Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pray for Francisco, Claudia, & Alejandro's Marriage

Hey Fam!

This week has gone well. The area looks good, and the zone looks good, and we've been having success.

Alejandro and his family are doing great. They continue to grow in testimony and understanding of the gospel, and they continue to grow more united as they prepare for their marriage this week, probably on Thursday. We were able to see a small miracle with Alejandro at his work. For their marriage, we've had to gather some papers together, and set up an appointment with the judge. The judge let us know that they can get married any time monday through saturday, in the morning or afternoon. Alejandro just happens to work every monday through saturday, in the mornings and afternoons. We told him about the appointment and asked if he would be able to get work off. He let us know that he had recently pulled a couple of no shows at work, and was actually about to be fired for it. He said his boss had told him that the next time he doesn't make it to work, he'll lose his job. So we invited him to go talk to his boss, and explain to him the reason why he was once again going to need to miss work. We prayed for help with the situation, trusting that something could surely happen so that Alejandro could miss work in order to get married, so he can be baptized with his family. In a later appointment, we asked him if he had talked to his boss. He said he had asked the permission, and his boss replied "Well it's about time. So many of you guys are living with ladies that aren't your wives, and how many times have I told you that that's just not right." So he gave him permission to miss work, and get married. Cool. So their marriage and baptisms will be this week.

The other day we were looking for an old investigator that we had found in the area book. We arrived to the address, and knocked on the door. A lady answered, and my companion began to ask her about the person we were looking for. While they were talking, I noticed a guy sitting in an SUV parked on the side of the street that was staring us down. He got out of the SUV and came up to us in a slightly confrontational way. He introduced himself as Francisco, and explained that anything we had to say to his wife, we could say to him as well. I noticed that he was holding a cigarrette, a bottle of beer, and drugs, and appeared to be consuming the three of them all together. He was looking pretty rough. We explained that we were missionaries and everything, and he asked if we could help him leave behind his addictions. We said that if he threw away the bottle, the cigarrette, and the drugs, we could talk. He did. So we sat down with him and his wife and began to talk. He explained to us the difficult childhood he had to go through that led to his current problems, and the damage that it was causing to his current wife and children. Then he started to cry and said he was tired of suffering and wanted to change. We set an appointment for the next day, and went back when he was sober. It turns out he's actually in a pretty good financial situation, and has alot of influence in the community, and really doesn't consume drugs and alcohol that often, he just has breakdowns every once in a while due to his difficult past. They look like they've got a pretty sincere desire to change, so it'll be neat to watch their progress.

Last night we visited with Claudia. She's also been going through some tough times, and has recognized she needs a change in her life. She use to be mixed up in some weird beliefs and worship habits, and ended up super depressed and confused, but she's realized she needs to change. Last night she told us that she's going to do whatever it takes to follow Christ's example, be baptized, and start a new life. It's just cool to see the hope she's recieved as she listens to the gospel.

Anyway, that's what's been going on in the area this week.

Dad- That's funny about the milk juice thing. haha. It seems like I remember it tasting really.... strange. haha. Love ya! Have a great week!

Den- That's sweet that the tramp is up. Just keep working hard to pay it off man. It's a good lesson to learn. Love ya! Have a great week!

Dig- What's with all the i pod action man? sounds like you're rolling in the dough. haha. just kidding. Love ya! Have a great week!

Nay- That dance thing sounds hilarious! haha. Way to think fast with the swaying and snapping thing... haha. Love ya! Have a great week!

Shash- That's sweet about the jazz attitude tryouts shash! I bet you did great! Love ya! Have a great week!

Mom- Thanks for the updates on family and friends. It's always sweet to hear about that stuff. About the jelly beans, so far we've eaten enough to take like an inch layer off the top. But I have three other missionaries to help me with it so it shouldn't take too long. Thanks for those thoughts on preparation, sounds like it was a pretty awesome talk. Love ya! Have a great week!

Love you all!
Elder Aguilar

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