Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 2

Everyone keep sending him letters.  He loves them! :)

Hey fam,
I'm now finished with my second week at the mtc, and it's been quite a week. I was
shocked to hear about Aunt Sanny, I can't believe she's gone. I'm glad we were able to
see her and talk with her in the last couple weeks of her life. It sounds like her
funeral went well, which is good, she was an amazing person.
I've been learning alot about the spirit, the concepts of diligence and humility, and the
Savior's life. This week has been incredibly spiritual and the Lord has been answering my
My spanish is coming along well, we learned past and future tense so now I just need to
work on memorizing what the verbs mean and I'll pretty much have it down. Of coarse
memorizing the verbs is the hard part so it'll probably be a few more months until I can
function in Mexico well.
Our devotionals this past week have been great, we learned alot about the book of mormon
and recognizing the spirit. We had another special visitor this week, President Uchtdorf
came by the MTC and my room mates got to go down and meet him. We think it's because my
one roommate's dad works for the church. They got to speak to him just the three of them
in the president's office for about ten minutes, then he gave them each a blessing and
let them take a picture with him. He was planning on coming to our class later with just
our district (10 missionaries) but he was too busy! Oh well.
Speaking of my roommates, me and my companion and the other two elders in my room are all
going to the same mission and we all leave the same day. We've had some pretty crazy
experiences, we had a phantom vacuum magically appear under one elder's bed and turn on
in the middle of the night. The door had been locked so we aren't sure how whoever put it
there turned it on. It was pretty funny. We also have an elder down the hall who has
night terrors and runs around screaming if he doesn't sleep on the top bunk.
My teachers are awesome. Brother Catt really cares about our success, and he takes alot
of time to spend individually with each of us to help meet our needs. He's given me some
incredible advice. He is a history major and his favorite pass time is to think... and
he's very in tune with the spirit. I can't remember if I mentioned this already but alot
of the elders in my district are convinced he's one of the three nephites. Our branch
presidency is awesome. President Evans is a DJ for weddings, we didn't know you could
still be a DJ if you're over 50. Well anyway those are really my events for the week. Oh
and we've been able to go to the temple twice now. :)
Mom- thanks for the fiesta in a box! All the missionaries in my district are jealous that
I have the most supportive mother. We're going to have the chips and queso and drinks
tonight! To answer your question I do have the same schedule saturdays, but not thursdays

or sundays. Our sacrament meeting is just in a classroom chapel each sunday. That story
about the mouse is pretty funny. I actually knew about the sacrament room thing, me and
tanner use to have the responsibility to dispose of the mice that were caught in the
traps. I'm not sure about the rules for the lighters, I only asked because it helps when
shining shoes to have heat like fire or a blow drier or heater, but I don't have time to
shine shoes so I don't need them. Oh I'm fine with the move, I'm sure the house is going
to be awesome. It sounds like Dad did a great job at the bathrooms, you'll have to take
pictures of them so I can see when I get home. Anyway, Your letters are definitely not
bothering me! I was a little worried that you decided to not write as much on the day
that you forgot, but it's no big deal. Just a reminder for everybody, don't send e mails
to this address because I don't have time to read them and write one. Nobody sent one I
just wanted to mention that.
Nay- I'm glad you're finally warming up to miley ;) I miss ya tons. If you write again
sometime soon I'd love to hear about what you've been up to! Maybe by the time I get home
you'll be in the orchestra at the U!
Dig- How are you doin? I have a friend here who reminds me alot of you, He does the part
from spongebob when patrick is trying to make a scary sound on the flying dutchman really
well. He's not quite as cool or as funny as you of coarse, but he still reminds me of
Denny- I decided that if you can beat me at super smash bros by the time I get home I'll
take you to luch, so practice alot. Haha. Thanks for your letters, keep writing!
Shash- How's school going? do you have any cool field trips soon or anything?
Dad- thanks for the letter. I miss you alot. I'm getting to know the other elders alot
better, and I want to say thanks for being such a good example, and for always being
worthy of the Priesthood, not many have a dad as great as you. I love your idea for the
movie by the way. Sounds like a plan!
Well I'm almost out of time so I have to go. Thanks everyone for your letters! Thanks bam
for the package and i'm sure you're doing great at spanish. Stones, it sounds like you've
had a pretty crazy week! I enjoyed hearing about it!
I love and miss you all!!!
Elder Dallas Robert Aguilar


  1. So excited and proud of this stellar young man. Love him so much.

  2. I LOVE HIM!!!!! I'm so glad he's having so much fun! Best kid ever!

  3. Two great letters in a row! It's amazing how much a simple letter can boost your day.

  4. Another great letter! I love reading...I feel like I'm learning...the spirit even comes through his writing! Love it!