Monday, September 20, 2010

Hey Fam!

How is everybody!? I hope you're all doing well. So this week has been pretty cool. I'm not really sure what to write about because it was really just a normal week. We had a goal in the zone for each companionship to have at least twenty lessons more than a half an hour long, two hundred contacts, and complete the whole ward mission plan. I was a little stressed because we've never actually done that in this area before, but we focused on being really obedient, trusting in the Lord, and just focusing on our investigators and their needs and not really worrying about the numbers. All our lessons were taught by the Spirit, and we ended up reaching the goals. It was pretty cool.

So yesterday we were at church, and one of our investigators that's getting baptized this upcoming saturday came to elder's quorum with us. The teacher in elder's quorum tends to ask alot of complicated questions, and venture a little from the actual lesson manual. We were a little nervous because we didn't want our investigator to get weirded out in a class about anything more than just the basic principles of the gospel. Everything started out great, but by the end the teacher was way off track, and actually started teaching some false doctrine! We were pretty stressed out but the investigator didn't seem bothered by it. Everything turned out ok.

So the independance day festivities sound like they went pretty great. We had to go home early the night before and we couldn't even be outside in front of the house, so I didn't see anything exciting. Infact, the parties all started after we were already in bed, so to us it was almost like it never happened! haha. This last weekend the ward had a party friday and saturday night to celebrate the independance. We were going to swing by the dinner party on saturday to introduce our investigators to some ward members and hopefully get some food, but our investigators weren't able to make it so we didn't end up going for the dinner. Oh well.

We went to visit that man I mentioned in the last e mail that we found the day after I contacted him in the street. We got to his house and he was leaning back in a chair watching tv in his front room smoking. When we asked him how he was he just told us we could leave and puffed out a big cloud of smoke. haha. Oh well. He had mentioned to us more than once how badly he needs a change in his life, but faith without works is dead (James 2). Maybe he'll read that chapter one day and decide he's ready to let the Lord start guiding his life. Hopefully!

This week my companion had the giggles a ton! I don't know why but he was like dying of laughter. There was one point when we were knocking on doors when we actually just had to stop between two houses and wait while he laughed for like five minutes straight! I guess it's good he's having a good time. haha.

Well that's about all for this week. Thanks for all your letters and support! I've send a few letters out this week to some of you so watch the mail!

Mom- I was thinking, did you guys check the books I had in my room? It's possible that dad's journal is with those. Oh by the way I sent that package with the presents for the kids. I used that microfiber towel and the empty dried fruit package just to help with the packing. Tell dad he can try that microfiber towel out for washing or drying the cars, because I'd imagine it might work good. I don't know for sure though. For that missionary plaque I would like to put a different scripture on there, so if I can think about it and look for one and tell you next week that would be great. So the other day we were walking down the street and a guy stopped us and said "your good young men. you must have wonderful parents." :) I told him "yes I do." I thought it was pretty cool. Thanks for your comments about feeling that peace when we're on the right track. It really is the best feeling. Just remember not to worry so much about the job and the move and stuff though! Find joy in the journey, come what may and love it. :) Love ya mom! Have a great week!

Dad- That's sweet that your teaching gospel doctrine on the Old Testament! That's going to be so cool. You'll have to let me know when you learn really cool stuff and find sweet scriptures. By the way, you should ask uncle Christian about the talk called "Teaching by the Spirit" by Gene R. Cook. He gave me that as a gift to help me out here in the mission field and it's got some sweet stuff that you could use to teach your class. By the way a quote I love from Elder Holland about teaching by the Spirit is he said "you should always prepare way more material than you could fit into the lesson, and then let the Spirit tell you what to use" I think that's pretty sweet because then you don't have to worry about not being prepared, but at the same time, you don't have a super set lesson, so the Spirit can really guide the class. Anyway, you'll have to let me know about it all! Love ya dad. Have a great week!

Den- Hung out all weekend huh?! sweet. Sounds like you had a good time with your friends. I remember those good old days of sleepovers and stuff. So you caused a few penalty kicks in soccer? haha. cool man. You keep working your best on that team. It's a good chance to really get better and better so that when you're on a really good team you guys can be the very best and you'll be the all star. haha. coolio. Well I love ya denny o. Have a great week!

Shash- Sounds like you had a fun water party thing! I can't believe your team won so far in soccer! Sounds like that one boy is a pretty good player. That's good that you're making alot of new friends on your team too. I love ya sloosh! Have a great week!

Nay- Holy cow your coach is crazy! Your practice thing sounded ridiculous! haha. Be careful! I guess it will make you guys a pretty tough team though. So you're going to homecoming with a guy named Royal? I don't know him. He better be a nice guy. haha. That's good that you love your seminary theme so much. I use the seminary themes that we had every now and then to share with investigators or families in the ward. haha. Isn't marquie seminary pres? That's sweet. Well keep having fun your senior year Nay, and keep me updated on it all. Hey could you let tanner know that I sent him a letter and it's on the way? Oh and if Laura asks you, her address that came on the letter she sent me is wrong, so I can't write her back. haha. I love ya! Have a great week!

Dig- Scout camp sounds like it was pretty fun! even though you didn't get to skate and stuff. Haha. I remember a few times showing up to firesides dressed wrong too. No big deal though man! Every day I walk outside and say "oh darn it's a casual dress day again! and we're both wearing shirts and ties!" haha. just kidding. So your in MESA huh? man if you go to all the activities and do all the projects with that and keep up with it until high school is through you will learn a ton of sweet stuff! and you'll probably get a super good scholarship! That MESA thing is a good program. You'll have to let me know how it goes! Love ya dig! Have a great week!

Love you all! Thanks for everything!
Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar

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