Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hey Fam! How is everyone? I hope you're all well. So this week has been crazy. The work has been super strange this week, I've never had so many ups and downs! So this is what happened. First at the start of the week pretty much nothing was happening. We had a family set up for baptism that ended up changing their minds at the last minute. We had recently recieved a ton of references from the ward, but the members have been taking their time with getting the first appointments set up with them all. Anyway, so the week started out a little rough, so my companion and I decided we were really going to hit the contacting hard and try to get into as many doors as we could and just find some people who need the gospel that we could start working with. Well we contacted and contacted and knocked and knocked and found nothing! It was so frustrating! within the first few days of the week we had a ton of contacts, almost no lessons, and no new investigators. I was super bummed. It started to get harder and harder to work with the right intentions, because it seemed like we weren't finding anyone who was ready for the gospel. Then in the last half of the week we suddenly started finding a ton of people. They were just coming out of everywhere! We would just be walking down the street and people would come up to us and ask to know about the message and stuff. We started recieving a ton of references too. Things started to look pretty great. We ended up getting to Sunday planning to have at least ten investigators at church with us. Things looked pretty great! Then Sunday morning we went around to pick about six of the ten up to take to church with us, and none of them were home! We thought that at least maybe the other four would be there, but none of them showed up. I was pretty sad about it, and my companion was super down. It was a rough week, but we learned alot, and we're looking forward to a new week to keep working. By the way the family that decided not to get baptized is still getting baptized! They just felt like they weren't ready. But I see their testimonies growing daily and they're really excited about the gospel!

We recently started teaching a guy named Guentino. He's had a super tough life. He use to have some problems with drugs and alcohol, but he ended up letting all that go when he had a big accident. He was actually struck by lightning, and he lost his arms. Later his sister passed away at a pretty young age, and all of those challenges put him into pretty bad depression, and he tried to commit suicide a few times. He's trying to get a business going, but it's a struggle for him. The good news is he loves the gospel. He definitely recognizes the need for the gospel in his life right now, and he's anxious to start seeing the blessings that will come as he puts his life in the Lord's hands.

We had changes a week ago by the way but I still didn't get changed. I thiink this will probably be my last transfer in this area, but when it's over I'll have been here for like seven months. Haha. I definitely feel like there's an important reason that I'm still here, and I'm excited to see what ends up happening in the next month or so.

We've had some pretty crazy rainstorms this week. They're pretty awesome. The whole city just gets flooded in a matter of like forty seconds. It's always helpful when we're knocking on doors because people just let us right into their houses to get us out of the rain and we can start teaching them. I don't mind the rain at all, but the people just see a couple of young men from a different country soaking in the rain, so they have a little more compassion on us.

Thanks everyone for everything! I love getting your letters and hearing about life back home as always!

Nay- Sounds like you had a pretty fun week. Keep letting me know about all the fun stuff in your senior year. Those were the good old days. You had a pretty sam filled week too, I still don't know that guy of coarse, but I guess if his mom taught such a great relief society lesson that's a good sign he's probably a decent guy. That's funny about Katie Omer. Oh by the way I can't write her a letter until I get one from her because I don't have her address. So you should tell her to write me! haha. Anyway, Love ya Nay, have a great week!

Dad- Thanks for that story about Howard W. Hunter. What an awesome example of a true disciple of Christ. I've been studying about and praying for Charity this week, and it sounds like President Hunter probably had that down pretty well. So the U game went well huh? I still wouldn't mind if you guys recorded those games for me so I could watch them when I get home... But until then I better try to focus on the work. Thanks for everything Dad. Love ya. Have a great week.

Denny- Sounds like that sleep over was pretty sweet. haha. Too bad you guys didn't get to spend the whole night on the tramp, but it sounds like you still had alot of fun! Love ya denny o! have a good week.

Mom- Sounds like that was a pretty fun visit from Tanner and Taylor and Cory. You should tell those guys to write me some more dear elders. haha. If you see Taylor soon, or maybe you could have Nay tell him, let him know I'm looking for something sweet to send him. Thanks for keeping me updated on the Egans. I'll be sure to keep them in my prayers. Hopefully everything turns out ok with them. I think it's pretty crazy that it's been a year since I got my mission call! It doesn't seem that long ago. Next thing ya know I'll be calling you at Christmas time, then it'll be a year since I left! Crazy! Oh I don't know if you sent that package already, but I was wondering, if it's ok with Dad, I think it'd be cool if you could send me his mission journal. I think It'd be neat to read about his experiences and learn from his missionary example while I'm out here. Love ya mom. Thanks for everything. Have a great week!
Shash- You got to tend like all the little cousins huh? sweet. That's great that you have so many new friends in your class! Love ya sloosh! have a great week!

Dig- You'll have to let me know how your trip went when you get home! Love ya Dig!

Bam- I forgot to let you know that the cookies in the package you sent made it just fine! Thanks again for the package Bam! Love ya!

Love you all! Thanks for everything!

Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar

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