Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11 Months

Hey fam!

How is everybody! Sorry but this e mail will be a little short because I don't have much time. This week almost all my mail got here! We had a big party in our house. It was actually a surprise from one of the zone leaders Elder Vasquez. It turns out me, Elder Sanchez (who lives at our house), and Elder Vasquez all have birthdays in November, so we had a little party. I included the pictures.

We had a baptismal service on Sunday that went really well. It was a neat experience. We hadn't been able to catch her at home for like three days before her baptism, and I was super stressed that she might not make it. We headed towards her house in the morning with a taxi, and there she was with two of her kids all ready for church and the baptism, already walking towards the chapel. Sweet. Maria de la Luz Cisnero Galvez was baptized by my companion Elder BriceƱo. I'll send the pictures next week.

We were on divisions this week for three days with Elder Vasquez and we learned a ton from him. It was pretty cool. He came initially for the birthday thing, but ended up staying longer to help me with the district. There were a few problems that needed to be corrected in the other companionship, but everything is good now.

The sebichi was good by the way. It was way different than I expected but it was really good!

Mom- I sure can bear my testimony in Spanish on the phone for Christmas. Just remind me when I call. I'll have all the info for the call next monday. That's so crazy about Shalyssa and Kaela! How ironic. And cool. haha. My birthday package was awesome. As you can see in the pictures I baked my cake! And the build a bear was sweet! Love you mom! have a great week!

Dig- Wrestlilng sounds awesome man! Say hi to McCumber for me! And yes of coarse you can use my shoes. haha. Love ya dig. have a great week!

Nay- That music therapist stuff sounds awesome! That'd be the sweetest job! Where did Logan go on his mission? Love ya nay! have a great week!

Dad- That's sweet you met that Michoacan family. The people here are pretty great. I sent that testimony in a seperate e mail. I'm excited to get a copy of the other testimonies too! Love ya dad! Have a great week!

Shash- Good luck with your Jazz att. stuff sloosh! Tear it up at the old folk's home! haha. Love ya shash! Have a great week!

Den- That's sweet your doing so great at the piano! Let me know how your recital goes! Love ya! Have a great week!

Egans!!!- Thanks for the package! It was awesome! The CD you sent in the package arrived broken in half! It was a tragedy! I was wondering if you could maybe send the recordings over e mail and I could burn them onto a CD? Thanks! Love you all!

Thanks SO MUCH for the packages Bam, Hardings, Egans and Fam! All the Dear Elders too! Love you all!

Elder Aguilar


Party Time

Elder Aguilar's Birthday Party - Better late than never!

The Build-A-Bear is his present from our family - when you squeeze it's hand it sings Happy Birthday from all of us.


That's Dallas' Birthday in a Box we sent him.  Looks like he had plenty of cake!


  1. well, I know he for sure finally got the Halloween pkg, cuz that's where the crazy vampire teeth came from! Just hope he has his 12 days of christmas! He looks great!

  2. I miss him so much! He's the cutest! That spider is yuck! Denise, he looks so much like you! I love seeing his clean dishes in the background. He is the very best! I love him!

  3. Hey Kate - Dad said the same thing, that Dallas looks like me now! Ha! That's funny! I've always thought he was the spittin image of Shayne. He did learn how to dishes from his dad though. It looks like he lives in a nice place.