Monday, October 25, 2010


Hey fam!!!
How is everybody? I've been great. Well I have some news. I finally got to pack my bags! That's right! We moved... haha. I didn't get changed to a new area, we just moved to a new house. We're now living about a block away from the church so that's pretty sweet. It took tons of time to get moved on tuesday, and it stole alot of our work time but we still ended up getting alot done. We're now in a much nicer neighborhood, and a much cleaner house. It's pretty cool. The Spirit is present in the new house, and it's been great to have some change finally, even if I didn't really go anywhere new.
So this week has been good, but very difficult. I'm actually not sure what I can even write about. We were going to have a big activity last Saturday and watch the long Joseph Smith movie with all our investigators, but nobody ended up able to come. We were going to have a baptism and confirmation yesterday, but due to certain circumstances, neither of the two ended up happening. It's been a real trial for me, and I'm doing the best I can not to get discouraged. Petronilo is still smoking, Margarita and Rene are getting married this week I think, and everyone else has sort of fallen off the map. It's been tough.
We did have a pretty cool experience the other day. We were headed toward an appointment and a man yelled to us from inside of a garage. We went over there and found that he was actually a construction worker, and he was working on remodeling a house with his crew. He told us one of his workers has begun to worship the devil (weird), and he was wondering if we could come to visit the whole crew, have lunch, and teach them a lesson. The man that called us over actually already attends a Christian Church, but he's been to our Sacrament services before, and said he felt a good Spirit there and feels like we could probably help his friend.
Well, I wasn't joking when I said that I wasn't sure what I could write about. But I'm sure I'll have some miracles to write about this upcoming week. One of the greatest things about the gospel, is that there's always hope. There's always blessings right around the corner, and as long as we're following His commandments, we'll always feel the love of our Savior. They say every bad week in the mission is followed by one of the best weeks of the mission. Maybe the Lord just sees fit to give us trials that will help us grow, just before the blessings and opportunities start flooding in.
Thanks for all your support! I love you all.
Dad- About the money, I'm just keeping it saved in cash from the reimbursement to avoid the hassle of trying to get it back on the card. I've got enough back up money to last me a long time now, or to buy like a month's worth of all I can eat tacos for every meal. That's so awesome you're a high councilman now! That's great. It is a little bit of a downer that you didn't get to teach much in gospel doctrine, but what a great opportunity with your new calling! I'm pretty jealous about the regional conference. President Uchtdorf told the same things to Elder Newell and Elder Tibbits when they came to the MTC. I've definitely seen tons of blessings come from each of those three points you mentioned. Thanks for your advice about being in the Lord's hands, I still have so much to learn and become, It's incredible being a missionary. Love ya dad. Have a great week.
Mom- I'm excited to get the Dear Elder about the lunch thing! I bet it was a blast. By the way I do know Elder Dial. He's in my zone. He used to be a secretary. I'll have to let him know our moms hang out. Sweet. That talk from the regional conference about missionary work sounded pretty awesome. Yes I'd imagine that dad could be in the running for some sort of record for lots of callings in short time. haha. The new calling should last a while though. I really love getting those dear elders mom. I couldn't have a more loving supportive mother. Thanks for everything. I love you mom, have a great week!
Nay- Awesome that you're headed for a 4.0! is this the first term that's ending I guess? Sweet The second term is pretty cool usually cause of all the holidays but third term is the worst! haha. Anyway, that's awesome about the dance. I wish I could have been there. You should send me some pics of the group if you have them. That Phillip is hilarious. When I was the TA in his class he actually always asked if I had little sisters. I'm pretty sure I told you about it before. He would always ask me if my little sister was a big mama or a little mama. I didn't think one day he'd actually meet you and shash, and really like shash. haha. Well have a great week Nay! Love ya!
Den- Sounds like the U game was awesome den! They smashed those guys. Those jokes on the trax are the same jokes all those guys would tell when I went to the games with grandpa too! haha. Sweet. Love ya denny o. Have a great week!
Shash- That's funny about your story about escalators. I've always thought they were pretty fun as well. That's cool that you got to see Jaden at the confrence too Sloosh! haha. I sure love ya Shashy, have a great week!
Dig- Wow man it sounds like all your teams are doing pretty great. I was in a hurry last week finishing my e mail so I don't think I ever got the chance to tell ya that those car sketches are sweet! You're really good at that man. You'll have to keep sending me copies of your latest ideas for concept cars in the packages from the fam. I know what you meant about West Side Story, I never understood that show either. haha. Have a great week dig! Love ya!

Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar

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