Monday, June 14, 2010

Month 5

I just love him so much!!!

Hey Family,

This week has been pretty crazy. My new companion Elder Galindo doesn't know anything about the area yet so it's seemed a little bit like I'm a one missionary companionship with planning and everything. But it's been going well. My companion is a good missionary. He doesn't like it very much that me and the rest of the zone are extra obedient but I think he'll get use to it. We've been going on splits everyday with ward members for about two to four hours a day in the evening so I've only taught with him about ten times and almost all of the lessons were just in the street but they went well.

At the start of the week we started teaching a guy named Oscar that lives in a really tough part of the city. The people in his neighborhood really struggle to get by but their all really nice so that's cool. He's an awesome guy and seems pretty excited about the Book of Mormon. We got a reference from a different companionship that was an address by Oscar's house so we went looking for it a little after one of our lessons with him. We probably looked for that house talking to everyone we saw for about a half hour but finally decided it was a fake address. We were feeling a little discouraged as we started heading towards our next appointment. I realized the street we were walking in is the street a pretty awesome member family lives in, but they've been going a little inactive so we decided to stop by. We shared a message with them and then one of the Sisters from the ward asked if we could give a blessing to her daughter. We said that would be fine of coarse and gave the blessing. Later she told us that her little daughter had been really sick for a while and the doctors couldn't figure out why. That morning she had been praying for the missionaries to come by her house so her daughter could recieve a blessing, and she said she knew it was an answer to her prayers when we showed up. I love experiences like that because sometimes even when we feel discouraged like things aren't going well, later on we realize we'd been exactly where the Lord needed us the whole time.

The area isn't doing very well right now. We have alot of people that we've been teaching for a while that just don't want to take the step of baptism for one reason or another and it's been pretty tough for us trying to find new people to teach and trying to get the others excited with no apparent results, but hopefully things will turn around. Actually the Christlike Attribute I've been studying this week is Hope. So this week has been a good test for me. It's been hard but it's good to know that the Lord will ALWAYS keep his promises to us and is always giving us what we really need in our lives at this moment even if it doesn't really seem that way.

Rodolfo has been doing pretty well. The other night my companion was on splits with a member and they taught him more about the Word of Wisdom. After they finished teaching, Rodolfo went and grabbed his coffee powder and poured it out in the dirt outside so that's pretty sweet. He's been coming to church as well, and yesterday his sons brought a friend with them. Their little friend is probably six years old and he sat next to me in Sacrament. He sung along with all the hymns in his high little voice even though he hasn't learned how to read yet. He was wearing his sweet spiderman shoes to match his spiderman t shirt that lights up when he hits his chest. He had the biggest smile on ever when he got to have a piece of bread and a little tiny cup of watter for the Sacrament. I love working with the people here especially for the little kids like him, because the church can make a huge difference for the lives of little kids down here, and it's the greatest ever to see little kids learning about the Savior.

Anyway, thanks everyone once again for all your dear elders and I'm still looking for a time to finish writing letters for you all because I really love hearing from everyone! I love you all.

Dad- Sounds like Utah weather is being as crazy as usual. It's been raining every night here the biggest rainstorms I've ever seen it's pretty sweet! That's sweet that you got to help bam with her new garden stuff. I bet she loves it. Your new calling sounds pretty awesome, I bet you'll have a blast preparing those lessons. Speaking of those Christlike Attributes like in that talk you told me about, we had a lesson in the MTC where they taught us that to develope all those attributes perfectly is really the ultimate goal of this life, to become like Christ. I thought that was pretty neat. Thanks for your testimony and all your advice and support Dad. Love you.

Mom- That's sweet about the dogs, you'll have to send me pictures of pers because I've seen like three dogs that look alot like her lately and I always hope she's doing ok. As far as my debit card goes I'll let you know next week because I don't have my card with me. Thanks for that story about Evan that sounds hilarious. haha. How's baby Trey doing by the way? Is everything still looking good? Thanks for everything mom. I love hearing all your thoughts about the house and everything too. I think the things I've learned most about on my mission are things for my family in the future, and the things you and dad have taught me all my life play a really big part in that too. I love you mom.

Dig- That job is sweet! There's nothing like real hard work to help you learn about life. haha. That's sweet that you get money too of coarse! As far as the 2012 thing goes, the scriptures say that not even the archangel michael knows when the great and last day will come so if the scriptures say nobody knows, and there are alot of people who think they know it's happening in 2012, I think for me I can be pretty sure that's when it definitely won't happen ya know? But anyway just a thought. Keep up the work dig that's some of my favorite summer memories is working. Love you diggy.

Denny o- That's sweet about your new street game leonard! sounds like a blast. I bet dig's pretty thankful you showed him for that other game too. That's coolio. Sounds like you're already having a pretty sweet summer so keep me updated on the sweet stuff you're doing for fun ok?! Love you denny.

Sloosh!- That's so cool that you got that ring and the picture of the Lord in your class! I love having pictures of the Savior around it's the best. So you gave a pretty wicked sweet talk huh? I bet it was the best talk ever. I can't wait to hear you give one after I get home. I love you shashy!

Nay- You've had the sweetest first week of summer ever! So you finally met David huh? How much taller are you than him in real life? just out of curiosity. haha. I'm just kidding. That's so sweet about summer games! holy cow! I wish I could have been there to see that all! It sounds like you really tore it up nay. And that's sweet about your front hand spring throw in getting used in the game! Ya it sounds to me like your a soccer captain this year haha. That's funny that you guys are like on church ball. You never know what might happen because on church ball they end up champions! You'll have to let me know how things go once your season gets rolling. Love you Nay.

I love you all! Have a good week!

Elder Dallas Rober Aguilar


  1. 5 MONTHS! That went by so fast! What a sweet missionary.

  2. He's so great! I just love reading these letters! Denise you are in big trouble! You failed to mention some of the happenings that went on at your house on Sister day regarding my oldest son! You are a sweet, sweet sister for putting up with that! You should have told me you stinker! Love you!

  3. Love that boy! He's so amazing!