Monday, May 9, 2011

We were able to talk to Dallas yesterday!  Greatest day of the year!!!  He is doing great!

Hey Fam!

How is everyone? It was sooo great to talk to you all on the phone yesterday. Sweet. Good re-charge to keep me working hard.

So this week has gone well. We baptized a family, the Juan family (that's really their last name, even though it's usually a first name.) They're super awesome. They've had to make alot of changes, get married, and leave some old habits behind, but they stayed strong through the whole process, and I'm impressed with the way they progressed. We also baptized Alejandro, a younger man that has had many family problems, and is currently living with a member family. I had the priviledge to perform all the baptisms, and I've got the pictures but this computer doesn't have the program to format them, so I'll have to send the pictures next week.

The other day I was working with Elder Flores in a different area in our zone. In the morning we were looking for new investigators, when we came across a lady and her husband that said they didn't really want to hear the message, they just had a few questions. When we entered their house we quickly noticed alot of pretty expensive looking historical items that all had to do with the Catholic church. They also had a big "line of authority" thing for the Popes of the catholic church that went all the way from the current Pope back to the first Pope. They offered us a glass of water, and as we started to talk with them, they asked us about genealogy. It turned out that the wife had become very interested in genealogy recently, and when she talked to the Catholic bishop in the cathedral in Zamora to try to obtain some documents, he recommended she talk to the Mormons. haha. We explained to her the prophecy in the scriptures that talk about our latter day interests in genealogy, and then explained to her a little about the temples etc. That opened a window for us to talk about the priesthood authority that's necessary for such ordinances as baptism, and we were able to share a little bit with them about the restoration. Then when we showed them the Book of Mormon they were blown away, and explained that they had done some studies on the possibility of Christian beliefs in the Americas from before the Catholic invasion, and they were excited to find out about a record of the ancient people of the continent. At the end they were pretty stoked about what they could learn, but they didn't seem super interested in conversion. haha. But it was neat to see another angle that the Lord uses to help His children find the gospel.

Well today we're heading off to Guadalajara for our meeting with the president, and according to Elder Moberg, we'll be playing soccer tomorrow morning, and then going bowling in the evening. Sweet! Then we'll have the big meeting and stuff in the night time.

Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Aguilar

P.S. Mom- I also thought that the Charlotte's web song said that, I recognized the lyrics right when I read it. haha.
Oh and dad, The street we live in is called Amado Nervo crossing with the street Constitucion. They're in a section of the city called Jacona Centro. We live like three houses in from where those streets cross.

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