Monday, August 30, 2010

Hey Fam!

How is everyone? This week has been interesting. We started out the week with just tons of miracles and everything was looking so awesome! We were finding all kinds of people who really need some changes in their lives and just haven't known where to go to find the help. It's been so neat meeting people's needs along the way, but towards the last part of the week everything just started falling apart! It was so frustrating! For like two days straight not a single one of our appointments were there and I was just wondering what was happening to everybody. Then as we started to fill up our time with contacting we just kept hearing the same thing at each house and it just made me start to feel a little bit like I was wasting time. It was frustrating. I'd love to be able to tell you all a miracle story about how everything worked out just fine in the end but that wasn't the case. We had three baptisms set up for this week and everything was going great. The family that was going to get baptized told us multiple times just how badly they needed the gospel and some changes in their lives. They were more than willing to leave behind the bad things in their lives in order to obey the commandments and everything and it was all just perfect. But at the last moment they decided they didn't want to change just yet. Darn. Oh well. I'm confident that I did everything I could to help them, and even though my words weren't the fanciest and my teaching probably wasn't super smooth, I did the best I could, I learned alot, and I saw them grow and feel the Savior's love enter their home. Maybe in a little while they'll change their minds!

This last week our zone had interviews with the President and we had a little training from the zone leaders in the offices. The training was pretty sweet. We learned alot about how to contact and begin lessons to let people know exactly what they can gain from the gospel message, and also to gain their confidence and help them feel confident to put their trust in the Lord. Elder Moberg shared a really cool analogy with us. He mentioned that our zone has had alot of success in helping the people here in Guadalajara, and that alot of other zones look to us as an example of what type of a mission they should be serving. He compared us to that group of people in the front of a marathon. He said right now we're like that group of faster runners in the front of the marathon that leads the rest of the runners. We're doing fine in the race, but none of us are really giving it our all yet. He said that in a race there's always something that happens just before the group of runners starts running their best. One of the runners in the group(whether it be the one in the front, or the back, or somewhere in between), one of the runners has to start running faster. Once the other runners see that somebody started running their fastest, they all start running their fastest as well. They'd all probably do fine just running at a decent pace for the whole race, and that's probably what would happen, if it weren't for the decision of the one runner that decides to start running their best. I don't know how well I explained the analogy very clearly, but the point is alot of people who could do alot better in life, are sort of just going seventy percent ish because everyone around them is sort of doing the same. In order to start that reaction of everyone doing their very best, somebody has to make the decision and be the example. I thought it was a cool example because it applies well for us as missionaries but it can really apply with everthing in life.

So the Christlike Attribute I've been focusing on is Self Mastery. It's been super interesting. I didn't really know what self mastery was completely, let alone how to try to apply it in my life. Some scriptures I've looked up just recently are Psalm 37:8, Prov 15:1, Prov 25:28, Matt 16:24, and Mark 9:43. I found it interesting that the majority of the scriptures I've found in my study of self mastery are about controling anger and speaking kindly. Also about forsaking sin. I've been applying what these scriptures say the best I can, and I've seen a huge difference in my ability to concentrate and better demonstrate and communicate what I really want to. It's sweet! I also love 2 Ne 2:27, because our happiness really does come down to just a decision we need to make every day.

Well the other night we went to visit an investigator and we were a little bummed to find him not home. We were a little near Marco and Beatriz's house so we decided to swing by for the first time in a while. Marco was the only one there and we started to talk to him. He talked about the changes he's seen in his life that have come since he began reading the Book of Mormon. He still doesn't drink, and he's really recognizing what he needs to do to really be happy. He talked about how he recieved a testimony of the Savior once he started changing his life. After that we kneeled down together, and he offered an awesome prayer. The Spirit was super strong, and he said he wants to start coming to church again. Sweet.

Bam- I got your package! I loved it! Thanks bam! and I actually sent you a letter now, I'm not working on sending it, it's actually on it's way! haha. Thanks for everything bam, especially your letters on dear elder and stuff. It sure helps to have such great examples in the fam like you! Love ya bam!

Gram and Gramp- I also sent you guys a letter and it's on the way! I got your dear elder gram and it was so great to hear from you again! Keep me updated on how your doing and all the stuff I'm missing out on with all the other grandkids and stuff. Thanks for telling me about the fishing trip by the way. Brings back great memories! I love you both!

Mom- Yes I remember those days when the philly steak and swiss shack was still up and we use to go there after football practice. That place was awesome! Sounds like the Villegas family is doing great. Cris is going to be such a great missionary. That's funny that you guys didn't recognize Taylor Hauser. haha. Thanks for letting me know about kate. That's scary. Make sure to keep me updated on that please. Well There's a package coming soon for the kids and I wrote you a little note in it, I'm still looking for something cool for you and Dad I could send more around Christmas time. Thanks for everything mom. I love getting your dear elders! Oh about the package your sending I can't think of anything I really need. Just those new pictures will be sweet. I love you Mom!

Dig- Sounds like your soccer game was a little rough man, but I bet you did great! I would've watched the whole thing and cheered. haha. So you have Bajractarevic, Watts, and Beachum? I had those teachers! Crazy. Watch out for Mr. Thor by the way I heard he's pretty tough. Hey here's a cool spanish tongue twister you can try: Cuando cuentes cuentos, cuenta cuantos cuentos cuentas. Porque cuando cuentas cuentos, nunca cuentas cuantos cuentos cuentas. And that actually makes sense in spanish! Love ya dig!

Dad- That's definitely true what you said about the ah hah moments. I've had alot on the mission. Mostly about advice from you and Mom of coarse. That's so sweet the U's season is starting! let me know how that first game goes! Love ya dad!

Sloosh- You got tons of stuff for your birthday! Did you say you got a wallet purse? haha. Just kidding. Your presents from me are on the way! Love ya sloosh!

Den- Sounds like that party at Angel's was crazy! sweet. Ya you can use that saw clock. Taylor Hauser actually made it for me. Haha. It's pretty sweet. Love ya denny o!

Nay- Humanities is sweet huh! You're gonna love all the projects. About that new bow, good luck choosing. haha. I really don't even know what the difference can be! haha. Sweet job with soccer, sounds like your team is really shapin up! So sunsets in Mexico... aren't as cool as the ones in Utah. Not even close. But the weather here is awesome. And the clouds are sooo cool! I don't even know how to explain it but they're sweet! haha. Oh and no I haven't recieved the letter from the Irish girl, I'll let ya know if I do! Love ya nay!

Love you all! I've already sent letters to some of you! Thanks for your letters! I love hearing about everyone! Love ya!
Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar

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