Monday, August 23, 2010

Hey fam!

How is everyone? This week has been great. Me and Elder Ripley decided we needed to go the extra mile a little bit more to find people, so we have been and we've been seeing some results. It seems like it's always the last house where we find a family who's ready to hear a message or something (that could be because after we teach a lesson it usually is time to go to the next appointment already and we don't have time to keep knocking on doors or contacting). Anyway. The other day when we were planning we wrote down three street names in areas that we hadn't spent alot of time in and that we felt like would be good places to look. In the first street we ran into this guy named David that's actually from the states. He did three years up there but now he's living down here in Guadalajara as a single father. He already seems to be very blessed by the Lord, and he's really excited to be learning more about the gospel. He also invited us to come to a theme park with him. But we couldn't of coarse. Super nice guy. Anyway, so we finished on his street and realized that alot of time had gone by. We ended up deciding to hurry and go up toward the last street that we had decided to contact before our next appointments. The street was on the exact opposite side of the area, and I'm not familiar with any bus routes that went that particular way so we just walked. The walking took a looong time and by the time we got there we only had about ten minutes to contact before we had to go. The whole way there I was wondering to myself if it was worth it but the Spirit just kept us moving forward. When we got to the street we started walking down the street for a little ways and finally stopped at a random house and decided to begin there. Nobody was home. At the second house they weren't very interested. At the third house a woman named Beatriz answered the door and said that her uncle was investigating our church a while ago and had gived her his Book of Mormon. We set an appointment to teach her and her family the next morning. We got there the next morning ready to share them the message of the Restoration. We had to preach outside because there isn't a man at the house. The lesson was very spiritual and went well. Beatriz's mother began to cry and said she believes the Lord had been preparing their family for the gospel.We found out a little bit about their family background. Not alot, but enough to know that they've had a really hard time. They came to church yesterday and loved it. Also in the class we teach in Sunday school with all the investigators and recent converts, Hilda (the recent convert) told Beatriz and her mother that they should get baptised. We hadn't really had a chance to commit them to that yet or even really talk about it, but it's cool to see Hilda getting excited about missionary work.

Thanks everyone for all your letters and support as usual. Today I literally did get some letters written that will be sent out this week.

Dad- Thanks for your comments about no regrets. I definitely love nothing more that arriving at home knowing I took every opportunity I had to share the gospel. Thanks for your example Dad. Love ya!

Denny- That soccer game sounds intense man! crazy. Way to go your best like you said. That's the best possible way with everything you do. Love ya!

Shash- You already had a birthday party? I already got ya some presents and I'm sending the package this week! Watch the mail! Love ya!

Mom- I don't remember that thing about denny's blessing very well but I laughed thinking about it. I can't believe so many people are getting married. They're insane. Thanks for the letter and everything mom. I'll get those pictures of the area and Elder Ripley and I out next week. I'm attaching a picture of Gabriela's baptism as well. Love ya!

Nay- As far as any advice for your senior year. I didn't have a ton of friends in my senior year classes either, but I sure made a ton of friends. Just enjoy it all (especially Seminary). You're going to love humanities. And don't stress! Anytime you're stressed just think of something that makes you laugh! :) Sweet job on the first Hunter High goal of the season! Keep smiling! Love ya!

Dig- So ya went to a boring fireside huh? I don't know if you've heard that quote. I can't remember who said it but it was a Prophet or General Authority. Someone asked him what he did when he was in a boring Sacrament meeting and he said "I've never been in a boring Sacrament meeting." Always remember dig that we should always pray to feel the Spirit, and pray for the Spirit to help whoever's speaking. We should never miss out on any opportunity to learn from on high! There's alot we can gain when we listen that way. I can't believe you've got a cell phone now man. That's crazy. Just don't text alot it's a huge waste of time! Just imagine if I would have practiced Karate instead of texting everytime I wanted to text. I'd be an ultra Karate master by now. haha. And junior high man. Crazy. Just never stop smiling and be nice to everybody because those are the coolest kids! And don't eat undercooked sausage pizza from the cafeteria. I still remember that day. Sweet about the fishin trip! How's Josh doin? Love ya!

Love you all thanks for everything!

Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar


  1. Yikes, it seems he hasn't received my last package yet and I sent it over 2 weeks ago! Hopefully the mission home is just slow getting them out and it's not lost! another great email! what wonderful and learning experiences he is having!

  2. ps - by the way, this is such a GREAT picture! he is so handsome and he looks so happy! It looks like he could just start talking, love it!

  3. I love that picture! So Dallas! He's such a good lookin' fella!