Monday, May 17, 2010

Month 4

Hey everyone!

How are you all doing? This week has been a great one. On tuesday we got to go to a little conference and hear some talks by President Jesperson and the President of the Mexico City MTC. Their talks were great. My favorite part was when the MTC President talked about how the Lord knows alot better the blessings we need to help us become the best we can be, and He has bundles of blessings just waiting for us up there, all we have to do is humble ourselves enough to recognize that fact, ask Him, and wait for Him to bless us at what will definitely be the absolute best possible time we could recieve them. President Jesperson also called on three missionaries to go up and bear testimonies. He asked two Spanish speakers to come do it in English, and one English speaker to come do it in Spanish, to make sure we were all learning language well and to open the meeting with the Spirit. I happened to be the one he called on to give mine in Spanish, it was great to be able to start the meeting by both hearing and bearing testimony because it really invited the Spirit.

Well on Saturday Elder Bednar came and we had a little conference by him for three hours! It was awesome. He didn't prepare any material for the meeting, but we were given two of his talks on faith to read earlier in the week, and the entire three hours was open for anyone to ask questions or give comments on faith or whatever else we might've had to ask him. It was awesome. There was also a member of the presiding bishopric, a member of the presidency of the seventy, an area seventy, and two mission presidents. We were able to ask questions to any one of them. Elder Bednar told us that was an oportunity that would never come our way again. The meeting was incredibly spiritual, and Elder Bednar addressed some very big questions. One elder asked him why some disobedient missionaries have so much success, and some really obedient missionaries don't. Elder Bednar let us know that if we're being disobedient and baptizing, the ordinances are fine and the people we serve are still blessed. But the disobedient elder is bringing condemnation on his soul and his work is blasphemous. He also told us that for those of us who are being obedient and focusing only on the will of the Lord and the welfare of those we serve will be blessed. He said to always smile, find joy in the journey, and remember that every amen is the beginning of something even better. It was an awesome experience.

Just so everyone knows, Carmen is doing fine. We did recognize that he needed some attention so we continued to visit him throughout the week and he's been doing great. He was in church yesterday and talked to us all about the things he learned. He also started reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning, since he had previously just been re reading certain chapters like third nephi 11 and second nephi 31 etc. He's been super excited about the gospel lately and his friends are always happy to have little discussions about the gospel as well.

Jose was baptized this week and is loving the ward. He's super smart in the doctrine and really understands and lives the gospel. His and Liliana's confirmations were yesterday in sacrament. After Jose's confirmation and just before Liliana's Elder Moberg accidentally bumped a vase of flowers that was up on the podium. It fell down in front of the podium and shattered everywhere. I struggled not to laugh. The deacons cleaned it up pretty fast and none of the members have given him a hard time about it which is good.

Beatrice and Marcos and their family are doing wonderful. They actually set a goal this week to be sealed in the temple a year after their baptism which we've planned for this coming sunday. They've already recieved incredible blessings from the Lord. Marcos quit drinking, which he's been trying to do for years, and Beatrice quit smoking. This was all before we mentioned anything about the word of wisdom to them! I guess they've been taught by the Spirit!

This week was a little rough for me personally because I had been having the hardest time connecting with people lately and really letting them know the importance of having the Savior in their life. I've been praying and prayning and working at it but nothing was changing. Finally after reading Elder Bednar's talk, I took his advice to not pray for blessings but to pray to know what I need to do to exercise my faith and led the Spirit guide me to what I need at this time. The day I started doing that I recognized that my problem was I was starting to try to do things like the other missionaries here. I recognized that I had forgotten the Lord called me to this mission to serve these people specifically, and the best thing I can do for them is be myself, testify of the gospel, and be obedient. Since then things have been perfect! The craziest part is the Lord blesses me for finally figuring out what I had been doing wrong. I can't even begin to imagine what my life would be like without Him.

