Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Here!!!

Hello family!
First off I want to apologize that it took so long for me to get an e-mail out, but they
didn't give us a p day the first thursday since we had just arrived. My p days will be
every thursday and you can expect an e mail each week. I only get a half hour a week for
e mails though so I hope including everyone in one e mail is ok.
This week has been incredible. My companion is elder Portuese from Brush Colorado. He's
been a member for a little over a year now and has a very strong testimony. My zone
leaders are super cool, and my district couldn't be better. Our district includes all
different kinds of people and makes for a fun time.
I've seen Brennan a couple times but me and him aren't in the same zone or anything so I
don't see him often. But I did see Elizabeth Smart last week but she's off to Paris now.
Speaking of seeing people, on my first day we went in for our orientation meeting and
partway through Elder Holland came in and sat in the row behind me! He was about ten seat
to my left but that's still super close. He got up and gave us a message of motivation
and let us know how serious our missions are. The teachers told us that hasn't happened
since they can remember (an apostle being at an orientation).
By the way my teachers are sister Clegg and brother Catt. They are both incredible people
and great examples. They always remind us that the gospel comes first and spanish comes
second, because the spirit will teach more effectively than fluent spanish will. I've
learned alot of spanish though, I can carry on a five minute conversation, testify, say
my prayers, and explain what I do as a missionary.
We are all kind of tired each morning since we wake up so early and study for so long
each day, but the excitement of the work and the help of the spirit keeps us going. Not
to mention the food, there's enough for everyone to eat as much as they possibly can at
every meal. But we still appreciate the packages with treats because by bed time we're
starving! Thanks for the cinnamon rolls, the cookies, the rice crispies, the candy, the
clementines, the pretzels, the chap stick and most of all the letters. I have the whole
district envious of me because I'm so loved. They all get mad when the mail comes because
I always have at least one package and a few letters. I love reading your letters, dear
elder dot com gets them to me right at dinner and it's the hilight of my day.
We've had two devotionals so far one from a Joseph Smith historian that was pretty cool
and one from Elder Evans of the seventy on the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon that
was incredible. I feel the spirit all day every day, everyone smiles, everyone is busy,
so we don't really have time to get mad or sad. It's really an incredible atmosphere
here, although I'm one of about five Utes fans they still treat my well. I'm already
coming to love the elders in my district, and my love for the Savior grows on an hourly
basis. It's wonderful to see his name on everyone's nametags.
Dig, I can't believe you and Granty got in a crash! that's scary but it's really cool!
Denny, congrats on your video game accomplishments, keep it up. And keep writing me so
you can be in first place for the most letters.
Shash, Thanks so much for that note and my candy, I miss you alot too and I think about
you every day.
Shenay, wear any of my shirts you want, that really makes me smile to see you in my
sweater in that picture you guys sent. And keep up the hard work, you're the hardest
working teenager I know, Congrats on the 3.8! I miss you nay, and I love you.
Dad, thanks for the advice, I'm proud to wear the same nametag you wore, with the same
purpose in mind. Thanks for being such a great example.
Mom, Thanks for everything you do and always have done for me and the family. We'd be
totally lost without you. I can't express how much I miss you and love you! I look
forward to your letters everyday and I think of you always.
Everyone keep writing please if you have time, I'll never wish I got less mail, I love
hearing from all of you.
Remember I'm in the Lord's hands, I feel His love and protection and I'm doing fine!
Just wanted to share Alma 56: 44-48 and hymn #270
I miss you all and I love you all!
Elder Dallas Aguilar
P.S. Bam thanks for offering me your picture of Christ. We have pictures of Him on every
square inch of every wall here, so I thought it might be a good idea to keep His picture
next to mine so you can remember that He is with me!
P.P.S. I could really use a couple pare of black ankle socks from my room for gym, a
calendar with all the family birthdays and holidays, my brown slippers, and a couple
lighters for shining my shoes if you have time to send them! But it's no hurry!


  1. He is incredible! I really don't know what else to say! That letter was so uplifting!!! I am so happy to know that he is loving every minute of his mission already! His heart and mind are right where they should be and he's proving us all right...that he's the best missionary the field will ever know!!! And, all the personal notes to his siblings were the best!!! What stinking sweetheart! I just love him!

  2. This letter taught me more lessons than one missionary discussion probably could. Dallas is such a good example. Thanks for sharing this Nise.

  3. I'm so glad to hear he's loving it! We miss him so much, but it makes it easier knowing how much he's enjoying it. Thanks for the post!

  4. I can't describe the comfort I feel from this letter - a cloud has lifted, even amongst everything else that's going on. How I love him! I will send him a birthday calendar! I still have one of those cute ones that you color. I'll call you Nise, to get the Aguilar side birthdays.

  5. Love that Dallas! He is such an inspiration!

  6. Sweet letter. I love missionaries and the strength they share.

  7. Denise, I hope you don't mind me reading about Dallas' blog. He is amazing, this post has me in tears, it gives me such hope for my boys. I really hope they can have a testimony like this some day too. Love you guys!