Friday, July 29, 2011

Lots of pictures this week!

Hey Fam! How is everyone?

This week has been a great week as far as missionary work goes. The office work has been kind of slow, which is sweet, because that just meant more time to be out preaching. I did get to go to the "Federal Palace" for the first time this week (that's what they call the government building where we go for the migratory stuff). I took a few missionaries there to sign some papers and give some finger prints for the updating of their visas. So that was pretty cool.

This week we found two investigators that speak Spanish and English. One is named Eliseo, and the other is Samuel Aguilar. haha. They've both got some pretty troubled pasts, filled with drug addictions and difficult family situations.

Eliseo right now is living in a pretty humble situation. He has a small family that still lives in the U.S. but he hasn't seen them for a long time. Right now he's living in a house full of temptation and distractions. He lives with other adults who have similar histories, and who are actually still struggling with alcoholism and other addictions. The difference is that he's the only one who wants to change his life. While he was living in the U.S. he had a way sweet experience with the missionaries. There was a day when he was feeling especially down, and he started to just ask Heavenly Father for help. Shortly after, the missionaries came across his home. He started to come to church activities and stuff, and loved reading the Book of Mormon. He actually read it from the start almost all the way through Alma while he was up there. He said he would always start reading with the intention of just reading a chapter, but then he'd just keep reading and reading because of how he felt when he read. He said that he had a desire to be baptized, but his addictions kept him from having the opportunity. He's a really smart guy. He actually explained to us yesterday that he recognizes that baptism is a covenant, and the beginning of a lifetime of discipleship. Wow. We didn't teach him those terms, I think he just picked it all up from reading the scriptures. Anyway. This Sunday is his birthday, and he's looking forward to coming to church to start another year of his life the right way.

Samuel Aguilar also has family still in the U.S., but since he's been here he's been married and started a family. He's doing pretty well financially, and is no longer struggling with any of his past addictions. He just really wants forgiveness from the Lord for all the mistakes he's made. He's also a pretty smart guy, he was explaining to us the other day about his long search for the truth, and how he takes advantage of any opportunity to learn about any church, with the hope that he'll soon find the right path. He's really yearning for the healing power of the Atonement. He was saying that he has daily reminders of the effects of his bad decisions. From his past drug addictions, he often feels like he has a hard time thinking straight. It's going to be awesome to see them both progress. I just hope they have the faith and desire to put their trust 100% in the Lord, and act upon the answers they'll receive to their prayers.

Mom- Those pictures I sent from last week have the names of the missionaries as the file names I think. Elder Tibbitts and Elder Woodhouse are the Assistants, Elder Buckmiller is the old Executive Secretary (he goes home on Monday with Elder Moberg and Elder Ricks), Elder Villanueva is my companion, the $ secretary, Elder Galindo is in charge of the houses and the cell phones and stuff, and Elder Martinez is just visiting. We just took the pictures because we were playing with Elder Villanueva's new camera. haha. You don't have to put them on the blog unless you really want to. The pictures I'm sending with this e mail are from the fourth of July fun with the package Bam sent. It's only taken me a month to send them. haha. There are also a few pictures from the drive to cosco on P day, a picture of the temple from when we drove past it, and some pictures of more bikes that we got for certain areas, bought from the donations. The missionary that's playing with the yo yo's with me is Elder Wright, by the way, he's the proselyting secretary. Thanks for the update on the college situation. I haven't ever heard of the RM thing at BYU either. I still think that'd be pretty expensive though. The Meet the Robinson's song is a good motto. haha. I actually sing it a lot in the street since you mentioned it to me in that letter about six months ago when I was struggling a little bit. Thanks for being awesome Mom. :) You'll have to let me know how it goes with Elder Dial and Nay. haha. Love ya! Have a great week!

Dig- High adventure camp!? I thought that was for like eighteen year olds. haha Four wheeling though, sweet man. I remember going to a few camp outs like that. We never got to go four wheeling but we did alot of rock climbing and stuff. Are you and denny going to the same camp? If you are, make sure he's having a good time ok? You'll have to let me know how it goes. So you got in trouble for jumping off the rocks in Palisades? I thought that it wasn't against the rules. Hmm. Strange. Anyway. Stay sweet. Love ya! Have a great week!

Den- Have you been on a long scout camp before? Or is this your first time? You're going to love the camp den. Don't feel like your missing out just because you have to do the merrit badges and stuff. I loved doing the merrit badge classes. You can learn alot of sweet stuff in them. Have a great time and be safe ok denny o? Love ya! Have a great week!

Dad- Planning a trek for next year huh? I think that the most spiritual experiences of my life have happened at EFY, on Trek, and here in the mission. That's way lucky to have a calling that helps you be involved with it again. Sweet. That story from Tanner sounds pretty hilarious. haha. Thanks fro your love and Support Dad. Love ya! Have a great week!

Nay- Maybe it sounds crazy but no I don't have any idea what planking is. haha. I've kind of been out of the media loop for a year and a half. You'll have to explain it to me in the next e mail. Sounds like the Five Foxies are getting pretty big time. Do you still have the goal to get on Ellen? That'd be awesome. haha. Hey could you do me a favor? Could you tell Tanner and Cris I said hi, and thanks for their little messages in the e mail. Love ya! Have a great week!

Shash- Sounds like Palisades was a blast sloosh! Was it hard to catch Hoppy? I don't think I was ever able to catch one of the big frogs, I only ever caught the tiny baby frogs. That's awesome that you're inviting your friends to church that aren't members! It's going to have a big impact on your lives, and you'll probably end up helping their whole family. Just think of what a huge difference it made in the long run after Nay started inviting Tessa to church. Then Tessa helped her whole family with her great example, and now Tina has gone through the temple! Awesome. Keep being a good member missionary Shash. Love ya! Have a great week!

Love you All!
Elder Aguilar

Road Trip to Costco

Guadalajara Temple

Bikes purchased through donations from the missionaries' families - us!

Elder Aguilar & Elder Wright

Patriotic yo-yo's from Bam :)


This picture cracks me up.  He's still a kid. :)

I really don't know what's going on here.

Silly String!

Lunch on the festive 4th of July decorations from Bam's package.

Elder Aguilar, Elder Villanueva, & Elder Buckmiller

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