Monday, July 5, 2010

Rodolfo's Baptism

Hey Fam!
This e mail will probably be the shortest of my mission because we had to clean our house again today to send pictures to the President so I only have about five minutes to type. This week went really well. We're really starting to see alot of results from the new style of searching for people who need the gospel. I had a great Fourth of July. I got to baptize Rodolfo, and my companion baptized his son. Cool way to spend America's birthday! Anyway. I really apologize the e mail is so short but it'll be alot longer next week for sure!
Dad- Sounds like the fourth of july party in the new ward was pretty sweet! That's funny that you ended up running into Ben Ama with work and all. That's awesome to hear about Bob and Kathy! I loved your thoughts on the other viewpoints of the Plan of Salvation too. I've definitely learned alot from seeing things out of the eyes of another country like you said. Love you Dad!
Dig- You keep an eye on that Sam fellow no matter how many times Nay says he's not her man. Sweet job on the mile swim! I'm jealous you got to do the fishing merit badge! I never had a chance to do that one at a camp. Love ya Dig!
Nay- Yes I do know JD. I actually went on a double date with Karli, him, and Candace one time and it was super fun! Soccer camp sounds like it was sweet! You're really tearing it up with soccer nay I wish I could be there to see it! I love hearing about all that stuff! Your story about the oven was awesome! Love ya Nay!
Mom- Thanks for letting me know about the package. As far as the pictures. Hilda is the one that's in the baptismal dress with the lighter hair. Liliana is the shorter one with the black and white shirt and the other two people with her are brother and sister Lopez. I'll send the pictures from Rodolfo's baptism next week! Love you Mom!
Shash- I LOVED your e mail sloosh! I was cracking up when you reminded me of Tanner and the trampoline and the name that Sara wrote down on the fourth of july! haha. I love you Shashy!
Denny o- HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!! I'm going to send a big package in a couple months with stuff for you and the others for their birthdays. I can't believe you got an iTouch too! That's sweet you got a marvel heroes game! we have to play it when I get home!
Love you all!!!
Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar

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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.