Monday, May 2, 2011

Hey Fam!

I don't have alot of time but I have a ton to say so here it goes.

This week has been really well. I'm in an area that is just full of potential. Zamora is a land of abundance when it comes to people who are prepared for the gospel, and I'm super excited to be working here, especially with the awesome missionaries that are in our zone.

The other day we were on the bus, and Elder Zuñiga and I were singing hymns. When we got off the bus we started walking up the hill. Elder Zuñiga was talking on the phone, and Elder Jimenez and I were reading aloud from the Book of Mormon. When we got to the top of the hill a lady came up from behind us and introduced herself. I recognized her as one of the people who had been on the bus with us. She explained that she had heard our hymns and scriptures, and that she wanted to know where the church was so she could come. We gave her the directions to the church, then found out that she actually lives way down at the bottom of the hill, so she followed us up the whole hill just to ask about the gospel. Sweet. We'll see what happens there.

We found a guy this week named Cuautemoc. He just came up to us in the street and gave us his address and asked if we could come to his house to help him stop drinking. When we went we taught him about repentance and baptsim. It's a catholic tradition that when someone is baptized they also recieve their Godparents, or Padrinos in spanish. When we gave him the baptismal invitation, he said yes, then he turned to Elder Zuñiga and said 'Will you be my padrino' He said yes, then Cuautemoc stood up and gave him a big hug. He was pretty excited about it. But then when we went to pick him up for church he was a tiny bit drunk, and when we were stopped in front of another house he just hopped out of the truck and disappeared. Oh well, we'll find him sooner or later.

Jose Manuel from Uruapan is being called to be part of the Sunday School Presidency! Sweet. It's been awesome to be able to watch all the changes in his life.

For the call on Mothers day you can call me at 6 20 PM (Utah time) on Sunday night. It's the number of the Ramirez family. If the phone is busy, try again in like five minutes, if it's still busy, it's because I messed up on the time difference, and you can call at 7 20. haha. But I'm pretty sure I got the time right.

It was sad to hear about Grandpa Ellis, but I'm thankful for his example, and for all the time he had in this life and the huge effect he had on us his family and on so many other people. I love and miss him.

That's all for the week..

Mom- Happy Early Birthday!!! Did you get the package yet? I didn't get the easter package, but I will be getting mail better now in Zamora. Jefe Fuentes means boss fountains (or sources). haha. About Skype, we can do it, but it's too late to plan it. We'll have to plan it for Christmas, even though it'll be right before I get home. I included some pictures of me studying, drinking water, helping Elder Sargent paint his apartment, and my last day in Uruapan with Elder Petersen and Elder Cardona. Love you! Have a great week!

Nay- That's sweet that you scored all three goals! haha. Splice girls is a pretty sweet group name. Love you! Have a great week!

Dad- Thanks for the reminder on D n C 121. I love the leadership advice there. Love you! Have a great week!

Shash- Sorry to hear about Rhino sloosh. He was a great hamster for ya, I'm sure he's thankful you took such good care of him. Love you! Have a great week!

Den- That's sweet that you're helping Seth come to church man! Love you! Have a great week!

Dig- Snow soccer sounds like a blast! haha. Love you! Have a great week!

Love you all!
Elder Aguilar

Painting Elder Sargent's Apartment

Elder Aguilar & Elder Petersen

Elder Aguilar & Elder Cardona

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