Thursday, October 13, 2011

3 Months Left!

Hey Fam. How is everyone? This week has been great. The weather hasn't. I guess there's a hurricane on the coast of Jalisco/ Michoacan, and the effects are felt here in Guadalajara as well. It's not stormy, it's just freezing cold! And it's constantly raining. It doesn't rain hard or anything. The amount of rainfall doesn't change though, it just keeps raining and raining and raining. And it's soooo cold! I don't know what's going to happen to me arriving home to Utah in January! I'll be wrapped in a blanket in the warmest room in the house, not moving for like the first 24 hours. So the weather has been rough, and the office work is still... office work. But despite the dreariness of it all this week has been filled with a warm spirit. Things have just been going well, and I've felt the influence of the Lord alot in the work this week.

A while ago, Sister Jesperson challenged the whole mission to focus on 1 Christlike Attribute per month. I chose Humility. It's been quite an experience. When I first decided to focus on Humility, I drew up a study plan, looked some things up, wrote down some scripture references, and got everything planned out to teach myself to be humble... hahahahahaha. For whatever reason I thought that I myself was going to teach myself humility. Funny. Anyway, as a part of it all, I've been praying for the Lord to Humble me. I must have been sincere in at least one of those prayers. It's interesting, when we set up our plans and have everythinig figured out and know exactly what we're doing, then our Loving Heavenly Father looks down and kindly re-draws our plans, and helps us to achieve our goals in a much more perfect way than what we originally were going to do. This time was one of those times when I thought that all the things I was planning on were falling apart. For a couple weeks I started to wonder why it would be so hard to just humble myself a little, then, after a couple more weeks, I realized that the Lord had humbled me. I still have plenty of room to improve of course, I'm just thankful for His mercy, in helping us accomplish our goals. Alma 26:12

I've been focussing alot on being able to recognize our part, in contrast to what the Lord does for us. Ultimately it's all thanks to Him of course, but with the things that go on in our lives, we also have to do our part. It actually makes or breaks our progress. The Lord is willing to help us to any degree, as long as we're trying to do our best. I heard a quote from John Longden (given in 1968 while he was an assistant to the Quorum of the Twelve,) that says "The man who has done his best has done everything, the man who has done less than his best has done nothing." It doesn't matter what our best is, we just have to do it, and it will suffice. We are the only ones who decide what happens with our personal progress. To paraphrase Richard G. Scott: "You become what you want to be, by being what you want to become." I think a large part of givinig our all, is also avoiding anything that could take us in the other direction. Before true progress can take place with any Christlike attribute or principle of the Gospel or Testimony or anything, we need to make sure there are no roadblocks. I also heard in the same talk today from John Longden that each of us has a divine spark so to speak. Regardless of how our progress is right now, there's divine fire within us. For some it might be a forest fire, for others it might be a very small, almost invisible flicker of a flame. Regardless, if there are ashes or soil or sand placed in front of or on top of or around that flame, it won't grow. First we need to remove the soil and ashes, then add more fuel to the fire. It's amazing the amount of confidence and power that comes from a clear conscience. Joseph Smith was able to speak with great power and authority due to his clear concience, and the Savior of course, had an unspotted concience, and was able to speak with all power and authority. Anyway, I don't know if any of that makes sense, just scrambled thoughts that I've been having this week I guess.

The investigators are doing well. The Sanchez family continues progressing. Sunday was quite a hassle with them, and only the Grandmother and one of the Aunts came to church, Luis and Mauricio (the ones getting baptized) didn't go. But we've figured out why, and now everythings on track for the upcoming Sunday. Adolfo (Diego's friend,) is doing awesome. We found out that whether he previously had any serious problems with harmful substances or not, he's no longer an addict to anything, so that's great. He's been really reading and praying, and has alot of questions, His biggest doubt right now is that he feels that an organized church is unnecessary, if anyone has any suggestions for that doubt let me know. I've found some good scriptures for him, but sometimes it takes a little something extra.

This week we found a new family, in which the parents are very friendly, and great people, but not very interested in the Gospel. The kids are super excited though. The Oldest is named Daneisis. She came to church on her own the day after we first met their family. Her little brothers are way excited to come this week, and she's already been inviting friends as well. We'll keep praying and looking for what we can do to get the parents involved I guess.

Bam- That beach experience sounds like it was pretty scary. I would've been pretty stressed out. That's good that everything turned out well. Thanks for letting me know about the package by the way. I'll keep my eye out. Love ya! Have a great week!

Dig- That's tough with all the grades and stuff man. Just enjoy it while it lasts. haha. That might sound crazy right now but Junior High is a blast. Just keep on keepin on my brother. haha. But seriously Dig you're awesome. Love ya! Have a great week!

Den- That stinks about the soccer loss. Oh well. Like it says on DDR, there's always a tomorrow! haha. Just kidding. Today is better than tomorrow. Do you still play DDR? Hey I heard that you and Dig bought parafenalia from a college that wasn't the U. hmm. That concerns me. haha. Just kidding. But really man come on. Haha. No just kidding it's fine. Love ya! Have a great week!

Shash- Are you excited for Disneyland?! That's going to be so fun! I'm missing out. You'll have to let me know how the trip goes. It's too bad that the hotel room was a little uncomfortable at the aggie tour thing. How was the icecream though? There's crazy icecream here in Mexico, I'll have to tell you about it someday in the future. Love ya! Have a great week!

Mom- So the big Disneyland trip is coming up. It'll be cool to drive there. You'll have to let me know how the trip goes. That's crazy that the Meier's are already back home. I'll be excited to hear about their experiences. I'm sure they have some great stories. The fedex guy just delivered the dear elders, so I haven't read the one you sent me yet. I'll be able to coment on in next week I suppose. Just wondering, my two pairs black slacks are both pretty worn out. I don't know if there are any packages coming soon, If so I'll send the pictures for the slacks, but I don't want it to be an inconvenience. I know it's alot of errand running to get the new ones. Besides, with the postal service here I might get them just in time to wear them like twice. haha. What do you think though? Anyway, thanks for everything mom. Don't worry about Dig, he's a smart fellow. One day when Dig's on his mish he'll be thankful for the extra encouragement to do good in school. I sure am. Love ya! Have a great week!

Dad- So Romney's representing well eh? That's true all the stuff you said about the Chruch's reactions. The Lord's nature always proves more successful in the end. That story about Duncan was pretty crazy. I wonder how he got his leg like that. haha. How's Pers doing? Every time I meet people with elderly dogs I ask them how old they are and wonder how Persie is with health and stuff. Anyway, thanks for everything dad. Love ya! Have a great week!

Nay- Hope to hear from ya soon! haha Love ya nay. Have a great week!

Love you all!
Elder Aguilar

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