Monday, July 26, 2010

Elder Ripley - New Companion!

Hey Fam!
How is everyone?
This week has been crazy! There's been alot going on. I'm pretty bumbed out to let you all know that the people I talked about in the last e mail that all seemed ready for baptism have met alot of opposition. We've been doing the best we can to meet their needs and help them recognize the blessings that are in store for them but it's all come down to what they choose to do so we'll just have to see what happens.
At the start of the week me and Elder Galindo were spending alot of time in areas we haven't worked alot in, searching for people who are ready for the gospel. In the searching process we found two or three pretty cool people. One of them was the very first person I've met so far in Mexico with the last name of Aguilar! I've met some with the second last name of Aguilar (or their mother's maiden name) but this was the first real fellow Aguilar I've been able to find. His name is Sinuhe Aguilar and he is huge! I mean he looks about like the Russian guy in Rocky 4 except not quite as tall. He looks like he spends plenty of time at the gym. He's also got tons of tattoos, and when we knocked on his door I was a little scared. But he's a super cool guy. He's excited to come check out the church and told us how he's recognized in his life that the things that are truly from God have a special feeling that comes with like the feeling he gets when he spends time with his family or thinks about the Savior (sweet). So he's probably not going to have a tough time recognizing the spirit when he prays.
Anyway, I'm sure you could all note from the last e mail that the week before was a little stressful. The start of this week was as well. I was feeling like we just couldn't quite get the Spirit there in our lessons with us and it was easy to see the differences in the results of the work. I really felt like something needed to change. Thursday night I finished saying my prayers and I just kept thinking about the area and what I could do. Just then the phone rang and it was one of the Assistants. He let us know we had changes, and that Elder Galindo was going to be moving to Zamora the next morning. He let me know a new elder had been delayed in the MTC and had just arrived to the mission, and that I would be training. Friday we went and picked up my new companion Elder Ripley, and he's awesome! He's super faithful, and just ready to work hard. He did get sick his first day which was too bad but he got over it quick and now we're going full force! I feel great about what's going to be happening in the next few weeks.
On Saturday we held a stake activity and put on a play with all the missionaries as actors. The play was Lehi's dream. I was the angel, Elder Ripley was Laman, and my old companion Elder Moberg was a dark mist. We took some pretty sweet pictures of me and Elder Moberg dueling because we looked like a good wizard and a bad wizard from Harry Potter. I know, we're both major dorks, but it was pretty fun. There was also a giant dancing Book of Mormon for while the people showed up that was played by Elder Ricks, who's about six foot eight.
Last Monday we were looking for some speakers for Elder Garcia's church music and some people came into Radio Shack while we were looking around. I guess since there were four guys wearing the same thing walking around the store, they thought we were workers. They asked Elder Garcia a question, and without hesitation he showed them around and ended up getting a pretty nice sale. They never recognized that we didn't really work there.
Anyway, Thanks for all your letters and support. Love you all!
Dad- Thanks for your comments on learning and doing my best. That's too bad about Uncle Arben. You'll have to keep me updated and let me know how he's doing. I got my package from the fam and the card was in there safe and sound. The pictures of persie are awesome by the way. Thanks for everything! Love ya.
Denny- Sweet that you've done tons of camping lately. Fun! I can't wait to go on those trips again after I get home. Love you denny o!
Mom- I got my contacts and my card. It's probably easier not to send stamps but I have started sending out letters to people finally. I sent five last Monday and I'm sending more soon. Thanks for your advice and that quote from sister Hinckley I loved it! I love you Mom!
Dig- That's sweet you guys hit up Fat Jacks! Sweet. That's cool Koby hasn't cut his hair still. Haha. He's gonna look awesome when I get back. I just hope his mom and dad don't get too mad. Love ya dig!
Shash- Sounds like you had tons of fun with Halee and Holly! That's too bad you hurt your foot again though. Love you Sloosh!
Nay- It sounds like hiking the mountain was sweet! haha. You'll have to tell me about the Snow College trip because I don't know what you would do there. Sweet job on soccer captain! Love ya!
Bam- I got your package and thanks for the pictures! I can't wait to look through them all when I get home! Love ya!

Love you all!
Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar

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