Monday, January 31, 2011

"Why should we think to earn a great reward, if we now shun the fight?"

Hey Fam!
How is everyone? I'm doing well. This week was a good week. We saw alot of success in the area, had a lot of great spiritual experiences, and some funny experiences as well.
A little while back, one of the members gave us a referral for a part member family that hasn't been to church in a long time. The dad actually use to be a member of the branch presidency (back when our ward was a branch), and their family even got sealed in the temple. They have a youth age daughter who isn't a member though, and they haven't been to church as a family for like eight years. The dad comes every once in a while by himself, but it's like once every four months. Anyway, so one of the members gave us their address so that we could go visit them, try to get them to come back to church, and teach the daughter about the gospel. We went to their house a couple times and they were never at home! They kept telling us what time of day we should go there, so we kept swinging by at different hours, hoping to catch their family at home, but we never did. I actually even remembered knocking on that same door one time when we were contacting in that area, and they had told us no... Then their neighbors started to tell us that they didn't live there anymore so we sort of gave it up. But then the member who had passed us the referral said he was sure they lived there still, because he had recently spoken with them, and asked if they had moved, and they said no. So one last time, we went to their house in the evening to see if we could find them, and... nothing. There was nobody home. So we went to an area nearby where we hadn't really contacted before to see if we could find some people who were ready for the gospel. We knocked on the first door, nobody was home. We knocked on the second door, nobody. Up until like the sixth door there wasn't a person in sight, then on about the sixth door, we knocked, this younger kid came out, and said "oh one second." He went back inside, then his dad came out and said "come in." We hadn't even told them who we were yet, so we were a little shocked with his invitation to come in. We went in and sat down, and I started to look for clues in their house that might give us a hint of what their family was like. They had a lot of family pictures on the wall, alot of entertainment around the house, and an ash tray on the computer desk next to a box of cigarrettes. There was also a little bit of a spirit of contention in the room. I figured it looked like a pretty good family in need of the gospel. I asked what the man's name was, and he told me it was Yurik. It sounded familiar to me, so I asked if he had spoken with missionaries before, he said that he had about ten years ago. We began to talk a little more, and it turned out to be that family we had been looking for... What? They told us that they hadn't ever moved, but the member that gave us the referral must have confused the address. Anyway, We began to talk about how they were and get to know them a little bit, and we then set an appointment to come later and share them a message. We came back later in the week, and talked with them about the Restoration. At the end of the lesson I quoted a line from "Come, Come, Ye Saints" that I really love, that says: "Why should we think to earn a great reward, if we now shun the fight?" The dad suddenly broke out in song, and we all ended up singing the hymn together. The Spirit was very strong, and hopefully the experience will help their family out.
This week we went on divisions with the Zone Leaders. I went to their area with Elder Ricks, and Elder Vasquez came to our area with my comp. While Elder Ricks and I were contacting, we got to a house where a couple young kids were playing outside. We asked if their mom was home. They said yes, and the older one ran in to call her. I made the comment, that if everyone would become as a little child, they'd all get baptized. Elder Ricks then turned to the little boy and said "Hey, do you want to get baptized?" He nodded his head, then kept playing. We laughed. Then we were walking toward another appointment, and we came across a shepherd, and his herd of sheep. I'd never seen a herd of sheep grazing at a park in a neighborhood before, it was pretty cool. We contacted the shepherd, then continued on our way. Suddenly, one of the sheep came running towards us, and of course, if one comes our way, they all come our way, so we were chased by a herd of sheep down a neighborhood street. They weren't really going after us, but it was pretty cool.
Dad- Thanks for the other e mail dad, I'm going to print it out and read it later tonight. About the question of Preach My Gospel with Dig. I really don't know where you should start, it's all just so important. But the first six chapters are probably what you should focus most on. I'd probably start with the lessons in chapter 3, because that'll help with testimony and understanding of the gospel all around. By the way, a new Preach My Gospel should be coming out in July I think. At least that's what I've heard. It shouldn't be too different, all I know about it is there's no longer a soft commitment for baptism, they'll be yes or no and put the date every time now. haha. Sweet. Love ya Dad, have a great week!
Mom- Thanks for your e mail too mom, I'll be reading that one later tonight as well. The shoe size thing should work out fine. The ones I have now are the same size and they fit perfectly so it should be just great! Thanks for the reminder from the Meet the Robinsons song. It's really true. It'll help me to find joy in the journey. I love you Mom, have a great week!
Nay- I can't believe you got bit by a dog! Oh man, you're tougher than me probably, I would have hit the dog with the viola, haha. just kidding, that'd be a huge waste of money. Sweet job with your audition though! It sounds like everything turned out really well. I think you had a pretty miraculous week haha. Love ya Nay, have a great week!
Shash- Good job anyway on your spelling bee Sloosh. I bet next year you'll win the whole thing no problem! And I'll be able to come cheer you on! Sweet. Love ya Shash, have a great week!
Dig- That's sweet that the team's doing so well in wrestling. I bet you'll get a match soon. Just keep going all out in practice so you can dominate everyone when the tournaments start! haha. You'll probably end up facing your varsity in the final and it'll be a super showdown. haha. I can't believe your shaving by the way. Love ya Dig, have a great week!
Den- Sweet job on your game denny o! Sounds like you and Luky tore it up! You know speaking of Luke, My companion's name is Elder Walker, and he wants to name one of his sons Luke Sky, that'd be sweet huh? haha. Love ya Den, have a great week!
Love you all!
 Elder Aguilar

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  1. Davin is shaving?! And, Shenay got bit by a dog? Man, I'm glad I read this post! I think I need an update!