Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our Last Email... Bittersweet

Hey Fam! How is everyone? This week has been great. David's baptism went really well. His girlfriend (who lives in a different state) was the one who originally gave us the referral to go visit David. Now that his testimony is super strong, he's doing the things he's supposed to because of his love for the Lord, it no longer has much anything to do with his girlfriend. That made her a little upset. I guess she ended up calling him and saying that he shouldn't get baptized until she could come see the baptismal service because blah blah blah. He called us right after, because he was way confused. Why would his girlfriend introduce him to the gospel, then try to be an obstacle that could keep him from being baptized. He felt bad that she looked at his conversion that way, and just told her that he was decided on being baptized because he knew it was the Lord's will. The baptismal service ended up really cool. Elder Tibbitts baptized him. Then afterward we went to David's house for dinner. He made the BEST pizza I've ever had in my life. It was super good. He looks great. He's going to do great things in the gospel.

Lupita's baptism looks to be in order. We've been working with the primary leaders and other families that have young children to set up the baptismal service, so that she can make friends in the primary and be more excited to go to church on Sundays and help her family stay active.

Rigo has been doing very well. He's been cleaning the church, because he's got alot of extra time, and he has alot of respect for the Lord's house. It's cool to see his concern and extra effort to please his Heavenly Father, especially since he's someone who has every reason to spend all day worrying about his own problems and situation, but instead he focuses on serving his God.

The other day Elder Zobell and I were walking down the street and this guy named Angel Chavez wistled to us and came running over. He asked what time the services were at church, and if it would be ok for him to come to church on Sunday. We said he was more than welcome to come and explained the schedule of Sacrament followed by classes etc. Then we put an appointment to swing by and teach him. We went yesterday. He runs his business out of his home, and has a pretty nice office there. He owns a business of Taxi Driver's insurrance. I guess those are pretty rare, but he seems to do well. We talked to him about how he'd been, what his life was like and stuff. Turned out that years ago he had talked with missionaries once, and had always had curiosity to learn more, but never got around to it. As a result of some bad choices he made later on, him and his wife are now separated. They have two almost teenage kids. Angel is pretty bummed out about the separation. He's a pretty good basketball player I guess, he plays semi pro. So he's been playing basketball to keep his mind off of his family situation. We talked to him yesterday about how if we're going to return to God's presence, we need to be pure. If we're going to be pure, we need forgiveness. Christ taught that forgiveness comes through His sacrifice, and that the way to take advantage of those blessings is through baptism. If we're going to be baptized, recieve a forgiveness of our sins, and be healed through our Savior, we need to find someone who has authority from God, just like Christ did when he sought out John the Baptist. Then we explained the Great Apostasy and the Restoration, and how it is that he can know all that stuff for himself if he just reads and prays about the Book of Mormon. He was pretty stoked. He asked if we could come again on Saturday, and said he's planning on being in Church on Sunday. It looks like he's been very well prepared to recieve the gospel at this certain time in his life.

Well that's pretty much all that's been going on this week. If I remember right, I think something important is supposed to happen on Monday. Oh yeah. I GET TO SEE MY FAMILY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN TWO YEARS!!! Sweet.

Mom- I attached pictures to this e mail of when Elder Villanueva took us all to lunch at Outback Steak House (He's unusually wealthy by the way.) On the way there Elder Zobell fell asleep, so we all pretended to be asleep and took a picture in the van. Also pictures from David's baptism, and the dinner at his house afterward with the ward missionaries. The other day Brother Luna came to the offices with some other missionaries. He's a member Elder Moberg and I were working to reactivate like 22 months ago. He's a ward missionary in his ward now and is doing really well in the gospel. It was cool to see him again. So there's a pĂ­cture of him and me as well. Ok, sounds like a good topic for the JN 1st ward talk. I'll be thinking of good member missionary effort stories to include in my talk. About Buffet City. I think that'd be great. We'll leave for the airport on Monday at like 5:30 in the morning, and then I'll be traveling for the next 11 hours. I should be pretty hungry by then. Also.. I already had my final interview with President Jesperson, and he put emphasis on the importance of being released ASAP. He said I can't hug anyone outside of my immediate family until I'm released, so hopefully I don't see any aunts or grandmothers before I'm released. haha. Anyway, so if you could see if we could get the appointment for the release as early as possible that'd be good. Anyway. Thanks for all your help as usual mom! See ya soon. Love ya, have a great week!

Shash- That's awesome about your poetry and illustration book. You'll have to show it to me later. I'm glad you liked that stuffed animal, feel free to take any of my old stuffed animals. haha. See ya soon. Love ya, have a great week!

Dad- That's awesome about Romney. Holy cats. That's a big deal. I don't know anything at all about the political or economic situation in the U.S. right now, but I'd assume that Romney's money skills would give him a pretty darn good chance in the presidential election if he makes the GOP nomination. Sounds like Tia and Jimmy's baptisms went great. I can't wait to meet all my new cousins. See ya soon. Love ya, have a great week!

Den- That's too bad your finger's still hurtin Den. I hope it gets better soon. Does it usually take a long time for PIP joints to heal? See ya soon. Love ya, have a great week!

Davin- That's sweet that you're varsity man! I was never varsity until 9th grade. That's interesting about the lack of wrestlers in the certain weights. It sounds like some JVs will probably have to wrestle up a weight or two to fill in and not have to forfeit. See ya soon. Love ya, have a great week!

Nay- Haha. Yes I remember when I use to convince you that eating potato bugs was a good idea. I can't believe how mean I use to be! I've still got alot to learn about life. haha. Those were the good old days though. See ya soon. Love ya, have a great week!

Love you all!
Elder Aguilar
"Sleeping" Elders

Outback Steakhouse on Elder Villanueva - cha ching!

David's Baptism

Elder Tibbetts, Elder Zobell, David, Elder Aguilar

Dinner at David's House

Brother Luna & Elder Aguilar

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