Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week 5

Hi Family!
Just so you know, my password wasn't working so I have five minutes less than usual this week. Sorry if I forget to answer any questions! Ok so first off we had our teaching scenarios in all spanish this week which was pretty scary. First we went in and had to pretend we were eating dinner with the family. My companion did all the talking and I didn't get a chance to say anything, and then when he finished reading a scripture, the sister asked if she could just read it since she couldn't understand him. He was pretty embarassed, in fact so embarassed that he decided it'd be best to let me do almost all the talking in the lesson. So I taught a thirty minute lesson all in spanish. I made quite a few mistakes of coarse but the spirit was there and they loved the first vision.

We didn't have it nearly as bad as elder choate from our district. He tried to tell the people about his younger brother, but accidentally told them his brother had died. They felt really sorry for him, and instead of correcting his mistake, he actually said later on in the lesson that he'll get to see his brother again someday after this life... I'm not sure if lying to investigators is the best idea but it was pretty funny. Besides, they say the best part of the MTC is that the more mistakes made here the less there are in the real world.
Our devotionals this week were great. On sunday we learned about not focusing so much on an answer we want from the Lord, that we don't even notice the obvious answers and blessings right in front of us every day. The other one was an in depth look at ammon, who is my favorite missionary from the Book of Mormon. He mentioned that the part when the servants say ammon is more than a man wasn't that the servants thought he was some sort of angel, but that they recognized that the spirit was with him, and the great things he performed were actually done by more than a man. That was awesome. The speaker had just been called to be a mission president (he's currently in the quorum of the seventy) and he said he just realized that it was his last opportunity to bear testimony as a special witness of Christ to a congregation. He bore a very strong testimony, and the spirit was incredible. When I thought about what he said I realized that I'll have a limited number of opportunities to bear testimony of Him while a minister of God. I need to take full advantage of every opportunity to share the gospel and testify of the truthfulness of it while I have His extra help on my side.
Mom- to answer your question about the snoring, yes elders portuese and newell are a little thicker than most. By the way I'm trying to take alot of pictures, and I can print them out here, but there really isn't much to take pictures of here, so I'll probably just send home pictures of me with the people in the district, and some from our temple walks on sundays. By the way I could use some stamps if you have a few to spare, and my shaver would be nice before I leave for Guadalajara, but for right now I don't need it really. Thanks for all your letters mom, it's the greatest to hear about your day to day things, none of it is boring. I was just thinking of how you were saying there really haven't been any days in a long time that we haven't talked to each other for a while each day, so it's great to get your letters. I miss you and I love you, thanks for raising me right like the mothers of the stripling warriors did. I know that's corny but when we all sing called to serve in the devotionals it really feels like an army ready to go share the gospel with the world.
Nay- Elder lusty found me, and he gave me a hug. He wasn't what I was expecting but he seems like a pretty nice guy. I just still feel weird about his name. Plus your my sister so any guy who hangs out with you especially while I'm gone better be careful. I loved your letter, I miss talking all the time too. I'm glad our relationship as brother and sister is so strong. You've been a huge part of my life and I can't wait till we can make more great memories together when I get back! I love you nay. Oh by the way a couple people that you gave my address too have written me and I don't have their addresses, so you might want to tell them that's why they aren't hearing from me. plus I'm busy. Haha.
Shash- I have some oragami paper in the bottom drawer of my desk in one of the files. You can have it all. I love you and I miss ya!
Dig- thanks for your letters, sounds like the klondike derby was awesome! I loved those scout camps your so lucky. Keep havin a blast while your in young mens and keep choosing the right! I love you dig.
Denny- out of all the kids you had the longest letter, and out of everyone it was second longest behind one of mom's, but it was pretty close we'll call it a tie! Love you denny-o
Dad- Thanks for your example, I was thinking about how alot of people say I'm alot like you and I'm glad I turned out that good. I love you.
Bam- I have been getting your letters and packages! thanks your the best! I love you!
everyone else thanks for your stories and treats! Love you all

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