Monday, September 13, 2010

8 Months Today!

Hey family! How is everybody? This week has been pretty sweet. I was super looking forward to the work this week because it just felt like there was alot to get done, and I was just full of energy and a desire to find people who need the gospel. It's amazing how perfectly things work out when you put your trust in the Lord! So at the end of last week things started to get a little tough, because we had alot of investigators who seemed right on the edge of really changing their lives, and they were all so ready, but they've been sort of forgetting the importance of the gospel. We've spent alot of time bearing alot of heartfelt testimony and praying to know the needs of our investigators. Things are going well.

Anyway, so we started out the week and things were just normal. I got into this little mode where I just am happy because I know i'm not doing anything against the Lord's will so everything that happens must be right. We ended up having a few little miracle experiences. We ran into a guy one day and I just felt like he needed the gospel, so I contacted him. He seemed super interested, but by the end of the contact he decided he wasn't actually that interested. The next day we got to our lunch appointment and they weren't ready so they asked if we could come back for a half an hour. I was on divisions with one of the zone leaders (in my area) and we started to think of what we could do while we waited. I remembered in a talk by Elder Bednar when he said when ever we're not sure what to do we should just start walking and contacting and things will work out. We knocked on a couple doors and talked with some people. We were about to knock on this house when I noticed a for sale sign, and also that it had been a half an hour and our food was probably ready. I was about to suggest we go to the food appointment, but Elder Fuentes (the zone leader) just knocked on the door. Anyway, the house ended up not being for sale. I don't know why that sign is up. But the guy I had contacted just the day before that decided he wasn't interested lives there! And he said that if the Lord sent us to his house the day after we tried to contact him in the street, it must be for something. We ended up teaching him and it went really well. Later in the week we had two more experiences almost exactly like that. It was so sweet!

So here in our area we've had a tough time getting what's called "the ward mission plan" into full effect. It's a program that's designed to help the members get excited about missionary work to give us references and help befriend the recent converts so they can stay strong in the gospel. On Sunday the bishop gave us some time to talk about the ward mission plan in sacrament. I was going to bring a talk from Elder Bednar that would help them to feel a little more responsible for the work but I left it at home on accident, so we just had to sort of wing it. The meeting ended up really spiritual and afterwards people just started coming up to us asking us to come to appointments they were already setting with nonmember friends and family members. It was pretty cool because for me that's the best missionary work we can be doing. There are so many people that need the gospel, it's just awesome to see the people help their loved ones change their lives, especially when it's a step toward completing what will become an eternal family.

So we had a baptism saturday and I got to baptize a young eight year old girl named Paola. It was pretty cool because she comes from a family that's had some tough experiences, and due to certain circumstances her mom and dad have never joined the church. It was cool to see her mom there for the baptism and everything, and the Spirit was really strong.

I don't know if I mentioned but one of the missionaries in the house with us is also named Elder Aguilar. He's a good friend of mine and we've had alot of good times. We found out last night that him and my buddy Elder Newell from the MTC are going to have a special assignment to open an area together where there hasn't been missionary work in a while. The area they're opening is a huge tourist spot where a ton of really really wealthy people live on a big lake. Their ward is actually english speaking too. It's going to be cool to hear about their experiences. Anyway I just thought I'd mention that because I attatched some pictures of Elder Aguliar "2" and I.

The weather has been cooling down a little lately and we've been having some pretty cool flash floods. Nothing dangerous or serious, it's pretty fun actually.

Oh this week is the independance day of Mexico, on Wednesday. The parades and stuff have already started in the streets, I can't imagine what the actual festivities are going to look like! haha. It'll probably be pretty cool!

Well I love you all! Thanks for all your support!

Dad- I think it's going to be pretty cool to see all the changes in Dig and Den when I get back. I just can't wait to be able to be a part of everybody's lives again now that I'm learning to appreciate what an awesome family we have. That employment story you told me sounds pretty sad. We've seen some situations similar to that, and I just wonder how people keep moving forward sometimes without the gospel. Thanks for your little advice about the area. My view of the mission has really been changing alot. It's just so clear how important this work is, and every day I'm more thankful and excited to be blessed to be a part of it. Thanks for everything dad. Love ya!

Nay- I think we will all be a little different when I get back. haha. But only in great ways! So you guys totally destroyed cyprus it sounds like. Sweet. Take advantage of all the fun stuff in your senior year. You'll be missing it all before you know it! haha. That stinks your Ipod got stolen. That's cool they left everything else though. haha. Anyway, I sure love ya Nay, I love hearing all about what's going on with ya at home too. Hey I'm going to get to call on Christmas! That's only like three months away! haha. Love ya!

Dig- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Feliz cumpleaƱos a ti! haha. I can't believe your a teenager man. Be the responsible kind! But have fun too. haha. So how'd you like your quest field trip? seems like I was going on those just yesterday. Quest was sweet. Work hard in those classes dig it'll make high school a breeze. Sounds like soccer's going ok. Remember the most important part is to have a good time and leave that field knowing you did your best! Love you Dig!

Sloosh- I can't wait for your dear elder! I can't remember if I told you happy birthday or not. well if not, Happy late Birthday! haha. Love ya shash!!!

Mom- I'm excited for the dear elder! thanks for everything. Oh by the way, the next time you see Tan could ya let him know he's got a letter on his way? Thanks mom! Love ya!

All the fam that wrote in my email- I didn't have enough time during our e mail time to read your messages but I'm printing them out so I can read them later! I'm sure they're great messages! Thanks for everything fam! Love you all!

Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar
Elder Aguilar with Elder Aguilar :)
2 of them!
Paola's Baptism
Happy Day!

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  1. Such great experiences he is having! They will shape him for life! They strengthen ME also! I Love that he always looks so happy!