Monday, August 2, 2010

Hey Fam,

This week has been pretty crazy! We had a big conference Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday for all leaders and trainers in the mission. Me and Elder Garcia both had to go so his companion Elder Saguibo and my new companion Elder Ripley were working together for those three days in Elder Saguibo's area. That kind of stunk because we're really working on finding alot of solid new investigators but we had to put our area on hold for a few days and we ended up canceling alot of appointments. But now we're back in the area working and everything's going fine. The conference we went to was pretty sweet. We learned about teaching by the Spirit, giving commitments based on needs that will help build testimony, gaining the confidence of the people, and asking soul searching questions. We learned a ton of sweet stuff but I was glad when we finished. Elder Moberg (my old companion), Elder Jaen (our old roommate), and I sung a musical number at the conference too. It was pretty sweet. We sung Joseph Smith's first prayer, with a mixture of spanish and english and some parts sung to the tune of "If You Could Hie to Kolob" and "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing." We're not the greatest singers in the world but it was pretty fun.
My companion and I have started teaching an American lady named Alondra that was going to church in the states for six years, but she never got baptized, and the missionaries never gave her a Book of Mormon! Crazy. But she's reading it now and she said she feels like it's exactly what she needs at this point in her life. We also started teaching this girl that stopped us on the street and said that she was looking for a new religion. She's got a ton of questions about the blessings that come from living the gospel and the importance of baptism. We'll be teaching her at the church with two other single adults so she can make some friends in the ward and get involved with all the activities and stuff.
Yesterday we were waiting for the bus to go to church and there was another guy that came over to the bus stop. My companion greeted him but didn't contact him or anything. I was sitting there thinking about the plans we had for the day and stuff when I started to wonder about how many people we run into every day and how many of them get past us without hearing anything about the message. I looked over at the guy who had walked up thinking I'd better contact him. The guy was sporting some pretty expensive athletic gear, and I thought to myself "well he's pretty wealthy, and I haven't really felt any promptings to talk to him, he probably wouldn't want anything to do with the gospel." That's when the Spirit gave me a little jab and reminded me how selfish and not Christlike I was being. So I contacted the man, and it turns out he use to talk to the missionaries, has a Book of Mormon, and the only reason he stopped talking to them was because he moved and never ended up getting in contact with the missionaries in his new area. He invited us to come over tomorrow night to have dinner and talk about the gospel. Pretty sweet, and lesson learned. We always need to talk to everybody!
I've had some people ask about the area we're in and the daily schedule lately. Yes I'm still in the same house that I arrived to when I got to Mexico, and it doesn't look like I'm leaving it for a little while. Haha. The area if you want to look on google earth where the house is, goes from the street San Jacinto until the street Malecon, and from the street Rio Nilo, until the street Javier Mina. Their all big main streets. But that's the area. As far as the schedule, it's a little different here because of the culture. We get up at seven in the morning, prepare and eat and everything, and then we study from eight thirty until eleven thirty, then head out to work. We eat at two in the afternoon, then keep working until nine forty five at night, when we come back home to plan and prepare for bed. We stay out later here because the majority of the city is still up pretty late, so it's not unusual to have appointments set at like nine in the night.
Anyway. Thanks for all your letters and support as usual! I love you all!
Slooshby: That's sweet that your frogs are still alive! What are their names? That sounds like a good choice on the jazz attitude name by the way, it matches your uniforms perfect! Love you Sloosh, have a good week!
Den: That new yoyo you're getting sounds sweet! How does it work? What's the trick? Sweet job on your back flips by the way. It sounds like you're having a sweet summer time. Love you denny o! Have a good week!
Dig: You went to mill hollow eh? Sweet, I remember those good old days. How was the food? What was your group leader guy like? Sounds like you developed a pretty sweet new drawing technique. You should send me some car drawings or something so I can check it out! Anyway. Love ya dig! Have a good week!
Dad: Thanks for your advice about blessings. I actually just taught a lesson about that yesterday with the recent converts we have that have the Aaronic Priesthood and are preparing for the Melchezedic. That's especially important as a missionary to always be worthy of the Spirit in those situations, because we never know who might help or how or when. Thanks for the advice. Thanks for the update on Arben also. Hopefully he can keep improving little by little without any complications. Thanks for everything Dad. I love you. Have a good week!
Mom: Thanks for letting me know about Trey! That's awesome! I can't believe he has dark hair! I can't wait to see some pictures of him. That's sweet that you're maybe going to be the new librarian at Farnsworth! haha. I remember that library. I use to always check out the same book about the comparisons between the football careers of Troy Aikman and Steve Young. Anyway. I sent the pictures of the play last week, did you not get them? I'll resend the last e mail just in case. Anyway. Thanks for everything mom. I love ya! have a good week!
Nay: You guys went to a circus in the Honk's parking lot? Sweet!! haha. There are tons of circuses here actually. They're all over the place and it makes me want to go to one real bad! We'll have to do that when I get back. Sounds like your youth conference was pretty sweet. You'll have to let me know how the tryouts for soccer turn out. Hopefully you guys find some pretty sweet new players. Love ya nay! Have a good week!
Love you all! Thanks for Everything!
Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar

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  1. Thanks so much for getting these posted each week! I'm sure it is kind of a time-consuming pain, but we look so forward to them! It's always so fun and so uplifting to read his messages! Love him!