Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Patience & Miracles

Hey family!

This week has been an interesting one. A couple of our investigators seem to have disappeared, which really stinks, but we've seen some pretty awesome miracles this week. We have been visiting a lady named Ilda for a couple of months now about once a week. I think Shenay would really like her, because she's a really funny lady who teaches elementary school, always wears teenager shirts that say things in english that she can`t understand, and wears these glasses that are about two inches thick because her eyesight is really bad. She's a super cool lady and has been studying the Book of Mormon very diligently. She's already recieved answers to her prayers to know the church is true, and she's been at church for about the last eight weeks in a row. The only reason she hasn't been baptized yet is because she's nervous the signs she's recieved haven't been strong enough! So the other day she got down on her knees and sincerely asked the Lord to let her know without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true etc. I don't want to really go into detail about the answer she recieved, but it was surely undeniable. She then prayed on for the welfare of her daughter, who she hadn't seen in a while, and who hadn't had any desires to come back home anytime soon. Just as she finished her prayer the phone rang, and her daughter let her know that she was coming back, because she missed her mom and felt like family is really what she's been looking for all this time. Awesome huh? She should be getting baptized this month by a brother in the ward.
So a few weeks ago we contacted a woman in the street named Beatrice. She seemed super interested in the church so we gave her a Book of Mormon and came by one day to teach her the first lesson. Her husband wasn't home so we just talked to her at the door for a while and gave her a reading assignment. The next time her husband wasn't there again, so we just asked her how the reading went. She said she had read it, but as we began to ask her about it we could easily see that she hadn't. We went by one other time and nobody was home, so we sort of stopped going by for a week or so. Later we were at a less active member`s house and she asked about Beatrice. It turns out Beatrice is her husband's aunt! her husband isn't a member, but the less active sister told us that if Beatrice's family got interested in the church, her husband would start coming as well. We started visiting their family with the less active sister and Beatrice's whole family has been able to be there.
Also a few weeks ago a man named Jose stopped us at the market, and asked us to meet him there the next day to talk. The next day we couldn't find him. A few days later he saw us again, and once again asked us to meet him there the following afternoon, and also asked to borrow some money for a haircut. We gave him the money. The next day we once again couldn't find him, and we were a little bummed out.
Also a few weeks ago we found out there are two families (Casillas family and Siordia family) in the ward who have really been struggling, one of which stopped coming to church, and both of which had been talking about divorces in the near future. The two families have always been really strong, so we were pretty sad. As we'd been visiting them to see how they were doing and to continue to invite them to church, but we hadn`t seen any real improvements.
Anyway, for this week we had one baptism planned and it was for Manuela (I'm pretty sure I've mentioned her before). She seemed super excited, and even asked if I could baptize her which is pretty sweet. We had also asked Jose Luiz and his wife Blanca to come to church and see the baptism. As we went by to check on Jose Luiz and Blanca in the morning we were sad to find that they weren't home. We later swung by Manuela's to make sure she had a cab to get to the church and was ready to go. She let us know that she wasn't going to be able to make it, and that she was sorry. As we rode to the church I was feeling pretty bummed out. I've been working on Patience this week, and it seemed like even though I had tried to trust in the Lord and His schedule for everything as well as having patience with the people, my companion, and especially myself, no major blessings were coming as a result. I started to wonder what we were doing wrong and why things were all getting messed up. To top it off, we got to the church and there were only about thirty members there ready for Sacrament. As I sat and thought and prayed I realized I was being a baby. I realized the Lord had blessed me beyond what I could ever ask for and that I should trust that He has a plan for what is going on. I'd forgotten how priveleged I am that He has trusted me with this incredible work, and shown me such great miracles in the hearts of His children. Just as I began to change my outlook, I looked up to find that the Casillas and Siordia families had arrived, and that both couples were smiling and sitting together. Then I saw Beatrice and her family walk in with the less active sister. Pretty awesome. And to top it off, in walked Jose, with a slick looking haircut and his Bible in hand. He came and sat with me, and we got to listen to some awesome testimonies from the Casillas and Siordia families, and many others. We found out Jose had met with the missionaries previously in Tiajuana, and actually knows a ton about the gospel. He's overcome all of the things that had previously kept him from taking the step of baptism, and is ready to start a new life following the example of the Savior. Beatrice and her family had a great time at church, and we set an appointment with them for tomorrow night and they're loving what they've been learning. Anyway, Sorry for the long story, but I sure learned my lesson about being patient this week.
So for some funnier experiences of the week... The other day we were visiting a sister and her grandson. My companion was really really tired. We finished the message and Elder Moberg asked the sister to say a closing prayer. She did. Afterward he said he felt like singing a song, so we sung a hymn, during which Elder Moberg struggled to stay awake. After the song, he once again asked the sister to say a closing prayer, so she did. It was pretty awkward, but pretty funny.
We've been visiting some awesome kids (Francisco and Andrea) that are both youth aged. They've been living with their Grandma (who's a member) since their dad left them, and they're getting ready to be baptized. The other day after we finished talking to them about baptism we let them know that satan would be working hard to tempt them since he knows the importance of what they're about to do. We talked about a few other things for a minute, then as we were about to leave Andrea said she's scared of the devil. I assured her that if she reads her scriptures and prays and all that she has nothing to worry about, and that the Lord will always be looking out for her. Francisco then asked if we could at least stop bringing the devil with us to church. Then we got really confused. We finally figured out that they meant a young man who always wears all black clothes and dark make up and alot of spiky bracelets and stuff that has been coming to church the past couple weeks. We all started laughing, and let them know that he was just a regular guy.
The other day as we went to get in a cab Elder Moberg tore his pants really bad, and we were on our way to a baptismal interview that we were already a little late for. I don't know exactly how his interview went but it was probably a little awkward.
Thanks for your dear elders everyone! Shayla and Dayna, yes I am getting them so don't worry your using the program right. Thanks for your updates about Sawyer and Pais and Lola! I love hearing about that stuff. Dayna thanks for the info on Wayne Vicky and Sheesh! And I can't believe Jord's already graduating either! Tell him I'm proud! haha. Thanks for your dear elders too bam! I love you!
Shash- I liked your story about Rhino in the bathroom! thanks for you and Briton's drawings! They were super cool! It sounds like you had a great time with the Hunts! I love ya Sloosh!
Mom- That's awesome that you heard that Tom Jones song! Yes I do remember that Fresh Prince, it's one of my favorite episodes. That's awesome that your lesson went well on journals. I love my book that you made me it really is something I'll read many times throughout my life to help me remember my childhood and what a great Mom I have. So we got haircuts today by an older lady that has been cutting hair for fourty years! but anyway it's because of that that I totally forgot to bring my camera with for the pictures! But I loved the package. Especially the pictures of the fam. Elder Moberg said thanks for the oreos by the way. I love you mom. I hope I can get your present to you soon! Sorry things didn't all work out well to get it to you in time. Anyway. Talk to you Sunday!
Dad- Thanks for the advice on letting the Spirit teach. I love that talk by Richard G Scott. I actually read it just a little bit before I left and it really helped me with that story he tells about recieving personal revelation after the sunday school meeting with the more inteligent guy. Thanks for reminding me, because at times I start to think that alot of what happens here has to do with what I do or say, but the Spirit always has to be the Senior Companion! Thanks for offering to send stuff to give away. I would actually love to have a bunch of little toys or something for the kids. I've been saving up these WWF cards that come with snacks from the stores that I give to the younger boys, but it'd be sweet to have just something small cheap and colorful that little kids would like. I actually had about five kids gathered around me last night watching me do that little trick where you make it look like the end of your tie is shrinking with your thumb and they were cracking up! So they're pretty easily entertained. The weather here has been pretty perfect. We're in the hot season, but i've only seen about two or three hot days, there's been a pretty nice cool breeze lately and it's not bad at all. My companionship is doing great. We keep improving and working harder and harder, Thanks for reminding me of the importance of that all. I love you dad.

