Monday, January 24, 2011

Yummy - Cement

Hey fam,
 How is everyone? I'm doing well. This week has gone ok. We ALMOST got a whole week of work. I thought we were finally going to have one, then we found out we had a conference for the stake on Saturday, and it took up like half of the day, and we had to cancel like five appointments. I was pretty bummed out but that's ok.
This week we were able to find alot of new people, and many look pretty ready for the gospel, so that's good. Now if we can just get them all to come to church every week. I met a man while we were knocking on doors that's a Messianic Jew. I thought that was impossible, but I guess there are actually Jews who believe in Christ. It's kind of strange, but the know alot about how the true church should be. It was interesting to talk with him, and I think if he just read the Book of Mormon and Jesus the Christ and maybe some doctrinal books of the church it'd blow his mind to recognize that the Lord's church that was on the earth since Adam's time is well into it's last dispensation. Sweet.
This week we had our stake conference on Sunday, and it was done by video transmission over all of Mexico, presided by Elder Holland. Elder C. Scott Grow of the seventy directed. He's my favorite seventy just cause of his name. haha. He speaks pretty sweet spanish. Elder Holland was the concluding speaker, and started his talk in spanish. He has a super thick accent in spanish. He said "I apologize for my poor spanish, wait let me correct myself: I apologize for my terrible spanish." That got a good laugh. Then he gave the majority of his talk with a translator. Regardless of the language barrier, the Spirit was very strong at the end, when he closed his talk, bearing his testimony in Spanish.
This week we were eating at a member's house in their front room, because they were re modeling their kitchen, and the workers were hammering on cement and making kind of a mess. The kitchen and the front room were on either side of where the construction was going on. As I got to about half way done with my beans I suddenly bit down on a chunk of cement with my back left molars, that dissolved into like a million pieces. It was disgusting. I tried to pick the pieces out of my mouth discretely, but I just had to swallow most of it, so the Sister who fed us wouldn't think I was spitting out the food she had made. The saddest part of this story, is that it's not the first time it's happened to me since I got out here.
Well sorry this letter is kind of boring, hopefully there will be some more sweet experiences this next week.
Dad- Thanks for sharing that story with me about the testimony meeting. Love ya Dad. Have a great week.
Den- Sweet job on your B ball man! Sorry I don't write as many letters to you and the other siblings as some other missionaries who are just your friend do. And I'm your Brother! I'm a slacker. I'll get on that and have some letters coming to the fam soon! Love ya denny o. Have a great week.
Shash- I've missed ya extra this week sloosh! How've ya been? How's school going? Love ya shash. Have a great week.
Dig- That's sweet the team rocked in the Wrestling meet! haha. Hopefully you'll have a match this next meet. Hope ya get better soon too! Love ya dig. Have a great week.
Nay- Sheesh nay! Good luck with your try out things. I'll be keeping you in mind and pray for ya on Saturday. Why is this semester harder by the way? Love ya Nay. Have a great week.
Mom- You can go ahead and get me the Propets. I'd prefer the ones without laces this time if that's doable. haha. My other Propets are wearing down quick, so I can trade those in for new Borns maybe in a few months. Thanks for everything Mom. Love ya. Have a great week.
Love you all!
Elder Aguilar

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