Just last night when we swung by Ruben Carmen and Frosty's house, Frosty was telling us some of his experiences that landed him in Guadalajara. When he first got to Mexico he stopped at a beach in Puerto Vallarta and just ran out into the ocean. He saw a little party going on on the beach by this tent. He went and introduced himself, and found out one of the guys there actually lived on the beach in his tent. Frosty thought that sounded fun, it was cheaper and he loves to surf and swim, so he lived on the beach in a tent for the first year he was in Mexico! Crazy huh? He also showed us his old tattoo gun that he's selling to put toward his project for the kids here in Guadalajara. He used to be ranked the fifth in the world for portrait tattoos! But he gave it all up because while studdying the Bible he recognized that it was disrespectful to our bodies. It was cool to see the sacrifices he's making in his life to try to help others have a better one.

Mom- thanks for your e mail! The e mails I got this week have been the best so far by a mile! They're always great but I love it when the fam really tells me how they're feeling, what they're learning, and all the things they're experiencing. Thanks for the story about Denny. That's sweet that he'll be able to keep an eye on my room for me until I get back. Changes were actually about three weeks ago. They are every six weeks, so we'll have them again in about another three weeks. Almost nobody got changed last time, but this time alot of zone leaders are finishing their missions and alot of new elders are coming in, so me and elder Saguibo (one of the elders that lives with me) will probably stay, but both Elders Moberg and Jaen will most likely be changed. Which means I'll be introducing someone to the area! I'm both nervous and excited about that. About the shoes from the police department ya go ahead and sell any of that stuff. I'm glad somebody is finally buying it! Thanks for updating me on Fui, tell him I said good luck and I'm sure he's going to tear it up in New York. Did Tanner get his call yet? He told me in a letter he sent me that he was just turning his papers in but that was a while ago so I've been pretty excited to hear. I attached some pictures of us cleaning up the house, our p day when I bought your present, and Jose's baptism. Also a couple from my MTC district and teachers. I'll send the other baptisms one probably next week because they're on other cameras. I'm glad to hear the dogs have been liking the new yard. I think that's super awesome what you said about you and nay's new outlook on stuff because that's the best way to see things! As long as we can choose to see the blessings and be happy not sad why would we ever be sad! Thanks for that scripture it's sweet. The other three elders were pretty stoked about it too. Well I love ya mom. I sent your package it should be there literally any day. Please let me know the monday after you get it, and tell me everything that made it so I can make sure you got it all! I love you mom! have a great happy week!

Dig- Thanks for your e mail! that's a bummer about the soccer game. Just keep playing hard and having a good time! By the way you did spell hermano right. haha. sweet. If you ever want to know how to say stuff in spanish you can ask me in the e mail! or just ask grandpa Bob or one of the uncles I guess. Haha. Shenay let me know you've been doing a good job at being the mean brother when boys come over which is sweet! haha. Make sure they treat nay good! Love ya dig! have a good week!

Sloosh- Thanks for the e mail shash! I can't believe the jazz attitude thing still! that's so crazy that you're already so big! I'm sure you did great in that talent show with the piano! and it sounds like you had a fun field trip! I love you sloosh and I miss ya! have a good week!

Dad- Thanks for your letter and your advice. There are a few things you've told me before the mission and in e mails that help me every day. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of the individuals here. I love seeing when people really change and become solid. That's probably the best blessing as a missionary is seeing the blessings and changes in the lives of others. So CORT just got a sweet deal huh? that's awesome! I bet you're pretty stoked about it. I'm glad those things are finally coming back together. The economy was affected here a little as well. Work started to be scarce and prices went up a little. The taxi drivers are the ones who seem to feel it the most I don't know why. But things are doing ok. I love you dad. Thanks for everything.

Nay- I really really really loved reading your e mail. I hope your relaxing and having fun now that your crazy weekend was over. You know I was never dance or drill or soccer anything either! It might feel like those things are really important, but you're still the greatest soccer player and dancer and viola player in the world if you ask me. And you do all three! I love hearin about your life nay. Sometimes the best thing for me when I'm feeling down is singing hymns! I sing them all day long here! It's great. I love you Nay. I always wish I could have chats with you too. We'll talk for a few days straight when I get home I bet! Sometimes it helps to forget about everything that's already been going on and try to just have a great moment. If you have little great moments every once in a while and forget the rest, pretty soon you're having great days, great weeks, and a great life! I love you Nay. Have a good week! You can't stand taller than when you're on your knees!

Denny- I can't wait to get your dear elder tomorrow! I'm sure you're doing great denny o. Love you! Have a great week!

Love you all Fam!

Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar

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