Monday, February 21, 2011

Hooray for Jose Manuel!

Hey Fam!
So this week has gone pretty well. As for Jose Manuel... Not this last week but the week before, we started really working with him to get rid of the cigarrettes. We had him drink a horrible drink to get him to not like the taste of cigarrettes, we had him lower the amount he was smoking each day little by little, and of course, most importantly, we made sure he was reading the Book of Mormon, and growing in a testimony of the Savior. By the end of that week he was able to leave the cigarrettes behind 100%!!! It was sweet. Then we had the zone leaders come for the baptismal interview, and we found out there was another problem. The zone leader that did the interview found out about some things in his past, and felt he still had some repenting to do. We visited him every day this last week, teaching him about repentance, reading repentance stories from the scriptures, bearing our testimonies, and giving him words of encouragement. By the time Sunday came around, we had a talk with the zone leaders about his progress, and we determined that he was ready for his baptism. Sunday morning we swung by his house in a taxi, to find him standing in the doorway all dressed up, with his bag that contained his towell, flip flops, etc. We had a great time at church, with the spirit very strong in Sacrament meeting, and an awesome principles of the gospel class. In Elders Quorum, Jose Manuel answered almost all the questions about the Word of Wisdom. After church, we held the baptismal service, and my Companion Elder Cardona had the opportunity to baptise Jose Manuel. Everything went really well, and it was awesome to see him leave behind a troubled past.
As for the other people we've been teaching. We've recently recieved some pretty good references from the ward, and we're excited to start working with them. As for Alejandro and Yessica (the ones who slaughter and sell pigs), they recently had a big break up, which is really sad, because they have two kids, and they weren't married, and Yessica has nowhere to go and no way to take care of the kids. It was tough seeing the whole thing go down. We're going to keep trying to visit them, especially with a brother from the ward who was in a similar situation when he joined the church, and has a strong testimony of the fact that the Atonement can heal any family problems. We'll see how things go with them.
My comp is doing well. He's super good in the contacts. He has a way of gaining confidence quickly from the people, and has no fear. He participates alot in the lessons, and just has a good focus. He seems to really get the point of missionary work, and have a great desire to help others come unto Christ.
The other day we were knocking on doors and at one door a lady's voice said "who is it?" I said "The missionaries." She said "who?" I said "The missionaries." she said "who's knocking?" I said "The missionaries" She said "Who is it?" I said "your friends, the Elders," and we kept on a conversation sort of like that for a little bit, when we finally realized I was talking to a parrot. We laughed, and went on to the next door. I seem to remember something like that happening once before on the mission but I can't remember.
Dad- Thanks for that talk from President Benson. I'll be keeping that one in mind while proselyting. I think it goes along with the one from Richard G. Scott from last conference that said "You become what you want to be, by being what you want to become." Or something like that. If I want to reflect all the great things that the Lord has blessed me with to prepare me for a mission in the past, and become the missionary Heavenly Father wants me to be, I can start by just being that missionary... haha. Wade told the Eddie Mazer move story huh? haha. That's a sweet one. Looking back, I kind of wish I would have tried it in a match. Love ya dad. Have a great week!
Nay- That's sweet that you'll get to bear your testimony in the stake thing! Let me know how it goes. When do you find out all the results from your try outs? Ya know just a side note, you've been with that sam guy for a while now, and I still don't even know him... You might think about taking a break for a little till I can meet him and give my approval. Haha. Just kidding. But really you have been together for a while... Love ya Nay. Have a great week!
Dig- Sheesh man you got to give yourself some more credit in wrestling! I would have given anything to wrestle in one varsity match my whole career, and I never got to. You're already doing good dig. Just cause your starting out your career and still not the perfect wrestler is no reason to be bummed man! You really are going to be a beast next year! and an even larger beast the years after! You'll be state champ by the end! But only if you take advantage of the trials you're having right now, so you can grow to be that state champ wrestler. Just imagine if thomas edison would've had that attitude about the light bulb. We'd all be in the dark right now! haha. Jk. But seriously man don't stress, just do your best and have a blast. I'd give anything to be able to wrestle right now. Its fun! haha. Love ya dig. Have a great week!
Den- That's sweet about the Monster truck show man! Sounds like it was a blast! Love ya denny o. Have a great week!
Mom- The mail still isn't getting here, maybe one day. haha. Thanks for keeping me updated on the fam. Hearing about all the little stuff is always awesome. Those are the best memories I have. The pictures will be coming next week, for sure this time!!! My comp needs me to help him send pictures to his fam too so we have to bring the camera next time. I miss ya. Love you Mom. Have a great week!

Love you all!
Elder Aguilar

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  1. Okay that parrot story is hilarious! Had me laughing out loud!!! Oh man! I love that kid...I love how he's keeping tabs on Shenay. I loved that he said "You might think about taking a break..." Such a good brother! LOVE HIM!!!