Monday, December 20, 2010

5 More Days Until We Talk to Dallas!

Hey fam!

P day has been changed to the 25th this week so we only have a few minutes to write to let you know about the plans for the Christmas call.

You can call me at one o clock in the afternoon in Utah, which will be two o clock in the afternoon here in Michoacan. I'll be at the home of the Arreguin family. I'll let them know that Grandpa Bob would probably be doing a test call this week sometime to make sure the number works and everything. We'll have one hour to talk and I'm super stoked! I'll be able to write the regular e mail this saturday and send the pictures from the baptisms and the Christmas stuff. By the way, all my packages arrived on time (don't worry Bam, I got my little Christmas tree set up on time and I have my presents and candy all set up underneath, and I've been enjoying the hot chocolate! I'll send a picture of the tree on saturday too). It was sort of a Christmas miracle, I'll tell you all about it in my e mail on Saturday!

I love you all!

Elder Aguilar

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  1. I was a bit behind on reading his letters. So, I just read them all now. They all have a common theme....busy, hard work. I'm so proud of him. And YIKES....that spider! Also, I never realized that in some places.....SLEDDING DOESN'T EXIST! Crazy! He's such a cutie!