Monday, October 18, 2010

Hey Family!

How is everybody!? I'm doing well. So this week has gone pretty well. We had a zone conference on tuesday that was sweet. We all started fasts from our distractions to help us be more worthy and pure so that the Spirit can work through us better. They brought that up with the "becoming" talks that I mentioned in my last e mail. They warned us that as we worked towards becoming even more obedient servants of the Lord, that Satan would be upping his game. It was true. We had a ton of opposition this week, but so far everything is still going really well. We still have the same people preparing for their baptisms, except Ricardo, the step son of Petronilo, because he was baptized yesterday. But Petronilo, his other step son Oscar, his wife Lola, and Margarita and Rene the other couple are all doing well and excited for their baptisms.

We were a little stressed with Margarita and Rene because there was a government promotion (weird I know) of free marriages for a month in Guadalajara, and the last day was last saturday and they still haven't been married! But we found out the city right next to us is having a free marriage promotion now, so they'll be able to get married this week. The only reason they hadn't already done everything last week was because of the death of Margarita's father and everything. So Margarita has been a little impatient with Rene, because he refuses to say the prayer in the lessons, and said he hadn't been reading his Book of Mormon. But the other night we went to visit them, and Margarita had to run check on something with a neighbor real quick. When she left the apartment Rene was like "Hey you guys want me to say the prayer?" We said yes of course. He then proceeded to offer one of the most sincere heartfelt humble prayers I've ever heard before. It was so awesome. In his prayer he mentioned that he was thankful for the opportunity he's having to really come to know his heavenly father, and understand His teachings, and the blessings He has for each of His children. I don't know if he's just shy or if he's trying to trick Margarita or what, but he's loving the gospel.

Petronilo is now on his third baptismal date, because he will not stop smoking! He use to smoke sometimes up to three packs a day. Now he's down to one cigarrette per day but he won't go any further. I don't know why. Last night I was talking with one of the assistants (Elder Jaen), and he gave me a tip to help Petro quit. He said we need to buy a box of his favorite cigarrettes, and a liter of milk (the kind that comes in a box not a carton). Then we remove the tobacco from the cigarrettes and put it in the milk and shake it up. Then we're supposed to put it in the fridge for one day, take it out for one day, then put it back in for one day, then have Petro smell it and take a little sip. Elder Jaen said he will throw up, and he asked if we could get it on video so he can watch it later (He was joking). Anyway, from then on, everytime Petro smells that type of cigarrette it'll just make him nauseous and he won't want to smoke. Sweet. Hopefully that will help!

Anyway, the area is looking great, and we've continued contacting everyone we see, and teaching alot of lessons. Lately we're just a little short on new investigators, but I have a feeling this week will be different!

Love you all! Have a great week!

Mom- You'll have to let me know how that Missionary Mom lunch goes. Sounds like it'll be pretty cool! Yes I did get the package! It was awesome. I've decided that oreos and pictures are the best things to send a missionary in Guadalajara. haha. I got Bam's package too if you could please let her know. She sent me a little bag of almonds and walnuts and stuff that was super good and lots of cookies that were great. Yes they do celebrate halloween here by the way! It's called day of the dead but it's celebrated the same I guess. That's stinks you all got sick. That letter is coming your way! Love you mom. Have a great week!

Dig- Be sure to brag about the U for me dig. That stinks you got sick in Idaho. Hope you get well soon! Love ya diggy o. Have a great week!

Nay- That sounds like a pretty funny date trick. Cool! Have a great week nay! Love ya.

Dad- Suitcase corn sounds pretty sweet. haha. Love ya. Have a great week!

shash- I can't believe I forgot your note last week! Sounds cool that you and denny get to sing. Love ya! have a great week.

Den- Sounds like you had fun on the four wheelers! HAve a good week. Love ya!

Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar

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  1. Wow - that package took over 3 weeks! weird! but I'm so glad he finally got it. Hope the Halloween one gets there in time. He sounds great!