Monday, June 7, 2010

New Companion

Hey Fam,
This week has been pretty crazy. We went by Marcos and Beatrice's house and they've been doing alot better so one of the zone leaders came to give them baptismal interviews. Marcos normally gets home from work at about eight thirty so we got to their house just a little before nine hoping that it would work out just perfectly to do the interviews and head home. We were wrong. Marcos went first for his interview while the rest of us talked to the family, and his interview took almost an hour and a half. Then Beatrice went in for hers and we started talking with Marcos for a little. We were all super tired and I felt like I might fall asleep so I grabbed my hymn book and me and the other zone leader started singing. We finished singing every single hymn we knew the tune to in the hymn book when Beatrice finally came out of her interview (about two hours later). By then it was around one thirty in the morning! We all took off for home of coarse to get to bed. The next day we went by Beatrice and Marcos' house to see what they decided about their baptisms. They decided they still weren't ready to get baptized... Oh well. I definitely want them to have sure testimonies before they get baptized but they've seemed so ready for so long! I guess we'll just have to keep working with them.
I don't remember if I told you about Rodolfo. He's an old investigator that wasn't very interested after we first taught him, but then a few weeks ago we swung by his house just to see how he was doing and he invited us in to share a message looking pretty excited. He's been reading the Book of Mormon alot and yesterday he not only came to church but gave us a ride there. He loved the sacrament service, even though it was a testimony meeting that ended up going about twenty minutes over time. I'm looking forward to seeing him continue to gain a stronger testimony.
We had changes last night in the mission. My old companion Elder Moberg is now a traveling assistant to the president which is pretty sweet. One elder that use to be in our zone got moved up from junior companion to zone leader which is insane. I'm still in the same area with my new companion Elder Gilando (I think that's his name, but I'm not sure because his nametag has been covered up alot today by his backpack and stuff. I'll know for sure by next week.) This morning we had to go over to the offices to drop off Elder Moberg and pick up my new companion. Elder moberg didn't hear his early alarm and ended up waking up at the normal time, wih only an hour to pack everything and be at the offices. We called for a special taxi that could fit all of his luggage and it took forever to get to the house. It actually took a little over an hour to get there. And when it finally showed up it was just a regular taxi with no luggage rack or anything so we just squeezed everything in the best we could since we didn't want to wait for a taxi. It turned out that driver didn't have very much experience. He was probably about twenty years old. He accidentally went the wrong way down a one way street, then he was turning left and nailed a cement island in the middle of the road with his back left tire and his hub cap came off. We were on a pretty busy street so he had to park on the sidewalk then run back to get the hub cap. Anyway we finally got to the offices but my new companion still didn't get there for a little while. By the end of this transfer I'll have been in my first area for four and a half months already. None of the other elders who arrived with me are still in their areas, some have had as many as five areas already! Elder Newell who was in my district in the MTC is actually training this change which is pretty sweet. Anyway, enough about that stuff.
We've been working hard to handle the new contacting rule. The other day we were on divisions so I decided to see if I could contact alot of people after the visits with a brother from the ward. He didn't really help me contact but I got alot done. Alot of people seemed to be in big hurries that day. Everyone kept telling me they didn't have time to talk so I'd just walk next to them and ask if we could set an appointment or tell a little about our message. One lady told me she was in a really big hurry. I assured her I could keep up with her for a little ways walking just to share something quick with her. She kept picking up the pace the further we'd get down the sidewalk. By the time I was asking to set an appointment she was sort of running away from me while I was jogging along side her. I didn't end up setting an appointment but it's ok. We found alot of really nice people who want to learn more about the Savior.
I've been working on getting some letters written to sent home. I need to write about fifteen but in the last three weeks or so I've managed to find time to write two. Maybe someday they'll get there but I am getting everyone's dear elders which are all awesome. I love you all and thanks for all your support as always!
Bam- I got your package and it's sweet! There's a ton of great stuff you sent me especially the dried mangos and granola bars and beef jerky. I was actually in need of some of those other things you sent as well. As far as the Draper Sisters cd thing goes, I actually lost mine so it would definetly be nice to have it again. And the members down here actually love the songs "His Hands" and "Jesus Was No Ordinary Man." If you wanted to send a few down I'm sure there are some people that would really really love them. Alot of people down here only listen to music in English too by the way so that's no problem. Thanks for the package and everything you do bam. I have been getting about two dear elders a week from you, and yes they are pretty delayed but any news is still news to me down here because I don't really hear about the same things you write to me from anybody else. I love you Bam! Thanks for everything.
Denny- I can't belive your already gonna be in sixth grade Den! that's crazy! That's good that your able to keep hanging out with all your buddies over the summer. Is your voice really getting deeper? haha. Sweet. Love you denny-o!
Sloosh- That's sooo cool that you and mak got to ride those horses together! That sounds super fun! I'm glad your having fun in the new neighborhood. Tell mak I said thanks for the e mail if ya could. I love ya shash and I miss ya tons.
Dad- That's sweet that you met somebody else from down here. The people here are all super nice and most of them are really funny too! And they're all hard workers also. Must be a Guadalajara thing. Thanks for the baby bird analogy thing. I love you Dad.
Nay- The weather down here has been in the nineties which is rough, but the crazy big rain storms should be starting any day now which will be awesome. Alot of the streets here get flooded up to waist level so I'll have some fun days swimming to appointments soon! That graduation story really sounds like hunter. haha. That's cool you got to play in the orchestra though. I liked your story about borrowing the squeegees from the gas station. Haha. So your finally going to meet David huh? I must say I'm not super jealous. haha. But you should take pictures of it so you can show me like send them in a package or something. I bet your stoked! That's super cute that story about Sawyer. She's a cutie. That stinks that Keish has to get surgery. Anyway, thanks for your e mail nay, I'm looking forward to that letter. I love you!
Dig- That's sweet you got like sixty hugs on that little trip. Haha. That story about dill pickly was pretty sad though. It's funny you mentioned that about delta because I worked with a guy who married a girl from there and he said the same thing! haha. Thanks for your e mail diggy. Love you.
Mom- That's funny about Jud, because denny told me he got a new teacher but he didn't mention who it was. Yes I know JD. I actually had alot of classes with him in school. He's an awesome guy, tell him I said hello! Thanks for teaching everyone over there about supporting missionaries. They were learning from the best missionary's mother in the world you know! Thanks for that story about anna and addy. Haha, hopefully I'll get to see one of their concerts when I get home. Anyway, Love you mom. Thanks for everything.
Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar


  1. Oh look! Now it lets me comment as the missionary mom! Maybe I will get this all figured out by the time Dallas comes home.

  2. I'm trying this comment thing again just to see if it lets me yet. I didn't have any trouble in the beginning, then suddenly it just wouldn't post my comments anymore. I died laughing picturing Dal jogging down the street trying to talk the lady into an appointment! Oh man. He's the greatest!

  3. woo hoo! it worked! I just had to do it a little differently than before, but apparently I have now figured out the changes.