Monday, June 20, 2011

New Companion!

Hey Fam!

I'm running a little short on time this week, so the e mail might be kinda short. This week has gone well. We saw a ton of progress in the area, and especially in the zone. The family from Utah is doing great. They came to church on Sunday, all except the mom. I don't know what we're going to have to do to get her to open up but we're not giving up hope. The kids of their family are doing really well, and the two oldest will probably be baptized this upcoming Sunday.

We had transfers in our companionship today. My new companion is Elder Vasquez, who was my zone leader in Uruapan, and Elder Zuñiga went to a different area as a senior companion to finish his mission there. We also just found out that we'll be recieving a new greeny here in our companionship. So there's the two of us, (Elder Vasquez and I) and there'll be a third missionary that we'll be training. That'll be sweet, because it'll give us alot more opportunity to go on splits in the zone and get to know the other companionships a little better. Anyway, that's all for this week!

Dad- HAPPY LATE FATHERS DAY!!! I hope you had a great fathers day yesterday. That's sweet that you'll be headin out to the Spruces this week. Next year I'll be there. haha. Yes the rain season is just getting started. We've only had a couple good rain storms so far, but judging by the clouds that are out right now, the rains are just getting started. Sweet. The bike thing is just like you assumed. They're going to start by choosing an area per zone that would most benefit from the bikes. So if I'm in one of those areas I'll get to use one. Anyway. Love ya! Have a great week.

Den- Sounds like that singing and cutting the ties activity in church was super sweet! haha. Maybe I'll figure out some way to use that idea in missionary work. Love ya! Have a great week.

Dig- Sounds like you've got quite a bit of cash coming your way for that bike. haha. Cool! That's good that you're gettin stoked for your mish already dig. Keep focusing on what you can do to prepare, because it'll be time for you to head out before you know it. Six years can go by fast. haha. Love ya! Have a great week.

Shash- Sounds like that trip to Lagoon was a blast! That's sweet you could go on so many rides. Cool Sloosh! Love ya! Have a great week.

Nay- Sounds like that Mtn. biking experience was pretty intense. haha. That's sweet that you got such a good job. Sounds like it's pretty tough. Cool. Love ya! Have a great week.

Mom- Thanks for that update on the pikes and everyone else. That's so awesome that Tina's gonna go through the temple. Tell her I said congrats. The spruces is probably going to be a blast. Can't wait till I can go again. Thanks for letting me know everything about the package and stuff. I'm doing fine on cash by the way. I'm just purposely living on a super low budget so I can learn to spend less money. I've been eating well though. I've actually gained weight recently. Finally. haha. Thanks for everything mom. Love ya! Have a great week.

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