Monday, January 17, 2011

Hey Fam!!!

Sorry I'm getting the e mail out so late. Today was a really weird P day because we had to go to Guadalajara again last night and didn't get back here until like five and we had to go straight to the district meeting, and then they let us leave early to have a little time for some P day stuff we hadn't had any time for.

This last week has been rough. I feel like we haven't had a full week in the area forever! It's driving me crazy, because things are going great here, we just haven't had time. On saturday we lost the whole day of work because we had to go to a different city for a big conference with the area president. It was a sweet conference and I learned alot, but I'm looking forward to an upcoming full week of work.

This last week we've found alot of new people in our contacts that look to have a lot of potential. It's been great to see them all progressing, especially seeing many of them make it to church this last sunday. We had quite a hastle getting them all there, because we had one member that could help us drive people to church, and he just has a regular car, so we went around to the investigators houses, stacked them up in the car, and he took off to the church while we ran back down to the main streets to grab a taxi. It was pretty sweet.

We found a new investigator this week named Jose Manuel who's best friend recently died in a car crash. He had the newspapers of the accident and everything, and he's been pretty bummed out. He's loved learning about the gospel, especially learning how to pray, and loves feeling the comfort and love of the Lord when he prays.

In the conference we had, President Johnson talked about the real definition of desire. He talked about how the Lord is always here to help us, and has all the strength and the means we need to accomplish anything in the world, all that matters is that we're being obedient, and that we have a true desire. He defind desiring something as wanting something, and doing EVERYTHING necessary to achieve it. EVERYTHING! He helped us all to realize that if we really have desire for anything, it will happen. It made me wonder a little bit if I've ever actually desired anything before. When we really have that desire, the Lord takes care of the rest. That'll be my focus in this upcoming week.

The companionship is doing great. My new comp is awesome. He's super funny and very focused on the work. I'm very excited for the time we'll be working together and the ways we'll be learning and growing.

Well sorry the letter is short this week but I didn't have a ton of time due to some strange circumstances. But this week is sure to bring some pretty great experiences.

Love you all! have a great week!

Mom- That's crazy that Braden is home! It'd be so weird to not be a missionary any more. That story of the hashbrown lasag was hilarious! haha. It does sound pretty good though, maybe it'll become a new family favorite. Maybe we could make it with hashbrowns AND cheese. I'll send a pic of my comp and I next week. Oh by the way, I'm out of contacts again if you could send me some more when the next package is coming out. It's no rush. I'm actually not out, I'm on my last pair though. Thanks! Love ya Mom. Have a great week!

Nay- Isn't it weird it was a year ago when I came out here? crazy. Sounds like that sleep over with the Stones was pretty sweet. I hope everything works out for your try outs with your wrist and everything. Just don't forget to pray for help! Remember, if it's important to you it's important to Heavenly Father. Love ya Nay. Have a great week!

Dad- Thanks for the updates on the dogs! I saw a dog the other day that looks just like persie, and I was wondering how she was doing. Alfredo has been doing great, still reading the Book of Mormon. The only thing that stinks is that he hasn't been able to come to church. We're working on helping him fix the situation though. Love ya dad. Have a great week!

Den- That's sweet about your b ball game den! That sounds like it was fun going back to our old ward too. Love ya den. Have a great week!

Dig- Man I can't believe I'm missing your first wrestling season! Oh well you'll be a super stud when I get home to see your matches for next year if you keep up the hard work. Love ya dig. Have a great week!

Shash- Sounds like that birthday party was super fun shash! Awesome job with the spelling B!!! You probably spell way better than me by now, I haven't done any school type stuff in a year! haha. Love ya Sloosh. Have a great week!

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