Friday, January 6, 2012

10 more days!!!

How is everyone? I'm doing great. This week has been a week of miracles. Things are going great. The companionship is doing as good as ever, all the training for the office stuff is going smoothly, and we still haven't ever really had to miss any proselyting time.

We went to Rigo's appointment on Wednesday, and while we were waiting for him to arrive we started talking to one of the sons of the family that had given us the referral of Rigo. He said "So why does Rigo have to wait to get baptized?" I said "Because of things that have happened in his past." He replied "You know he was in the military right?" I didn't know. I was happy to hear it. When Rigo got to the house we started the lesson with a prayer and began to talk about how he'd been and everything. We got talking about his baptism progress and how his reading had been and stuff, then I asked about his mililtary service. Turned out that all of the incidents in which he was involved in any violent situations were part of his military service except for two, and in those cases it was in self defense. He has some pretty crazy stories and experiences. I called President right then and explained the situation. He said we could have his regular baptismal interview the next day (Thursday) and then he'd come for a special interview to decide if we'd still have to send the letter to the First Presidency for permission. Thursday, one of the assistants came with for his regular interview, and said he looked great. The next morning, President interviewed him at the church, and he passed. He said he wanted to be baptized ASAP so we called a bunch of people and ended up having his baptismal service at 7 that night. It was pretty awesome, he was super happy and thankful for the opportunity. We had prayed and fasted for him, and he had put alot of effort and sincerity into his prayers asking for the opportunity to be baptized as soon as he could. It was a pretty awesome experience.

David looks great for Saturday. He also had his interview already and he's all set. He went up to Culiacan for new years, and I guess while he was there his girlfriend (the one who gave us the referral to go teach him) told him that he should wait to be baptized so she can be at the baptismal service. I was a little nervous when he told us that she wanted him to wait, but then he said "But I just sat her down and talked to her about why I'm getting baptized, and why I don't want to wait." His testimony is SO strong. I think he'll be a big part of local church leadership in the future. He's actually planning to move to Miami in the summer to go live with his aunt and work at a restaurant, then he's going to move to Sweden and start his own restaurant by where his brother lives. So when he's rich and famous and a General Authority I'll go eat at his fancy restaurant. Hopefully he'll give me a discount.

Lupita, the little eight year old girl, is progressing well and has been coming to church each week, so she should be able to be baptized soon. Her mom is starting to warm up to the message as well, and plans to come to church soon for the first time. That'll be awesome. It's been a blast visiting that family, because being around all the little kids reminds me of family get togethers back home.

New years was good here in the offices. We can't have much of a New Year celebration, because we need to be to bed on time. But we ended up having a huge pillow fight here in the offices, three on three, and it got pretty crazy. It was like a war. Then we ordered a giant pizza that was a way good deal and ate it on the roof before it was time for bed. The last part of our proselyting time in the evening was pretty crazy, the people in the street were getting a little over excited about the celebrations. I guess some New Years parties here literally last for days. Day and night non stop they just eat and dance and visit and do fireworks and stuff. One of the families in our ward shut their whole street down and had a mariachi band and a big dance from like 8 pm until five in the morning. Crazy. Anyway, that's about all that's been going on this week.

Mom- The musical number for my homecoming... I think the song you and your sisters were going to sing at my farewell would be great. If Nay and Shash could be worked in as well that'd be awesome. However you think it would work best. Let me know about the topic from Bishop Bell next week I guess. Talking in a Utah ward is way different than talking here, I'm kind of nervous. haha. I attached pictures of Rigo's baptism, our pizza on the roof dinner, and some from the New Years pillow war. Thanks for everything mom. Love ya, have a great week.

Nay- What's TOMS? I don't think I've ever heard of it before. All I know is that $100 can get you two pairs of something. haha. Sounds like you had a sweet B day though. That's good. That's awesome that you got to go to the adoption and everything. I was pretty stoked when we found out that we'd be able to have a baptism the 30th as well. It was the best way I could celebrate your birthday. haha. That's too bad about the Katie thing. Oh well, everything happens for something. I'm sure things will work out. If you want I can just go be your personal buttler and follow you around all day so you won't feel alone. I could sharpen your pencils during tests or erase mistakes or whatever. haha. Just Kiddin. Love ya, have a great week.

Den- That stinks about your PIP joint man! Nothing more annoying than a dislocated PIP joint. That's cool that you get a little mini cast though. Is it going to take long to heal? Hopefully you get better soon so you can keep tearing it up at wrestling. Love ya, have a great week.

Dad- That's awesome that the U won. Elder Zobell's fam told him about the game, I guess they won in overtime right? Sweet. So when is the trek? You may have already told me but I don't remember. Treks are the best. I actually have seen 17 miracles.... Even though it's not a church movie. That's what we watched at President Jesperson's house for Christmas. He had seen it before and said he wanted us to see it and felt it was very mission appropriate. That's a great show though. I seriously loved it. That'd be especially awesome to be watching it while getting ready for a trek. It's way sad when Bodil dies. Good movie. Love ya, have a great week.

Dig- Oh man Dig I remember those good old days of King of the Mat. I use to usually be one of the bigger ones on my mat though because of how they seprated the weights into groups. That's awesome that you could wrestle so well against bigger guys. So your ground game is better than your standing huh? You'll have to show me some sweet moves when I get home. Love ya, have a great week.

Shash- Sounds like new years was awesome! Those Lantern things that Bam got sound way sweet. I've never seen one before but I bet it was super cool. Bam said you got to make wishes when you sent them up too. Sweet. You got to hold Trey a bunch huh? Cool. I haven't even met Trey yet! That's so weird. Anyway. Love ya, have a great week.

Love you all!
Elder Aguilar

Rigoberto's Baptism

New Years Eve

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