Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nirvanna & Griselda

Hey Fam!

How is everyone? This week has been pretty good. We've continued searching for more people who are ready for the gospel, and we've been finding a few. This week I got to go do divisions with Elder Moberg over in his area while his companion came over to our area to see if my new companion has learned the area well enough yet. That sounds a little bit like I might have changes coming up this Sunday but we'll wait and see. While I was with Elder Moberg it was pretty fun. Their area is alot different than ours. Our area is all flat and jam packed with a million houses, their area is basically one mountain with more spread out sections of houses. Their roads are all dirt and stuff and it was raining that day so we were slipping alot in the mud it was pretty cool. It was also neat to meet all their investigators and see all how the gospel has been changing lives over there too. We got to teach a family out in a little field with a view over the whole city of Guadalajara. The little area where we were at is right towards the top of the mountain. There's just a little section with scattered trees and little ponds, and we got to teach them sitting on these giant red rocks it was sweet. We were teaching them about the Plan of Salvation when suddenly a lady ran up to us with her two sons and asked if we could give her son a blessing. She turned out to be a member from the ward over there. Her son had fallen and broken his nose on a rock and she was getting ready to run him to the hospital when she saw us. We found a little area between a few trees where we were able to give him a blessing and then go back to the lesson. It was a pretty neat experience and reminded me of the more of the good things that come from always living worthily to act in the name of the Lord, so that when others are in need of help from the Priesthood they won't be witheld from any blessings.

At the start of the week we swung by Rodolfo's house to see how he was doing and to teach some things to his son. There was a lady out in front of his house talking with his mom, and we started to talk to her for a while. We talked about the Book of Mormon and then she asked us a few things about the mission. When Rodolfo came over to the conversation he started talking aobut when he was searching for a church to join and told the lady that our eyes just look different like they have more light, which is why he decided to listen to the missionaries and later recieved a testimony through the Holy Ghost. It was pretty neat to see someone testify so strongly just a few days after their baptism. It's awesome how much the Holy Ghost can teach people.

We found out just a little bit ago that a new family moved into the ward and was feeling a little nervous about coming to church. It turned out that the daughter and her mother (Nirvanna and Griselda) weren't baptized but the daughter just turned eight last saturday and we held baptismal services for them both. On Sunday we were up on the stand to stand in for the confirmations of Rodolfo, Leo, Griselda,and Nirvanna. The bishopric normally does the confirmations and we just stand in but when it was time for Nirvanna's confirmation the bishop told me it was my turn to confirm. I was scared out of my mind because I didn't know he was going to ask me and I've never confirmed anyone before (let alone in Spanish). But it went well.

This week we went to a little chocolate factory some members own to drop of some supplies for them to pass out. Another member that just got home from his mission not too long ago also works there. He said he was done working and wanted to walk towards our next appointment with us. While we were walking back we passed this construction sight that has been there since I arrived in the area. Suddenly the member from the ward yelled over to a man standing in the construction zone and asked if we could come in to the construction area. I thought that was weird but we went over to the gate and the man let us in. He said his name was Armando,and his job is to live on the construction zone to keep an eye on the equipment. The Brother from the ward introduced us as the missionaries and asked if we could share a message. We shared the Restoration with him over by his little trailer and challenged him to read in the Book of Mormon and pray. While we were walking away my companion and I felt pretty dumb for not recognizing the man before who seemed so ready for the gospel and decided we needed to pay more attention in the streets. We went back a couple of days later to talk to him and he let us know he read and prayed and recieved an answer that it was the truth and we put a baptismal date for him. It was cool to be able to talk to him for a little because he lives alone with no neighbors and he seems in great need of the Saviors love.

Anyway that's been the week. Love you all! Thanks for your support!

Nay- I was looking through my english hymn book the other day and the title of number 233 reminded me of you. Haha. That's awesome about the new stuff in soccer! I wish I could be there to see your games it sounds like it's gonna be a great year! Does it feel weird with so many more people leaving on missions all the time? By the way the six months has gone fast but it still seems like I haven't seen the fam in ages. As far as the Mexican bag or something don't worry about money I'll get you something sweet! Love you Nay! have a good week!

Mom- Thanks for letting me know about the package. Don't worry I'm eating fine, I just haven't needed to spend alot of money. Thanks for watching over my room for me. I was getting a little teary eyed at that part of your e mail right in front of all these people at the internet place but it's ok. haha. That's super true all that stuff you said about Dad. He's an awesome example to me. I love you mom! have a great week!

Dad- I don't remember the boardwalk crash incident but it sounds like it was funny! haha. Sounds like the barbeque at gram's was pretty awesome. I think the things I miss the most from home are days like those. Sweet job on your tri! Third place over all! Awesome! That's also true the stuff you said about Mom. She takes way good care of our fam and I've come to appreciate it more on the mission. Anyway. Love you dad! Have a good week!

Shash- That stinks what happened to your foot! I bet Jazz Attitude will be even harder now with the injury! But I'm glad it's fun for ya! Love you Sloosh, have a good week!

Dig- Your e mail was hilarious! haha. I was cracking up! Sweet job on the backflip and congrats about Spain! Thanks for that story about the urge to go check on Shash that was pretty cool. Love you Dig! Have a good week!

Den- 70 mosquito bites on one leg? Crazy! Wanna know how to say mosquito in Spanish? Mosquito. Keep workin on those tramp tricks it sounds like you're already way better than I ever was! Good luck with your first over nighter! it'll be a blast! Love you den! have a good week!

Love you all! thanks for your letters and dear elders and most of all your prayers!!!

Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar

Sorry this one is so slow getting posted - we were out of town.


  1. I've been dying waiting for this and I am SO happy there was pictures! He is so handsome and looks so happy!

  2. He does look SO happy - which makes me so happy!