sweet Science fair project! Love ya!
Nay- That stinks about all the college stuff, but it'll be over soon at least. haha. I'll be waiting on the letter! I'm sending a package home soon for a combo present to mom and dad for mother's day and their birthdays, and I'll write a letter to each of you with it too. Love you Nay, have a great week!
Dig- Sounds like you've got some sweet stuff coming up for wrestling man! I started in eighth grade, as second JV. haha. I wish I could have done it like you and started as varsity in seventh grade, because by the end of the six years of wrestling all tough matches like that I would've probably got a scholarship to a wrestling school haha. One of the best wrestlers I ever knew was Alex Eliason. He was the varsity for one of the hardest weights, and he didn't win alot, but that's why he was the best! The guys who have it easy never grow. Just be thankful for the tough matches you have now dig, it'll pay off in the future! Love ya Dig, have a great week!
Dad- Thanks for that letter of encouragement. I remember when I use to understand everything about life... then I came on the mission and found out I was wrong. haha. That's not a negative statement, I'm thankful for what I'm learning. Love ya dad, have a great week!
Love you all!
Elder Aguilar

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