Nay!- Shenay I can't believe I'm missing so much sweet stuff in your life! your senior year is going to be awesome. Thanks for the pictures from your dances. So you decided to do dance co again huh? that sounds like it will be a blast. It'll be sweet not having math or science next year! good job on your ACT nay. You got way better than what you actually need to get into college and stuff so good job! So we had a guy come over and fix our water boiler so we have hot water now which is cool. That's insane that you'll have to get a thousand dollar bow! the people here don't make that much money in a year! haha. That's crazy. I'm sure you'll be getting some goals in soccer soon by the way. You're the best! Anyway, about all that big brother stuff, keep writing me all about everything in dear elders and e mail and stuff because I love hearing about you and like you said I'm still your big bro. And don't worry we'll do all that stuff you mentioned like hanging out on weekdays when there's nothing to do and getting chocolate from seven eleven and all before you know it! Do you realize that at the end of this change I'll have been out for six months already! crazy. I'll be home before you know it! I love you nay. I can't wait to talk to you on Sunday! Love Ya!
Denny- That's sweet about your video game trades! sweet. That's cool about your lesson about Joseph too. The scriptures are sweet! I love you denny o. Can't wait to talk to ya on sunday!
Dig- Thanks for the picture of the flying pig! As for the wrestling tips, I would suggest getting a move down really good that you can pull on people from any position just in case the other moves aren't working. And mowing the lawn alot this summer will help too! and walking Duncan. Love ya dig! talk to ya sunday!
Love you all family! thanks for your letters!

Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar

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